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Script to automatically re-save a sharejs document as its edited.
# This script watches for changes in a document and constantly resaves a file
# with the document's contents.
# Usage: coffee -d <DOCNAME> [--url http://somehost:8000/sjs] [-f filename]
client = require('share').client
fs = require('fs')
argv = require('optimist')
.usage('Usage: $0 -d docname [--url URL] [-f filename]')
.default('d', 'hello')
.default('url', '')
filename = argv.f || argv.d
console.log "Opening '#{argv.d}' at #{argv.url}. Saving to '#{filename}'"
timeout = null
doc = null
# Rate limit writes to the file at once per second.
write = ->
if (timeout == null)
timeout = setTimeout ->
console.log "Saved version " + doc.version
fs.writeFile filename, doc.snapshot
timeout = null
, 1000 argv.d, 'text', argv.url, (error, d) ->
doc = d
console.log('Document ' + argv.d + ' open at version ' + doc.version)
doc.on 'change', (op) ->

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