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Created February 16, 2015 17:37
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import pymongo
from django.db.models import Model
from django.db.models.fields.files import ImageFieldFile
from django.conf import settings
def get_mongo_db():
client = pymongo.MongoClient(settings.MONGO_DB_HOST, settings.MONGO_DB_PORT)
db = client.test
return db
def convert_fields(model):
Recursive function to iterate over all fields in a Model.
If the field is a ForeignKey, ManyToManyField or OneToOneField,
go into the model and recursively store fields.
fields = model._meta.get_all_field_names()
update_fields = {}
for field in fields:
field_value = getattr(model, field)
if getattr(field_value, 'all', None):
Branch for a ManyToManyField.
Iterate over each Model in and append data to a list.
Add list to dictionary.
fk_list = []
for fk_model in field_value.all():
update_fields[field] = fk_list
elif isinstance(field_value, Model):
Branch for a ForeignKey or OneToOneField.
Create data for the Model and add to dictionary.
update_fields[field] = convert_fields(field_value)
elif isinstance(field_value, ImageFieldFile):
Serialize an ImageField.
update_fields[field] = field_value.path
except ValueError:
ValueError occurs if there is no actual File (i.e., is null).
update_fields[field] = ""
Branch for a standard field.
Add data to the dictionary.
if field == "id":
update_fields["pg_" + model._meta.verbose_name + "_id"] = field_value
update_fields[field] = field_value
except AttributeError:
ManyToManyFields will throw an AttributeError when trying to reference the parent.
return update_fields
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