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Created March 18, 2021 11:13
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List of alias matchers in RSpec 3

This list is based on aliases_spec.rb.

You can see also Module: RSpec::Matchers API.

matcher aliased to description
a_truthy_value be_truthy a truthy value
a_falsey_value be_falsey a falsey value
be_falsy be_falsey be falsy
a_falsy_value be_falsey a falsy value
a_nil_value be_nil a nil value
a_value > 3 be > 3 a value > 3
a_value < 3 be < 3 a value < 3
a_value <= 3 be <= 3 a value <= 3
a_value == 3 be == 3 a value == 3
a_value === 3 be === 3 a value === 3
an_instance_of(Integer) be_an_instance_of(Integer) an instance of Integer
a_kind_of(Integer) be_a_kind_of(Integer) a kind of Integer
a_value_between(1, 10) be_between(1, 10) a value between 1 and 10 (inclusive)
a_value_within(0.1) be_within(0.1) a value within 0.1 of 3
within(0.1) be_within(0.1) within 0.1 of 3
a_block_changing change a block changing result
changing change changing result
a_collection_containing_exactly(1, 2) contain_exactly(1, 2) a collection containing exactly 1 and 2
containing_exactly(1, 2) contain_exactly(1, 2) containing exactly 1 and 2
a_range_covering(1, 2) cover(1, 2) a range covering 1 and 2
covering(1, 2) cover(1, 2) covering 1 and 2
ending_with(23) end_with(23) ending with 23
a_collection_ending_with(23) end_with(23) a collection ending with 23
a_string_ending_with("z") end_with("z") a string ending with 'z'
an_object_eq_to(3) eq 3 an object eq to 3
eq_to(3) eq 3 eq to 3
an_object_eql_to(3) eql 3 an object eql to 3
eql_to(3) eql 3 eql to 3
an_object_equal_to(3) equal 3 an object equal to 3
equal_to(3) equal 3 equal to 3
an_object_existing exist an object existing
existing exist existing
an_object_having_attributes(:age => 32) have_attributes(:age => 32) an object having attributes {:age => 32}
a_string_including("a") include("a") a string including 'a'
a_collection_including("a") include("a") a collection including 'a'
a_hash_including(:a => 5) include(:a => 5) a hash including {:a => 5}
including(3) include(3) including 3
a_string_matching(/foo/) match(/foo/) a string matching /foo/
an_object_matching(/foo/) match(/foo/) an object matching /foo/
match_regex(/foo/) match(/foo/) match regex /foo/
matching(/foo/) match(/foo/) matching /foo/
a_block_outputting('foo') output('foo') a block outputting 'foo' to stdout
a_block_outputting('foo') output('foo') a block outputting 'foo' to stderr
a_block_raising(ArgumentError) raise_error(ArgumentError) a block raising ArgumentError
raising(ArgumentError) raise_error(ArgumentError) raising ArgumentError
an_object_responding_to(:foo) respond_to(:foo) an object responding to #foo
responding_to(:foo) respond_to(:foo) responding to #foo
an_object_satisfying { } satisfy { } an object satisfying block
satisfying { } satisfy { } satisfying block
a_collection_starting_with(23) start_with(23) a collection starting with 23
a_string_starting_with("z") start_with("z") a string starting with 'z'
starting_with("d") start_with("d") starting with 'd'
a_block_throwing(:foo) throw_symbol(:foo) a block throwing :foo
throwing(:foo) throw_symbol(:foo) throwing :foo
a_block_yielding_control yield_control a block yielding control
yielding_control yield_control yielding control
a_block_yielding_with_no_args yield_with_no_args a block yielding with no args
yielding_with_no_args yield_with_no_args yielding with no args
a_block_yielding_with_args yield_with_args a block yielding with args
yielding_with_args yield_with_args yielding with args
a_block_yielding_successive_args yield_successive_args a block yielding successive args()
yielding_successive_args yield_successive_args yielding successive args()
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