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Hey Jeff,
Nope, don’t work for Airmail. Just a fan and an avid (recently annoyed) user. :)
Unfortunately, it will have to redownload everything again. But there are zero performance issues so it’s worth it. It just hums away in the background without clogging up the machine.
One thing of note that I discovered is how much storage is being used for these local caches, AND when you download the beta it effectively doubles that storage as it keeps the beta messages in a different directory.
To check on the use of these local cache directories, you can run the following command from Terminal (Use Spotlight to find it if you’re not sure):
cd ~/Library/Containers && du -h -d 0 *airmail*
That should spit out the sizes of the local cache directories. You’ll see something like this:
6.2G it.bloop.airmail.beta10
6.2G it.bloop.airmail2
After you download the beta and start synching your messages, this will act as a bit of an indicator of how far along it is. If you run this once in a while it’ll show the airmail.beta directory increasing in size.
I actually removed the non-beta airmail2 directory once I had the beta installed and working fine. It saved a bunch of unused space. However, if you ever get back on the non-beta train, you’ll have to re-sync all those messages again, so it’s up to you.
Let me know how it goes.
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