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Analytics decorator
* This function is used to push client side events to redshift. It should only be used for client side only events,
* any event that involves a request to the backend, will create similar events there
* ::USAGE::
* ========
* analyticsDecorator({
* constant: 'CONSTANT', mapping(arg1, arg2) {
* return {
* userClicked: arg1,
* colorOfButton: arg2
* }
* decoratedMethod (arg1, arg2) {}
* @param constant {string} This is a constant that will be used for running Map/Reduce jobs or similar, and for
* generating dashboards
* @param mapping {function} This function takes the same arguments as the function we're decorating, and is used to
* provide readable information about the event occurring
* @returns {function}
export default function analyticsDecorator ({constant, mapping}) {
* @param classDefintion {object}
* @param methodName {string}
* @param descriptor {object}
* @returns {object}
return function analyticsInterceptor (classDefinition, methodName, descriptor) {
// the method calls that require analytics binding, must also be bound the the class instance, this happens at
// runtime, SHOULD_BIND is so that class is bound marked as needing, and the corresponding methods marked with
// BIND_TO_INSTANCE are bound to the class
classDefinition.SHOULD_BIND = true;
const originalFunc = descriptor.value;
function sendAnalytics (instance, ...args) {
originalFunc.apply(instance, args);
// requestAnimationFrame for minor performance improvements, ensure analytics only runs on client side
window && window.requestAnimationFrame(() => {
let additionalData = {};
if (mapping) {
additionalData = mapping(...args);
analytics.track(constant, additionalData);
sendAnalytics.BIND_TO_INSTANCE = true;
// enumerable is set so that the methods can be enumerated and bound to the class
descriptor.enumerable = true;
descriptor.value = sendAnalytics;
return descriptor;
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