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Install Gogs from binary on VestaCP panel

Install Gogs from binary on VestaCP

This tutorial was written based on Ubuntu 14.04 with VestaCP.

For this example, I created user cooler, domain and database cooler_repo on VestaCP panel.

To install Gogs, you will need to use user with admin rights, on my tutorial I'm using default admin user from VestaCP.

1 - install supervisor.

$ sudo apt-get -y install supervisor

2 - Go to your domain root and download latest Gogs binary. To see latest build, go to and get correct link.

$ cd /home/coller/web/
/home/coller/web/$ sudo wget
/home/coller/web/$ sudo tar -zxvf gogs_v0.9.13_linux_amd64.tar.gz

3 - Create folder to contain git repositories and apply correct user permissions.

/home/coller/web/$ sudo mkdir gogs-repositories
/home/coller/web/$ sudo chown cooler. gogs gogs-repositories

4 - Create supervisor config for Gogs with your favorite editor.

$ sudo vim /etc/supervisor/conf.d/gogs.conf

Note: look that in my config I'm using my user cooler and domain examples.

command=/home/cooler/web/ web
environment = HOME="/home/cooler", USER="cooler"
user = cooler

5 - Create reverse proxy config for Gogs on your domain with your favorite editor.

$ sudo vim /home/cooler/conf/web/
ProxyRequests Off
ProxyPass / http://localhost:3000/
ProxyPassReverse / http://localhost:3000/

6 - Enable apache proxy modules and restart apache and supervisor.

$ sudo a2enmod proxy
$ sudo a2enmod proxy_http
$ sudo service supervisor restart
$ sudo service apache2 restart

7 - Open domain in your browser and configure your Gogs as example below:

Gogs 1

8 - After this, click on "Install Gogs" and done, your Gogs is ready as example below:

Gogs 2

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khyoz commented Jun 4, 2018


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joubertredrat commented Jun 22, 2018

@khyoz need help?

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ameeno commented Sep 26, 2018

getting error 500's and stuff, it does not work well. will try gittea

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