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HID/ProxCard Cheat Sheet

Joshua Wright | | DRAFT/Work-in-Progress

Proxmark3 Iceman Edition Command Function
lf hid read Read from a nearby HID/ProxCard card
wiegand list Display a list of supported Wiegand data formats used by HID cards
lf hid sim -r 2006ec0c86 Simulate a HID/ProxCard with the Wiegand value 2006ec0c86; supply the appropriate Wiegand value for the card you wish to impersonate
lf hid sim -w H10301 --fc 118 --cn 16612 Simulate the card number 16612 with facility code 118 using the H10301 (26-bit HID) format (same as the command above but specifying the FC and CN explicitly)
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