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Post Google Sheets form entries to Slack

Post Google Sheets form entries to Slack

By using Google Form's script editor, you can call Slack webhooks when form submissions are made. You can use this script to do things like creating a live feedback form for taking questions from an audience or notifying your team when someone signs up for an event.


First, be sure you're collecting the email address in the form:


Create a form script

Next, open the script editor:


Paste the contents of javascript file in this gist into the script editor:


You may need to authorize access to Google Docs:


Create a Slack app

Go To and create a new app,

Next, create an "incoming webhook" for your app, and swap in a url for the SLACK_WEBHOOK_POST_URL in our script in the script editor.

Then you'll need to edit the forms "triggers" so that our onSubmit function is called when a new form response is recorded:



Once you create the trigger, you're all done!

// Put your Slack webhook here, make sure its connected to the correct channel
function onSubmit(entry) {
// Get item submitted
var response = entry.response.getItemResponses();
// Email is always the first item
var data = entry.response.getRespondentEmail() + " | " + response[0].getResponse();
// Stringify payload
var payload = {
payload: '{"text": "' + data + '"}'
// Build request
var options = {
method: "post",
payload: payload
// Send to Slack
UrlFetchApp.fetch(SLACK_WEBHOOK_POST_URL, options);
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