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Created March 29, 2020 16:15
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Example snippet of traefik configuration file
defaultEntryPoints = ["http", "https"]
address = ":80"
address = ":443"
certFile = """-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----
-----END CERTIFICATE-----"""
keyFile = """-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----
-----END PRIVATE KEY-----"""
# There are other ways of handling the SSL like setting up
# LetsEncrypt which is probably what I will move to. I
# already had an SSL cert from my Apache setup, so I just
# used it here.
# You can also reference the file directly from your file
# system, but I had some trouble getting the reference to
# work so I just put the content directly into the Traefik
# toml file
address = ":8080"
dashboard = true
url = ""
backend = "mycoolapp"
rule = "PathPrefix:/externalappname"
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