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Jeroen Wiert Pluimers jpluimers

  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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<!DOCTYPE html>
<html class="no-js" lang="nl">
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<title>Terugkijken: publiekslezing darmkanker</title>
<meta name="description" content="&amp;#39;Hoe vroeger de opsporing, hoe beter de overlevingskansen voor pati&amp;#235;nten met darmkanker&amp;#39;, zo opende maag-darm-leverarts Monique van Leerdam woensdagavond 21 maart de publiekslezing over darmkanker. Zo&amp;#39;n 140 bezoekers kwamen af op de publiekslezing die het AVL Darmkankercentrum had georganiseerd in het kader van maart darmkankermaand.">
jpluimers / Duden Offline.html
Created Apr 6, 2020
The HTML page that shows when it is offline: a definition of "Wartung" (German word for Maintenance)
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<!DOCTYPE html>
<!-- saved from url=(0021) -->
<html xmlns=""><head><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"><meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge"><link rel="apple-touch-icon" href=""><link rel="shortcut icon" href=""><meta name="theme-color" content="#FECF2F"><meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, user-scalable=no"><!--[if lt IE 9]><script src="../res/js/html5shiv/dist/html5shiv.min.js"></script><![endif]--><title>Duden Offline</title><style>/* normalize.css v2.1.0 | MIT License | */
/* normalize.css v2.1.0 | HTML5 Display Definitions | MIT License | */
jpluimers / twittermute.txt
Created Jan 24, 2020 — forked from IanColdwater/twittermute.txt
Here are some terms to mute on Twitter to clean your timeline up a bit.
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Mute these words in your settings here:
jpluimers /
Created Nov 17, 2019 — forked from erichrobinson/
SwitchResX Configuration

#SwitchResX Settings for LG 21:9 UltraWide

SwitchResX is a utility that allows users to override the default resolution settings in OSX. For more information, including download links, vist .

##Disabling System Integrity Protection (SIP)

If you are running OSX 10.11 or higher, SIP must be disabled. To disable SIP do the following:

  • Boot into the recovery partition by pressing CMD + R when starting up your Mac.
  • Once in recovery mode, open a terminal window.
  • Type the command csrutil disable
jpluimers / chocolatey.log
Created Oct 3, 2019
Chocolatey v0.10.15 on Windows 7 Professional; version 6.1.7601.65536 installing git.install 2.23.0: "ERROR: Cannot process argument transformation on parameter 'file64'. Cannot convert value to type System.String."
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2019-10-02 22:41:10,230 3908 [DEBUG] - XmlConfiguration is now operational
2019-10-02 22:41:10,336 3908 [INFO ] - ============================================================
2019-10-02 22:41:19,187 3908 [DEBUG] - Attempting to create directory "C:\Users\jeroenp\AppData\Local\Temp\chocolatey".
2019-10-02 22:41:19,262 3908 [INFO ] - Chocolatey v0.10.15
2019-10-02 22:41:19,272 3908 [DEBUG] - Chocolatey is running on Windows v 6.1.7601.65536
2019-10-02 22:41:19,275 3908 [DEBUG] - Attempting to delete file "C:/ProgramData/chocolatey/choco.exe.old".
2019-10-02 22:41:19,275 3908 [DEBUG] - Attempting to delete file "C:\ProgramData\chocolatey\choco.exe.old".
2019-10-02 22:41:19,299 3908 [DEBUG] - Command line: "C:\ProgramData\chocolatey\choco.exe" upgrade all --yes
2019-10-02 22:41:19,300 3908 [DEBUG] - Received arguments: upgrade all --yes
2019-10-02 22:41:19,885 3908 [DEBUG] - RemovePendingPackagesTask is now ready and waiting for PreRunMessage.
View gist:aae29ce49d9aac7909d2517a56e25b13
rem Or even better, create a system image!
rem Things, that will get broken, that will get noticed ASAP or after restart, like Start or WiFi for sure!
rem Disabling network services (Dhcp/NlaSvc/netprofm/nsi/RmSvc) will prevent you from managing network settings!
rem Windows Defender Firewall is set to block all inbound/outbound except allowed apps, which have to be added first!
rem Terminating "ShellExperienceHost.exe" will restart it and Start's functionality
rem You can create a task, which runs after logon with one minute delay.
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<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="UTF-8">
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<meta name="googlebot" content="noindex, nofollow">
<style type="text/css">
body {
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ZIP 255 0 0
RAR 0 255 0
ARJ 255 255 0
ACE 0 0 255
CAB 255 128 0