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Last active Sep 29, 2020
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asconfig.json: How to use the "extends" field to define different options for debug and release builds
"config": "air",
"compilerOptions": {
"source-path": "src"
"application": "src/MyProjectDebug-app.xml",
"mainClass": "MyProject"
"extends": "asconfig.json",
"application": "src/MyProjectRelease-app.xml"
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joshtynjala commented Aug 10, 2020

asconfig.json is the base file that defines most of the project's configuration options.

asconfig.release.json inherits everything from asconfig.json by using the extends field. It can override a subset of the configuration that needs to be different. In other words, asconfig.json is treated kind of like a template.

In this example, asconfig.json defines the options required for a debug build, while asconfig.release.json overrides the options that need to be different for a release build.

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