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Javascript Table Search Filter
// Advanced Table Search Filtererrr //
// Setup:
// 1. Page **must** include table with the id "search-table" (only one)
// 2. Page **must** include text input with id "search-input" (only one)
// 3. Table **may** include data-attribute "data-search-ignore-cols"
// that will ignore any columns listed in the data attribute.
// Columns to be ignored must be listed by index number (0-based)
// and separated just a single comma(e.g. data-search-ignore-cols="0,2,1")
// check to see if search input is on page
const searchInput = document.getElementById("search-input");
if (searchInput != null) {
// find the search table, cols to be search, and get the table rows
const searchTable = document.getElementById("search-table");
// check to see if search should ignore any specific columns
const ignoreCols = searchTable.dataset.searchIgnoreCols
? searchTable.dataset.searchIgnoreCols.split(",").map(Number)
: false;
const rows = searchTable.querySelectorAll("tbody tr");
// listen for input in the search field
searchInput.addEventListener("keyup", function (e) {
// grab the query text from the input
const q =;
// iterate over all table ros
rows.forEach((row) => {
const cols = row.querySelectorAll("td");
// if search column indexes should be ignored
const filteredCols = ignoreCols
? Array.from(cols).filter((_, n) => ignoreCols && !ignoreCols.includes(n))
: Array.from(cols);
// join all searched row text into one string for searching
const colsText = filteredCols
.map((n) => n.textContent.toLowerCase())
.join(" ");
// if the query string isn't in the row text hide the row
row.classList.toggle("hide", !colsText.includes(q));
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