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An AJAX-Solr proxy written in PHP.
* @file
* Implements a Solr proxy.
* Currently requires json_decode which is bundled with PHP >= 5.2.0.
* You must download the SolrPhpClient and store it in the same directory as this file.
require_once(dirname(__FILE__) . '/SolrPhpClient/Apache/Solr/Service.php');
* Executes the Solr query and returns the JSON response.
function solr_proxy_main() {
if (isset($_POST['query'])) {
$params = array();
$keys = '';
$core = '';
// The names of Solr parameters that may be specified multiple times.
$multivalue_keys = array('bf', 'bq', '', '', 'facet.field', 'facet.query', 'fq', 'pf', 'qf');
$pairs = explode('&', $_POST['query']);
foreach ($pairs as $pair) {
list($key, $value) = explode('=', $pair, 2);
$value = urldecode($value);
if (in_array($key, $multivalue_keys)) {
$params[$key][] = $value;
elseif ($key == 'q') {
$keys = $value;
elseif ($key == 'core') {
$core = "$value/";
else {
$params[$key] = $value;
// Replace these arguments as needed.
$solr = new Apache_Solr_Service('', 80, '/solrjs/' . $core);
try {
$response = $solr->search($keys, $params['start'], $params['rows'], $params);
catch (Exception $e) {
print $response->getRawResponse();
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Just curious on the finer details on integrating this php proxy. I've come across a roadblock. Could you evaluate my stackoverflow question and give me your thoughts?

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sorry,new to solr,and want to increase the Security
after download the solr-php-client and put right dir,
How to use this file?

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solr don't seem to send to "start" parameter when it's equal to zero (0). Maybe we could verify that in the proxy and set the value if it's not present in the request?

thank you by the way for this piece of code,


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i want to integrate ajax solr with php. Can anyone help me with the steps?

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