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Joël Franusic jpf

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{ config, pkgs, ... }:
chatServer = "";
imports = [
jpf / clean-token.el
Created Aug 26, 2019
Clean up passwords and tokens for use in documentation
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;; Turns a password like "qWXNNXb6m(TM77WiVtC87c*" into "aABCDEb0c(FG12HdIeJ34f*"
;; Use the clean-token function by marking a region you want to be "cleaned" and then running M-x clean-token
(defun token-cleaner (token)
"Given a TOKEN as a string, return a string where the letters in TOKEN have been replaced with letters from the same type"
(defun next-letter (letter smallest-letter largest-letter)
"Given LETTER, return the next letter in the sequence between SMALLEST-LETTER and LARGEST-LETTER"
(let ((proposed-letter (char-to-string (1+ (string-to-char letter)))))
(if (string> proposed-letter largest-letter)
jpf /
Created Aug 27, 2018
Counts the number of "1" and "0" bits in an input file
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# Counts the number of "1" and "0" bits in an input file
import sys
bits_per_byte = 8
# Via:
def bytes_from_file(filename, chunksize=8192):
with open(filename, "rb") as f:
while True:
View as-a-service.js
var tracery = require('tracery-grammar'); //
var grammar = tracery.createGrammar({
'aas': ['#thing# as a service.'],
'thing': [
'Denial of Service',
#! /usr/bin/env nix-shell
#! nix-shell -i bash -p curl -p xmlstarlet -p imagemagick -p jp2a -p lolcat
# Demonstrate the capabilities of Nix by writing a gratuitously complex shell
# script that combines 5 different command line utilities together.
# Do the following to run this demo:
# If you don't have Nix yet, install it with this command:
# $ curl | sh
jpf /
Created Jun 1, 2016
A Python script that uses Nix to automatically bootstrap dependencies.
#! /usr/bin/env nix-shell
#! nix-shell -i python -p python27Packages.flask python27Packages.emoji
# This is a demo of using Nix to manage packages for a program in a language agnostic way.
# If you run this example as an executable, it'll Just Work, even if you don't have Flask or emoji installed. Try it out!
# $ curl | sh
# $ chmod a+x
# $ ./
from flask import Flask
jpf /
Last active Aug 25, 2018
Thoughts after 6 months of literate programming

Thoughts after 6 months of literate programming

I wrote my first literate program in November of 2015. Since then, I've been writing literate programs on an almost daily basis. It has been an experience with a sort of enlightenment that I haven't had in a long time. Not only is it a lot of fun to write literate programs, I feel like I have gained a new "super power" of sorts.

Below are my thoughts on my experiences with literate programming so far.

jpf /
Created Mar 7, 2016
Don't hate: cavitate
$ for w in `cat /usr/share/dict/words | egrep 'ate$'`; do echo "Don't hate: ${w}"; done
Don't hate: abacate
Don't hate: abacinate
Don't hate: abalienate
Don't hate: abate
Don't hate: abbreviate
Don't hate: abdicate
Don't hate: aberrate
Don't hate: abietate
Don't hate: abintestate
jpf /
Last active Feb 26, 2016
What a requirements.txt file might look like in a literate program
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