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Easy git-squash (merges last N commits in one)
@echo off
if "%1"=="" goto blank
echo Squashing %1 commits...
git reset --soft HEAD~%1
git log --format=%%B%%n --reverse "HEAD@{1}" -n %1 > _msg.txt
git commit -t _msg.txt
del _msg.txt
echo Done!
goto end
echo Missing parameter: number of commits to squash.
exit /B 1
if [ $# -ne 1 ]; then
echo "Missing parameter: number of commits to squash."
exit 1
echo "Squashing $1 commits..."
git reset --soft HEAD~$1
git log --format=%B%n --reverse "HEAD@{1}" -n $1 > _msg.txt
git commit -t _msg.txt
rm _msg.txt
echo "Done!"
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kkm000 commented Nov 3, 2017

Thanks, that's a simple approach! One caveat is that this way you do not keep the original commit author and e-mail.

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jotaelesalinas commented Sep 21, 2018

True. You become the owner of all the squashed changes.

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