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Created March 21, 2012 17:19
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iOS 6 Wish List

Not necessarily in order of preference.

  1. Picture lock, ala Windows 8. Not face recognition, the photo password thing.

  2. Ability for apps to plug into Spotlight. Ex. Search my Evernote from Spotlight.

  3. More app integration points like "Open With". Allow any app to register itself as a "photo provider" (fb, flickr) or "share provider" (twitter, fb). Instead of importing photos from the camera roll, allow import from any photo provider, of which the camera roll is just one of many. Android has this as well as Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8.

    The photos example is one of the best, but also imagine a more generic "document provider". I'm in a text editing app like Byword and choose to "open document", I see a list of apps that provide documents. In that list is Dropbox. I open the file. Document providers are 2-way, so as I make changes to my document in Byword it is saving back to Dropbox. Byword doesn't have to do anything special to implement this. The Dropbox app, as provider, handles all of the details.

  4. Ability to set apps as your default browser and e-mail client.

  5. Allow apps to provide notification center widgets.

  6. Show a breakdown of app data usage (bandwidth, not storage), ala Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

  7. Sharing of iCloud documents and data with other iCloud accounts. (Like Dropbox sharing.)

  8. Add a multitasking bar brightness control to the iPhone like on the iPad. Or add the ability to include one in the notification pull down as a widget.

  9. Ability to view notification widgets on the lock screen. (i.e. the weather widget)

  10. Find some way to do multitasking gestures on the iPhone like on the iPad.

  11. Score! Ability to mute notifications during given time periods (like between 10pm-8am when you are trying to sleep). Needs to have a whitelist as well so you can allow specific apps to notify you during the blackout period. Alarm clock apps, etc.

  12. Universal apps shouldn't include the iPad assets when installing on an iPhone. This would save a lot of space on iPhones, especially now with the "new" iPad's retina display.

  13. Score! Mapping app with better local business searching. Turn-by-turn nav would be a cool bonus.

  14. Support for opening ZIP files attached to e-mails in

  15. First-class bluetooth keyboard support with ability to CMD+TAB between apps (same as multitasking gestures) and TAB between fields on a form.

  16. Score! A cross-browser "Send to iPad/iPhone" button that opens the current page in Safari (or better, the default browser) on my iPad.

  17. Score! Safari file/photo upload.

  18. A Swype keyboard.

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12b. The ability to uninstall Apple's universal apps.

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Ability to change email alert sounds based on email filter criteria : IE: OMG THIS IS IMPORTANT in the subject makes a different sound then FW: FW: FW: FW: this is a lol

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Would love a telephone whiltelist option: ignore all calls coming from outside my contact list.

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18: Soft Lock - Press the lock button once to lock the device without requiring a passcode to unlock. Press the lock button twice quickly to lock the device and require a passcode to unlock. A soft lock could have a configurable timeout to require a passcode after a certain amount of time has passed.

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  1. A complete revamp of iCal In its current form it's a very sub-par calendar at best. The only reason I use it is because it's so tightly integrated with everything else.

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