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Last active February 2, 2023 20:39
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python coloring for linux, based on this answer
def color(text, **user_styles):
styles = {
# styles
'reset': '\033[0m',
'bold': '\033[01m',
'disabled': '\033[02m',
'underline': '\033[04m',
'reverse': '\033[07m',
'strike_through': '\033[09m',
'invisible': '\033[08m',
# text colors
'fg_black': '\033[30m',
'fg_red': '\033[31m',
'fg_green': '\033[32m',
'fg_orange': '\033[33m',
'fg_blue': '\033[34m',
'fg_purple': '\033[35m',
'fg_cyan': '\033[36m',
'fg_light_grey': '\033[37m',
'fg_dark_grey': '\033[90m',
'fg_light_red': '\033[91m',
'fg_light_green': '\033[92m',
'fg_yellow': '\033[93m',
'fg_light_blue': '\033[94m',
'fg_pink': '\033[95m',
'fg_light_cyan': '\033[96m',
# background colors
'bg_black': '\033[40m',
'bg_red': '\033[41m',
'bg_green': '\033[42m',
'bg_orange': '\033[43m',
'bg_blue': '\033[44m',
'bg_purple': '\033[45m',
'bg_cyan': '\033[46m',
'bg_light_grey': '\033[47m'
color_text = ''
for style in user_styles:
color_text += styles[style]
except KeyError:
raise KeyError('def color: parameter `{}` does not exist'.format(style))
color_text += text
return '\033[0m{}\033[0m'.format(color_text)
def error(text):
return color(text, bold=True, fg_red=True)
def warning(text):
return color(text, bold=True, fg_orange=True)
def success(text):
return color(text, fg_green=True)
import colors
def main():
print colors.error('sorry')
if __name__ == '__main__':
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It didn't help me. Is it possible that your codes aren't working on Mac?

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