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Update a person object in Alfresco using CMIS 1.1 and cmis:item support
rs = session.query("select cmis:objectId FROM cm:person where cm:firstName like 'Te%' and cm:organization like 'Green%' and cm:location like 'Dallas%' and (cm:companypostcode <> '75070' or cm:companypostcode is null)", false)
if (rs.getTotalNumItems() == 0) {
println("Couldn't find person that matched query")
for (res in rs) {
personId = res.getPropertyValueById("cmis:objectId")
person = session.getObject(personId)
println("Updating " + person.getPropertyValue("cm:userName"))
postalCode = person.getPropertyValue("cm:companypostcode")
props = new HashMap<String, Object>()
props["cm:companypostcode"] = "75070"
person.updateProperties(props, false)

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vurquia commented Sep 15, 2014

Good morning @jpotts,
I using alfresco comunity 4.2.f. How can I enable cmis:item support on it?

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