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# create the directory to mount
mkdir -p ~/test-issue-69/data
# this should work
docker run --rm -it -v ~/test-issue-69/data:/my-data busybox /bin/touch /my-data/foo
# start a container and check periodically if directory is writable
docker run --rm -it -v ~/test-issue-69/data:/my-data busybox /bin/sh -c "while true; do sleep 1;touch /my-data/foo&&echo ok; done"
# let it run and continue in another session/terminal
# recreate directory
rm -rf ~/test-issue-69/data && mkdir ~/test-issue-69/data
# mount directory in another container (this will fail as long as the first container is running)
docker run --rm -it -v ~/test-issue-69/data:/my-data busybox /bin/touch /my-data/foo
# the directory ~/test/issue/69/data cannot be mounted anymore in a docker container
# it can be mounted but the container cannot write to it
docker run --rm -it -v ~/test-issue-69/data:/my-data busybox /bin/touch /my-data/foo # this does not work
# you need to stop the first container and everything will work again
# (sometimes even after killing it the directory doesnt work and you need to restart docker)
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