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embedded nsqd
package main
// This is a basic example of running an nsqd instance embedded. It creates
// and runs an nsqd with all of the default options, and then produces
// and consumes a single message. You are probably better off running a
// standalone instance, but embedding it can simplify deployment and is
// useful in testing.
// See and
// for
// more details on how to configure an embedded nsqd instance.
import (
func main() {
done := make(chan bool)
// Run the embedded nsqd in a go routine
go func() {
// running an nsqd with all of the default options
// (as if you ran it from the command line with no flags)
// is literally these three lines of code. the nsqd
// binary mainly wraps up the handling of command
// line args and does something similar
opts := nsqd.NewOptions()
nsqd := nsqd.New(opts)
// wait until we are told to continue and exit
cfg := nsq.NewConfig()
// the message we'll send to ourselves
msg := []byte("the message")
// Set up a Producer, pointing at the default host:port
p, err := nsq.NewProducer("localhost:4150", cfg)
if err != nil {
// Publish a single message to the 'embedded' topic
err = p.Publish("embedded", msg)
if err != nil {
// Now set up a consumer
c, err := nsq.NewConsumer("embedded", "local", cfg)
if err != nil {
// and a single handler that just checks that the message we
// received matches the message we sent
c.AddHandler(nsq.HandlerFunc(func(m *nsq.Message) error {
if bytes.Compare(m.Body, msg) != 0 {
log.Fatal("message didn't match:", string(m.Body))
} else {
log.Println("message matched:", string(m.Body))
return nil
// Connect the consumer to the embedded nsqd instance
// Sleep a little to give everything time to start up and let
// our producer and consumer run
time.Sleep(250 * time.Millisecond)
// tell the nsqd instance to exit
done <- true
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