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Last active August 29, 2015 14:01
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language: ruby
rvm: 2.0.0
postgresql: "9.3"
cache: bundler
- psql -U postgres -c "create extension postgis"
- psql -d postgres -c "DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS myteksi_location_frontend_pr;"
- psql -d postgres -c "CREATE DATABASE myteksi_location_frontend_pr OWNER postgres;"
- cp config/application.sample.yml config/application.yml
- sed -i -e "s|enable_audit:\ true|enable_audit:\ false|" config/application.yml
- cp config/database.sample.yml config/database.yml
- bundle exec rake db:create
- bundle exec rake db:schema:load
- bundle exec rake parallel:create
- bundle exec rake parallel:load_schema
- bundle exec sequel -m db/sequel postgres://postgres@localhost/myteksi_location_frontend_pr
- bundle exec parallel_rspec spec -n=2
- git tag v0.0.$TRAVIS_BUILD_NUMBER
- git push origin v0.0.$TRAVIS_BUILD_NUMBER
- /^v/
# database.sample.yml
adapter: mysql2
encoding: utf8
reconnect: false
database: myteksi_test<%= ENV['TEST_ENV_NUMBER'] %>
username: root
# application.sample.yml (mainly just config settings that the app needs)
enable_audit: true
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