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Jean Potier jpotier

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jpotier /
Created Dec 6, 2019 — forked from CRTified/
VFIO Passthrough on NixOS

VFIO Setup on NixOS

Disclaimer: Nobody else tested my setup so far, so this is a "works on my machine" scenario. I am not responsible for anything you break on your machine (although I'd not expect much harm).


My system has the following hardware:

  • Board: Asus ROG Strix Z270G
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# This file is autogenerated! Do not edit it yourself, use for regeneration.
{ fetchurl }:
amd64 = [
rec {
name = "steamrt-legacy_1.20190320.0+srt1_amd64";
sha256 = "1sw6pcl83nwfkal2gllq68zbrcqs7s6xn8mxxmmnpsrca0s5xv1m";
url = "mirror://steamrt/pool/main/s/steamrt/steamrt-legacy_1.20190320.0+srt1_amd64.deb";
source = fetchurl {
jpotier /
Last active Apr 2, 2016
Test netdata in a alpine container
apk --update add zlib bash build-base zlib-dev autoconf automake iproute2 gdb curl
addgroup -S netdata
adduser -S -G netdata -s /sbin/nologin -h / netdata
mkdir /workdir && cd /workdir
cp -r /data/netdata.git ./
cd netdata.git
CFLAGS="-O1 -ggdb -Wall -Wextra" ./ --dont-wait
sleep 1
jpotier / Dockerfile
Created Apr 2, 2016
Dockerfile used to build a netdata container with netdata
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FROM gliderlabs/alpine:latest
WORKDIR /myapp
COPY . /myapp
RUN apk-install zlib bash # Keeping this, the rest is just build-dep
RUN apk --update add --virtual build-dependencies build-base zlib-dev autoconf automake \
&& cd netdata.git \
&& addgroup -S netdata \
&& adduser -S -G netdata -s /sbin/nologin -h / netdata \
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