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NodeSchool Prep - NationJS 2014

NodeSchool - NationJS 2014

Welcome and thank you for signing up for NodeSchool at NationJS 2014. To make this NodeSchool the best NodeSchool, there are a few things that you can do before you arrive to be ready to excel at this NodeSchool!

Steps to get ready for NodeSchool

  1. Install Node.js - This can be done by choosing the pre-built installers here.
  2. After you've installed Node.js, install the NodeSchool workshops (see below).
  3. Come ready to learn with your favorite text editing program (We suggest Sublime Text, Atom or Brackets)

What is NodeSchool?

NodeSchool is a collection of open-source workshops that teach web software skills. It originated as a way to get up to speed with Node.js, but has expanded to help you learn multiple topics. NodeSchool has 3 main packages that should help get you up to speed in Node. These packages are:

  • javascripting $ sudo npm install -g javascripting
    • Learn the basics of JavaScript. No previous programming experience required.
  • learnyounode $ sudo npm install -g learnyounode
    • Learn the basics of node: asynchronous i/o, http.
  • stream-adventures $ sudo npm install -g stream-adventure
    • Learn to compose streaming interfaces with .pipe().

There are also a whole bunch of electives, but if you are comfortable with the 3 main packages you should help us mentor! :-) The complete list of NodeSchool packages can be found here.


The most important thing about attending NodeSchool at NationJS 2014 is to have fun. We will have a bunch of volunteer mentors to help you through the above classes, so come ready to learn!

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macgyver commented Nov 6, 2014

why sudo, why -g?


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joshuaborn commented Nov 6, 2014

Word. Why "-g"? Seems to work just fine if installed locally.


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