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Debug information for team /boot/home/Desktop/midiplay/fmidiplay (1304):
CPU(s): 2x AMD Ryzen 7
Memory: 1022.85 MiB total, 282.38 MiB used
Haiku revision: hrev53167 May 26 2019 19:04:45 (x86_64)
Active Threads:
thread 1305: team 1304 debug task
thread 1304: fmidiplay (main)
state: Exception (Segment violation)
Frame IP Function Name
0x7fd586466060 0x607d5496ea pthread_once + 0x1a
0x000000607d5496d0: 55 push %rbp
0x000000607d5496d1: 4889e5 mov %rsp, %rbp
0x000000607d5496d4: 4157 push %r15
0x000000607d5496d6: 4989ff mov %rdi, %r15
0x000000607d5496d9: 4156 push %r14
0x000000607d5496db: 4155 push %r13
0x000000607d5496dd: 41bdffffffff mov $0xffffffff, %r13d
0x000000607d5496e3: 4154 push %r12
0x000000607d5496e5: 53 push %rbx
0x000000607d5496e6: 4883ec38 sub $0x38, %rsp
0x000000607d5496ea: 488975a8 mov %rsi, -0x58(%rbp) <--
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