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Beach Image Workflow Idea

Deprecated. Moved here:

Proposed Flow

  1. Talk to RBSC cat.
  2. Enhace EAD w/ item level data from TEI. Including pudl0123 IDs temporarily
  3. Use TEI to EAD mapping to reorg. images to match new EAD (item level) components
  4. Remove temporary pudl0123 IDs from new EAD components
  5. Generate new PULFA METS and load EAD
  6. Migration New PULFA METS to Plum - Make sure EAD component ID is in dc:replaces
  7. Map Plum manifest URIs back to TEI


  • Permission / Help from RBSC
  • Plum to PULFA migration routine


  • Does this cover all of pudl0123 / C0108 digitzation?

  • Does Roel have the back story as to why two copies?

    Answer is because the studios originally made the more granular organization, and then the curator (?) asked if it could be flattened out so that it could go online with the findin aid.


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@rlskoeser rlskoeser commented Dec 7, 2016

Additional note (new information): images are not currently in chronological order; should be possible to re-order based on dates in the transcribed TEI. May require some manual cleanup (?)

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