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Last active February 12, 2018 14:53
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llnode update

Recent work

  • Link with lldb reported by llvm-config on MacOS: no need to use the XCode one, can work with custom builds or lldb installed with Homebrew
  • Fixed tests and Travis intergration
  • LLNODE_DEBUG=true to print details of failures during symbol loading, turned on in Travis
  • Loading symbols with shared libraries: can work with libv8 + d8 built with post-mortem support


Update to work with V8 6.4

  • Metadata changes, probably some layout changes too: nodejs/llnode#158
  • Backtrace & Map fixes: nodejs/llnode#168
  • Object inspection is broken ATM due to metadata & descriptor changes, fixes in progress
  • Currently we only have tests with Node.js v4, v6, v8 and v9 using Travis, need build intergration with Node.js master/PRs

Node.js Event Loop Inspection

Other Plans

  • Work with more types: Errors, Symbols, etc.
  • Better support for TypedArrays
  • UTF8 string support
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