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Last active August 28, 2019 08:04
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Golang - Fetch random user profiles and output the their emails
// Fetches random user profiles and outputs their emails.
// @author - Josue Rodriguez <>
// @date - Aug 23, 2019
package main
import (
var apiURL = ""
var defaultFetchTotalProfiles = 10
// JSON structure from API response
type person struct {
Results []struct {
Gender string `json:"gender"`
Name struct {
Title string `json:"title"`
First string `json:"first"`
Last string `json:"last"`
} `json:"name"`
Email string `json:"email"`
} `json:"results"`
// result with Person & Error
type result struct {
Person person
Error error
Latency time.Duration
func main() {
startMain := time.Now()
defer func() {
fmt.Printf("\nTotal Spent: %v \n", time.Since(startMain))
numbPtr := flag.Int("total", defaultFetchTotalProfiles, "total random profiles")
fmt.Printf("Fetching total profiles: %v\n\n", *numbPtr)
// create channel to track create persons
ch := make(chan result)
// fetch up to X random persons
go fetchUpToRandomPeople(*numbPtr, ch)
// listen to channel for persons fetched
for r := range ch {
// output to STDOUT the result > person info
func showPersonInfo(r result) {
if r.Error != nil {
log.Printf("Response Error because err: %v\n", r.Error)
if len(r.Person.Results) == 0 {
log.Printf("Response Error: Person info not found\n")
info := r.Person.Results[0]
fmt.Printf("[%v] Email: %v \n", r.Latency, info.Email)
// fetch up to X random people and send back to channel
func fetchUpToRandomPeople(total int, ch chan result) {
for i := 0; i <= total; i++ {
ch <- getRandomUser()
// fetch random person from API url, then parse JSON and encode as 'person' struct.
func getRandomUser() result {
startTime := time.Now()
// get a random user from the API endpoint
req, err := http.Get(apiURL)
if err != nil {
defer req.Body.Close()
// init result
var r result
r.Latency = time.Since(startTime)
if req.StatusCode != http.StatusOK {
// catch none http-200 status code error
r.Error = fmt.Errorf("API Error: Unable to get API request because HTTP status %d\n", req.StatusCode)
return r
// read HTTP JSON body
body, err := ioutil.ReadAll(req.Body)
if err != nil {
// catch non-response error
r.Error = fmt.Errorf("API Error: Unable to get API request because err: %v with HTTP status %d\n", err, req.StatusCode)
return r
// convert JSON to struct
err = json.Unmarshal(body, &r.Person)
if err != nil {
// capture parsing error
r.Error = fmt.Errorf("JSON parse err: %v\n", err)
return r
return r
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josue commented Aug 23, 2019

Expected output:

Fetching total profiles: 10

[1.121016284s] Email:
[52.779027ms] Email: ré
[55.040856ms] Email: hanaé
[84.514295ms] Email:
[132.736954ms] Email:
[69.844714ms] Email:
[79.899309ms] Email:
[94.133185ms] Email:
[66.00551ms] Email:
[52.034258ms] Email:
[87.244593ms] Email:

Total Spent: 1.898268252s

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