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Pierre Houston jpmhouston

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jpmhouston / gist:db1fa96997cef811bc3251b6d50e99d6
Created Jan 30, 2019
Data extension method hexEncodedString
View gist:db1fa96997cef811bc3251b6d50e99d6
extension Data {
struct HexEncodingOptions: OptionSet {
let rawValue: Int
static let uppercase = HexEncodingOptions(rawValue: 0)
static let lowercase = HexEncodingOptions(rawValue: 1 << 0)
func hexEncodedString(options: HexEncodingOptions = []) -> String {
let hexDigits = Array((options.contains(.lowercase) ? "0123456789abcdef" : "0123456789ABCDEF").utf16)
var dump: [unichar] = []
var ascii: [unichar] = []
jpmhouston / gist:de82ffa91a9fdb026b39bc6ad65c7c0c
Created May 11, 2017
convert TimeInterval to DispatchTimeInterval
View gist:de82ffa91a9fdb026b39bc6ad65c7c0c
public extension TimeInterval {
public var dispatchInterval: DispatchTimeInterval {
let microseconds = Int64(self * TimeInterval(USEC_PER_SECS)) // perhaps use nanoseconds, though would more often be > Int.max
return microseconds < Int.max ? DispatchTimeInterval.microseconds(Int(microseconds)) : DispatchTimeInterval.seconds(Int(self))
jpmhouston / ColorPHTextField.swift
Last active Sep 15, 2016
UITextField subclass adding placeholderColor property
View ColorPHTextField.swift
// TODO: link here to SO post that inspired this
// ^ that source worked fine when setting placeholderColor sometime after
// placeholder or attributedPlaceholder, but not the other way around.
// this is an attempt to fix this, it might work.
class ColorPHTextField : UITextField {
@IBInspectable var placeholderColor: UIColor? {
didSet {
jpmhouston / gist:f25d560cbd771d0f74f3d7b2d0ce6fbd
Last active Aug 8, 2016
Swift Array element(at:), why is this missing from the standard library?
View gist:f25d560cbd771d0f74f3d7b2d0ce6fbd
extension Array {
func element(at index: Int) -> Element? {
return index >= 0 && index < count ? self[index] : nil
jpmhouston / NSManagedObject+JPHClone.h
Last active May 19, 2017
View NSManagedObject+JPHClone.h
// NSManagedObject+Clone.h
// TResActivityLog
// Created by Pierre Houston on 2016-05-30.
// Copyright © 2016 Resilience software. All rights reserved.
// When no context provided, uses [NSManagedObjectContext MR_defaultContext].
// Note, I was going to add unique prefix "jph_" to these category method names,
// but currently I've left those out.
jpmhouston / gist:35686fc811b1c62effe5
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Shrink UITextField placeholder to fit
View gist:35686fc811b1c62effe5
// call from a view controller's -viewDidLayoutSubviews or -viewWillAppear:
// pass it a text field, etc, assign result to that text field's attributedPlaceholder property
// note that the maxKerning parameter must be a negative value (a "maximally negative" kerning value)
// pro tip: i've sometimes found that a text field still has incorrect bounds in -viewDidLayoutSubviews
// and needs to forcibly have its layout done:
//- (void)viewDidLayoutSubviews {
// [self.field layoutIfNeeded];
// self.field.attributedPlaceholder = [self resizedPlaceholderForField:self.field withPadding:4.0 maxKerningReduction:0.3];
jpmhouston / gist:daa75345f6a017ce1681
Created Jun 19, 2015
POST with both URL parameters & JSON body in AFNetworking
View gist:daa75345f6a017ce1681
@interface MixedPOSTHTTPSessionManager : AFHTTPSessionManager
- (NSURLSessionDataTask *)POST:(NSString *)URLString
JSONParameters:(NSDictionary *)jsonParameters
success:(void (^)(NSURLSessionDataTask *task, id responseObject))success
failure:(void (^)(NSURLSessionDataTask *task, NSError *error))failure;
@implementation MixedPOSTHTTPSessionManager
View gist:131b96d02830d4a540ce
Verifying I am +jpmhouston on my passcard.
jpmhouston /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Identity proof for

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am jpmhouston on github.
  • I am jpmhouston ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is E183 744F B4CE E864 AE7B 9B1D 2449 C433 3C48 45D9

To claim this, I am signing this object:

jpmhouston / gist:680ba3a3c09039c66230
Last active Aug 29, 2015
successful yahoo oauth1 access, unsuccessful request
View gist:680ba3a3c09039c66230
** Generating signature for
** Parameters for base signature string:
** Base signature string:
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