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Last active Sep 12, 2016

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CC2650 read via BLE and publish to MQTT
#!/usr/bin/env python
# read CC2650 SensorTag by JP Mens
# follow
# to get started, but use
import time
import json
import struct
import Sensortag2650 as sensortag
import paho.mqtt.publish as mqtt
# don't even bother starting until you see your SensorTag
# $ hcitool -i hci1 lescan
# LE Scan ...
# B0:B4:48:BD:B8:05 CC2650 SensorTag
my_sensor = 'B0:B4:48:BD:B8:05'
tag = sensortag.SensorTag(my_sensor)
print "Connected to SensorTag", my_sensor
sensorOn = struct.pack("B", 0x01)
sensorbarcal = struct.pack("B", 0x02)
sensorMagOn = struct.pack("H", 0x0007)
sensorGyrOn = struct.pack("H", 0x0007)
sensorAccOn = struct.pack("H", 0x0038)
# tag.magnetometer.enable(sensorMagOn)
# tag.gyroscope.enable(sensorGyrOn)
base_topic = 'jpmens/cc2650/%s' % my_sensor.replace(':', '').lower()
while True:
msgs = []
ambient_temp, target_temp =
x_accel, y_accel, z_accel =
ambient_temp, rel_humidity =
lux =
ambient_temp, pressure_millibars =
data = {
'ambient_temp' : ambient_temp,
'target_temp' : target_temp,
'humidity' : rel_humidity,
'lux' : lux,
'millibars' : pressure_millibars,
'tst' : int(time.time()),
payload = json.dumps(data)
print payload
msgs.append((base_topic, payload, 0, False))
for k in data:
msgs.append( ( "%s/%s" % (base_topic, k), data[k], 0, False ) )
mqtt.multiple(msgs, hostname='')
SoonSYJ commented Mar 28, 2016

Nice script. Have you ever tried to read link RSSI between a RPi and a SensorTag? I am trying to read sensor data and RSSI synchronised. But it seems that Bluez does not have any API to get RSSI data. Could you give me some advice? Thank you

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