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Created June 24, 2011 02:57
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Examples of how to build all Nuget nuspec files in a folder
SET NUGET=buildsupport\nuget.exe
FOR %%G IN (packaging\nuget\*.nuspec) DO (
%NUGET% pack %%G -Version %VERSION% -Symbols -o artifacts
# A rake task to build all packages in a folder
desc "Build the nuget packages"
task :package do
rm Dir.glob("#{ARTIFACTS}/*.nupkg")
FileList["packaging/nuget/*.nuspec"].each do |spec|
sh "#{nuget} pack #{spec} -o #{ARTIFACTS} -Version #{BUILD_NUMBER} -Symbols"
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dubmun commented Jun 16, 2013

I really enjoyed your article on Los Techies! I know powershell isn't what the cool kids are using but feel free to grab the new file I added in my fork. I might add a scriptcs version as well and will let you know if I do.

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