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Last active February 9, 2023 20:00
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Add or remove windows from suckless' tabbed
# Usage:
# <tabbed-id> <command>
# Commands:
# add <window-id> - Add window to tabbed
# remove <window-id> - Remove window from tabbed
# list - List all clients of tabbed
# Functions
# Get wid of root window
function get_root_wid {
xwininfo -root | awk '/Window id:/{print $4}'
# Get children of tabbed
function get_clients {
xwininfo -id $id -children | sed -n '/[0-9]\+ \(child\|children\):/,$s/ \+\(0x[0-9a-z]\+\).*/\1/p'
# Get class of a wid
function get_class {
xprop -id $id | sed -n '/WM_CLASS/s/.*, "\(.*\)"/\1/p'
# Main Program
tabbed=$1; shift
if [ "$(get_class $tabbed)" != "tabbed" ]; then
echo "Not an instance of tabbed" 2>&1
cmd=$1; shift
case $cmd in
wid=$1; shift
xdotool windowreparent $wid $tabbed
wid=$1; shift
xdotool windowreparent $wid $(get_root_wid)
get_clients $tabbed
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thugcee commented Feb 22, 2020

You specify in shebang POSIX compatible sh shell and then you use not allowed function syntax.

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