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Created February 11, 2014 19:52
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# A simple script to backup an organization's GitHub repositories.
GHBU_BACKUP_DIR=${GHBU_BACKUP_DIR-"github-backups"} # where to place the backup files
GHBU_ORG=${GHBU_ORG-"<CHANGE-ME>"} # the GitHub organization whose repos will be backed up
GHBU_UNAME=${GHBU_UNAME-"<CHANGE-ME>"} # the username of a GitHub account (to use with the GitHub API)
GHBU_PASSWD=${GHBU_PASSWD-"<CHANGE-ME>"} # the password for that account
GHBU_GITHOST=${GHBU_GITHOST-"<CHANGE-ME>"} # the GitHub hostname (see comments)
GHBU_PRUNE_OLD=${GHBU_PRUNE_OLD-true} # when `true`, old backups will be deleted
GHBU_PRUNE_AFTER_N_DAYS=${GHBU_PRUNE_AFTER_N_DAYS-3} # the min age (in days) of backup files to delete
GHBU_SILENT=${GHBU_SILENT-false} # when `true`, only show error messages
GHBU_API=${GHBU_API-""} # base URI for the GitHub API
GHBU_GIT_CLONE_CMD="git clone --quiet --mirror git@${GHBU_GITHOST}:" # base command to use to clone GitHub repos
TSTAMP=`date "+%Y%m%d-%H%M"`
# The function `check` will exit the script if the given command fails.
function check {
if [ $status -ne 0 ]; then
echo "ERROR: Encountered error (${status}) while running the following:" >&2
echo " $@" >&2
echo " (at line ${BASH_LINENO[0]} of file $0.)" >&2
echo " Aborting." >&2
exit $status
# The function `tgz` will create a gzipped tar archive of the specified file ($1) and then remove the original
function tgz {
check tar zcf $1.tar.gz $1 && check rm -rf $1
$GHBU_SILENT || (echo "" && echo "=== INITIALIZING ===" && echo "")
$GHBU_SILENT || echo "Using backup directory $GHBU_BACKUP_DIR"
check mkdir -p $GHBU_BACKUP_DIR
$GHBU_SILENT || echo -n "Fetching list of repositories for ${GHBU_ORG}..."
while [ $REPOURL ]; do
REPOURL=`check echo "${REPOREQCONTENT}" | grep "\"next\"" | check awk -F'<' '{print $2}' | check sed -e 's/>;.*//g'`
REPOLIST=$REPOLIST`check echo "${REPOREQCONTENT}" | grep "\"name\"" | check awk -F': "' '{print $2}' | check sed -e 's/",//g'`$'\n'
$GHBU_SILENT || echo "found `echo $REPOLIST | wc -w` repositories."
$GHBU_SILENT || (echo "" && echo "=== BACKING UP ===" && echo "")
for REPO in $REPOLIST; do
$GHBU_SILENT || echo "Backing up ${GHBU_ORG}/${REPO}"
$GHBU_SILENT || echo "Backing up ${GHBU_ORG}/${REPO}.wiki (if any)"
${GHBU_GIT_CLONE_CMD}${GHBU_ORG}/${REPO}.wiki.git ${GHBU_BACKUP_DIR}/${GHBU_ORG}-${REPO}.wiki-${TSTAMP}.git 2>/dev/null && tgz ${GHBU_BACKUP_DIR}/${GHBU_ORG}-${REPO}.wiki-${TSTAMP}.git
$GHBU_SILENT || echo "Backing up ${GHBU_ORG}/${REPO} issues"
check curl --silent -u $GHBU_UNAME:$GHBU_PASSWD ${GHBU_API}/repos/${GHBU_ORG}/${REPO}/issues -q > ${GHBU_BACKUP_DIR}/${GHBU_ORG}-${REPO}.issues-${TSTAMP} && tgz ${GHBU_BACKUP_DIR}/${GHBU_ORG}-${REPO}.issues-${TSTAMP}
if $GHBU_PRUNE_OLD; then
$GHBU_SILENT || (echo "" && echo "=== PRUNING ===" && echo "")
$GHBU_SILENT || echo "Pruning backup files ${GHBU_PRUNE_AFTER_N_DAYS} days old or older."
$GHBU_SILENT || echo "Found `find $GHBU_BACKUP_DIR -name '*.tar.gz' -mtime +$GHBU_PRUNE_AFTER_N_DAYS | wc -l` files to prune."
find $GHBU_BACKUP_DIR -name '*.tar.gz' -mtime +$GHBU_PRUNE_AFTER_N_DAYS -exec rm -fv {} > /dev/null \;
$GHBU_SILENT || (echo "" && echo "=== DONE ===" && echo "")
$GHBU_SILENT || (echo "GitHub backup completed." && echo "")
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