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Created December 19, 2016 00:21
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MinocaOS - Download and convert the latest (PC) IMG file to VDI (VirtualBox)
VERSION=`curl -s ${URL} | egrep '/download/Minoca-pc-[0-9]+\.zip' | sed -E 's/.+\/download\/(.*-pc-[0-9]+)\.zip.+/\1/g'`
echo "- Downloading version: $VERSION"
curl --progress-bar -o /tmp/$ZIP "$URL/$ZIP"
unzip -oq /tmp/$ZIP -d /tmp/$VERSION
rm -rf $HOME/Desktop/${VERSION}.vdi
VBoxManage convertfromraw --format VDI /tmp/${VERSION}/pc.img $HOME/Desktop/${VERSION}.vdi
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josue commented Dec 19, 2016

Setup script to download and convert the latest MinocaOS (PC) version:

curl -O && \
chmod a+x



Open VirtualBox and create new VM:

  1. Name = MinocaOS (or anything else you want)
  2. Type = "Other"
  3. Version = "Other/Unknown"
  4. Choose "Use an existing virtual hard disk file", and browse to your Desktop to find the Minoca-pc-XXXX.vdi and select it.


Before running VM, change the VM settings:

  1. Select the MinocOS vm and right-click then select "Settings" (or via the menu bar).
  2. Choose "System", then change:
    1. Chipset to "ICH9"
    2. Via "Extended Features", check "Enable I/O APIC"


Finally, run the MinocaOS VM 🖥️


* Note: The setup above was done using a Macbook Pro (macOS Sierra) with VirtualBox 5.1.10

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