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Last active May 22, 2020
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# Load fishmarks (
. $HOME/.fishmarks/
alias rmi "rm -i"
alias ark "docker run --rm -u (id -u) -v ~/.kube/config:/kubeconfig -e KUBECONFIG=/kubeconfig"
alias oc "code ."
# kubernets aliases
alias kget "kubectl get"
alias klogs "kubectl logs"
set -x GOPATH1 $HOME/Development/go
set -x GOPATH2 $HOME/Development/heptio/go
set -gx PATH $PATH $GOPATH1/bin
set -gx PATH $PATH $GOPATH2/bin
set -x SHELL /bin/bash
set -x KUBECONFIG (find ~/.kube -type f -name '*kubeconfig*' | tr '\n' ':' | sed 's/:$//')
source ~/

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@zx1986 zx1986 commented Jul 4, 2019

export KUBECONFIG=$(find ~/.kube -type f -name '*kubeconfig*' | tr '\n' ':' | sed 's/:$//')



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@Boztown Boztown commented May 22, 2020

Yes! Thanks for the KUBECONFIG line. I yanked it for myself.

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