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Last active February 3, 2021 11:39
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using System.Threading.Tasks;
using LanguageExt;
using Xunit;
namespace LanguageExtDemo
public class Repository
public OptionAsync<string> GetName(int id)
if(id == 1)
return "Jo";
if(id == 2)
return "Ruben";
return OptionAsync<string>.None;
public class HttpAgent
public EitherAsync<string,int> GetBalance(string name)
if(name == "Jo")
return 1337;
return $"Left: Balance not found for user: <{name}>";
public class Handler
private readonly Repository _repo;
private readonly HttpAgent _agent;
public Handler(Repository repo, HttpAgent agent)
_repo = repo;
_agent = agent;
public async Task<string> GetBalanceReport(int userID)
var result =
.Bind<(string name, EitherAsync<string, int> balance)>(
name => (name, _agent.GetBalance(name)))
//aaand finally something with the results:
tuple => tuple.balance.Match(
balance => $"Balance for <{}>: <{balance}>",
left => left),
() => Task.FromResult($"None: User name not found for id <{userID}>"));
return await (await result);
public class EitherOptionPipelines
public async Task EitherOptionAsyncPipelines()
var handler = new Handler(new Repository(), new HttpAgent());
Assert.Equal("Balance for <Jo>: <1337>", await handler.GetBalanceReport(1));
Assert.Equal("Left: Balance not found for user: <Ruben>", await handler.GetBalanceReport(2));
Assert.Equal("None: User name not found for id <3>", await handler.GetBalanceReport(3));
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