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Created August 12, 2019 17:57
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Cache NuGet Packages with Cache Task in Azure DevOps YAML
- powershell: | # generates a hash of all packages.config and saves each on a single line on 'hash.txt'
Get-FileHash -Algorithm MD5 -Path (Get-ChildItem packages.config -Recurse) >> hash.txt
Write-Host "Hash File saved to $pwd\hash.txt"
workingDirectory: src
displayName: 'Calculate and save packages.config hash'
- task: CacheBeta@0 # speed up builds by caching packages folder
key: nuget|1|$(Agent.OS)|$(Build.SourcesDirectory)\src\hash.txt # hash map generated in previous step
path: $(Build.SourcesDirectory)\src\packages
cacheHitVar: 'nuget_cache_hit' # variable that can be checked to see if it was successful
displayName: Cache nuget packages
continueOnError: true
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