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Spinning World Population Density
# Resulting video from this code can be seen here:
# or
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from mpl_toolkits.basemap import Basemap
import os
file = 'gl_gpwv3_pcount_00_ascii_25/glp00g.asc'
pop_data = np.loadtxt(file, skiprows=6)
# data file from here:
xo = np.arange(-180,180,0.0416666666667)
yo = np.arange(-58,85,0.0416666666667)
xx,yy = np.meshgrid(xo,yo,indexing='xy')
# go from positive to negative, make globe spin correctly
for lon in xrange(180,-180,-1):
print(i+1, ' ', lon)
map = Basemap(projection='ortho', lat_0=10, lon_0=lon, resolution='l')
xm, ym = map(xx,yy)
map.contourf(xm, ym, np.log10(pop_data[::-1, :] +1),
map.drawmeridians(np.arange(-180, 181., 60.))
plt.savefig("img/frame" + format(i, '04') + '.jpeg')
i = i+1
# render the video file using FFMPEG
os.system('ffmpeg -r 20 -i img/frame%04d.jpeg -qscale 1 movie.mp4')

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dfm commented Feb 23, 2015

My heart stops when I see people overload built-in functions like map!


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jradavenport commented Jan 29, 2016

Ahhhhh.... good call. That is very sloppy on my behalf.

Kids, don't do what I did! On Line 24, that should have read:

bmap = Basemap(...)
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