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Zero Tier Basics

ZeroTier (ZT) is open source and free to use for most cases (commercial/proprietary use makes it not free).

It's a network virtualization platform that lets you connect to your devices with automatic end-to-end encryption. Think of it conceptually like a VPN, SDN, and SD-WAN all in one.

Getting Started

  1. Create and verify an account over at

  2. Create a network

  3. Download ZT on your devices.

  4. Add your devices to your network as members (2 or more to test it out!).



curl -s | sudo bash

Unix Client Commands

Get your ZeroTier address and check the service status

sudo zerotier-cli status

Join, leave, and list networks

sudo zerotier-cli join <network-id>
sudo zerotier-cli leave <network-id>
sudo zerotier-cli listnetworks
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