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#r @"..\packages\FSharp.Data\lib\net40\Fsharp.Data.dll"
open FSharp.Data
open System
//Easily talk to a REST API.
let [<Literal>] URL = ""
let [<Literal>] PeopleUrl = URL + "people/1"
let [<Literal>] PagePeopleUrl = URL + "people/"
let [<Literal>] FilmUrl = URL + "films/1"
type SWAPI = JsonProvider<URL>
type PagePeople = JsonProvider<PagePeopleUrl>
type People = JsonProvider<PeopleUrl>
type Film = JsonProvider<FilmUrl>
let root = SWAPI.GetSample()
let buildUrl url id = sprintf "%s%s" url id
let loadPeople (pageUrl) =
let rec iter (pageUrl : string) =
if (pageUrl <> "") then
let currentPage = PagePeople.Load(pageUrl)
yield! currentPage.Results |> Array.toSeq
yield! iter currentPage.Next
iter pageUrl
let allCharacters = loadPeople root.People
let withFilms = allCharacters |> (fun p -> p, p.Films |> Film.Load)
let (_,filmsStarringDarthVader) = withFilms |> Seq.find (fun (p,films) -> p.Name.Contains("Darth Vader"))
filmsStarringDarthVader |> (fun f -> f.Title) |> Seq.toList
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