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Create GIST from your python code with python requests module and OAuth token.
HTTP Reuests has following parameters:
1)Request URL
2)Header Fields
4)Request body
#!/usr/bin/env python
import requests
import json
#form a request URL
print "Request URL: %s"%url
#print headers,parameters,payload
headers={'Authorization':'token %s'%API_TOKEN}
payload={"description":"GIST created by python code","public":True,"files":{"python request module":{"content":"Python requests has 3 parameters: 1)Request URL\n 2)Header Fields\n 3)Parameter \n4)Request body"}}}
#make a requests,headers=headers,params=params,data=json.dumps(payload))
#print response --> JSON
print res.status_code
print res.url
print res.text
# Print created GIST's details
for gist in range(len(j)):
print "Gist URL : %s"%(j['url'])
print "GIST ID: %s"%(j['id'])

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@RAMSlog RAMSlog commented Mar 19, 2019

I got a 401 response. what should I do?
it did well on the first try, but it doesn't work after

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