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(def _null (x)
(is x nil))
(def _and (x y)
(if (is x t) (is y t) t nil))
(def _not (x)
(if (is x nil) t))
(def _caar (x)
(car (car x)))
(def _cadr (x)
(car (cdr x)))
(def _caddr (x)
(car (cdr (cdr x))))
(def _cadar (x)
(car (cdr (car x))))
(def _caddar (x)
(car (cdr (cdr (car x)))))
(def _append (x y)
(if (_null x) y (cons (car x) (_append (cdr x) y))))
(def _list (x y)
(cons x (cons y nil)))
(def _pair (x y)
(if (_and (_null x) (_null y)) nil
(_and (_not (atom x)) (_not (atom y)))
(cons (_list (car x) (car y))
(_pair (cdr x) (cdr y)))))
(def _assoc (x y)
(if (is (caar y) x) (_cadar y)
(_assoc x (cdr y))))
(def _eval (e a)
(atom e) (_assoc e a)
(atom (car e)) (if
(is (car e) 'quote) (_cadr e)
(is (car e) 'atom) (atom (_eval (_cadr e) a))
(is (car e) 'eq) (is (_eval (_cadr e) a)
(_eval (_caddr e) a))
(is (car e) 'car) (car (_eval (_cadr e) a))
(is (car e) 'cdr) (cdr (_eval (_cadr e) a))
(is (car e) 'cons) (cons (_eval (_cadr e) a)
(_eval (_caddr e) a))
(is (car e) 'cond) (_evcon (cdr e) a)
(_eval (cons (_assoc (car e) a)
(cdr e))
(is (caar e) 'label)
(_eval (cons (_caddar e) (cdr e))
(cons (_list (_cadar e) (car e)) a))
(is (caar e) 'lambda)
(_eval (_caddar e)
(_append (_pair (_cadar e) (_evlis (cdr e) a))
(def _evcon (c a)
(if (_eval (_caar c) a)
(_eval (_cadar c) a)
(_evcon (cdr c) a)))
(def _evlis (m a)
(if (_null m) nil
(cons (_eval (car m) a)
(_evlis (cdr m) a))))
(def _appq (m)
(if (_null m) nil (cons (_list 'quote (car m)) (_appq (cdr m)))))
(def _apply (f args)
(_eval (cons f (_appq args)) nil))
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