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All application tests ignoring CakePHP core files from Code Coverage
class AllAppTest extends CakeTestSuite {
protected $coverageSetup = false;
public static function suite() {
$suite = new self('All Application Tests');
return $suite;
public function run(PHPUnit_Framework_TestResult $result = NULL, $filter = FALSE, array $groups = array(), array $excludeGroups = array(), $processIsolation = FALSE) {
if ($result === NULL) {
$result = $this->createResult();
if (!$this->coverageSetup) {
$coverage = $result->getCodeCoverage();
if ($coverage) { // If the CodeCoverage is not installed or disabled
$coverageFilter = $coverage->filter();
$coverageFilter->addDirectoryToBlacklist(APP . DS . 'Test');
$this->coverageSetup = true;
return parent::run($result, $filter, $groups, $excludeGroups, $processIsolation);
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TiuTalk commented Aug 11, 2012

Fatal Error

Error: Call to a member function setProcessUncoveredFilesFromWhitelist() on a non-object
File: Test/Case/AllAppTest.php
Line: 22

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jrbasso commented Aug 20, 2012

@TiuTalk It happened probably because you didn't have the code coverage installed. I updated the code, including the if statement to avoid that.

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