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@jpaugh jpaugh/.bashrc
Created Sep 6, 2017

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An auto-reloading .bashrc file
if _BASHRC_WAS_RUN 2>/dev/null; then
else # Stuff that only needs to run the first time we source .bashrc.
# Useful to allow re-sourcing new changes, without breaking/changing things in this section
alias _BASHRC_WAS_RUN=true
# ... continued ...
# Last mod time of a file or files
get_file_timestamp () {
ls -1 --time-style=+%s -l "$@" | cut -f6 -d" "
# Make sure our version of the .bashrc file is up-to-date, or reload it.
chk_bashrc_timestamp () {
if [[ "$_BASHRC_TIMESTAMP" -lt "$(get_file_timestamp "$HOME/.bashrc")" ]]; then
echo >&2 "Reloading .bashrc..."
. ~/.bashrc
prompt_cmd () {
# some ls aliases
alias ll='ls -alF'
alias la='ls -A'
alias l='ls -CF'
# ... continued ...
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