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mediawiki backup to s3
# backup
echo Performing Mediawiki backup...
# Perform MySQL dump
echo Performing MySQL dump...
mysqldump <database_name> -h<database_host> -u<database_username> -p<database_password> > /opt/backup/data/mysql.bck
# Create mediawiki tarball
echo Creating mediawiki tarball...
cd /opt/mediawiki/
tar cf /opt/backup/data/backup.tar mediawiki-1.22.2
# Append /etc/mediawiki directory to tarball
echo Appending /etc/mediawiki to tarball...
cd /etc/mediawiki
tar rf /opt/backup/data/backup.tar .
# Append MySQL dump to tarball
echo Appending MySQL dump to tarball...
cd /opt/backup/data/
tar rf /opt/backup/data/backup.tar mysql.bck
# Create date variable
DATE=$(date +"%Y%m%d%H%M")
# Compress tarball
echo Compressing mediawiki tarball...
cd /opt/backup/data
gzip -c backup.tar > backup_$DATE.tgz
# Remove intermittent artifacts
echo Removing intermittent artifacts...
rm -f backup.tar mysql.bck
# Push backup to Amazon S3 for offsite storage
echo Pushing backup to Amazon S3 for offsite storage...
s3put brigopedia/backup_$DATE.tgz backup_$DATE.tgz
echo Done.
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