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Turn off Always Start When Debugging for all web projects (run within Nuget powershell console)
get-project -all | %{ $_.Properties | ?{ $_.Name -eq "WebApplication.StartWebServerOnDebug" } | %{ $_.Value = "False"} }
I've added this as a function in my NuGet PowerShell profile.
From the Package Manager Console:
PM> $profile # echos path to NuGet_profile.ps1
Open that file in a text editor and add the following code:
function NoStartOnDebug(){
get-project -all | %{ $_.Properties | ?{ $_.Name -eq "WebApplication.StartWebServerOnDebug" } | %{ $_.Value = "False"} }
Write-Host "'Always Start When Debugging' has been disabled for all web projects."
To reload your profile with the changes:
PM> . $profile
To run the function:
PM> nostartondebug
Of course you can use a shorter name. Even better would be if it automatically ran it when a solution was opened...

Disable Always Start When Debugging visual studio extension


For me is doesn't work. I think is correct $_.Value = $False

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