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jreidinger / grab script
Created October 5, 2011 12:50
enlightment nightly build grab script
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set -e
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disks = a_devicegraph.disks # A disks object, Array on steroids
disks = disks.with(name: ["/dev/sda", "/dev/sdb"]) # another disks object
primary_parts = disks.partitions.with(type: :primary) # A Partitions object, another Array on steroids
parts = disks.partitions.with(name: ["/dev/sda2", "/dev/sdc3"])
# equivalent line
# parts = a_devicegraph.disks.partitions.with(name: ["/dev/sda2", "/dev/sdc3"])
# Calls to whatever.filesystems returns a Filesystems object which is another Array on steroids
# So the equivalent to previous example ( would be
a_device_graph.filesystems.to_a # all file systems in the devicegraph
jreidinger / allowed_type_benchmark.rb
Last active June 29, 2016 07:47
yast installation profile
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require "yast"
require "benchmark"
VALUES = ["any", "nil", "void", "boolean", "string", "symbol", "integer",
"float", "list", "map", "term", "path", "locale", "function",
def replacement(object, to)
types = Yast::Ops::TYPES_MAP[to]
jreidinger / print_deps.rb
Last active September 19, 2016 13:46
build service dependency chain
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require "yaml"
require "cheetah"
require "pp"
require "rexml/document"
class Package
attr_accessor :layer, :name, :depends, :time, :total_time
def initialize(name, depends)
@name = name
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(* Hana global.inif module for Augeas
Author: Josef Reidinger <>
hana global.ini is a standard INI File, just keys can be single char or number
module Hana =
autoload xfm
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## Configuration file for software management
## /etc/zypp/zypp.conf
## Boolean values are 0 1 yes no on off true false
jreidinger / disk-devicegraph.xml
Last active May 29, 2017 14:42
Demonstration of hard to debug caching problem when device is from no longer valid device graph
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<?xml version="1.0"?>
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Testing Label, Mount Points and Mount By
- After fix in my git branch label is now kept if using Start with Existing partitioning
- mount by and mount path is not used with simple Start with Existing partitioning ( and default is proposed )
- When import mount points is used then it set properly mount path, but mount by is still default one ( uuid )
- when using import mount points and format system volumes, then it reset label on that system volumes ( but keep on rest ). Mount by is still lost.
How it works in old partitioner:
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Note: it is not final, just what I found so far
- better works when maxing out window
- mouse super works like a charm
- options to move,resize,close window is really nice
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Images with progress of installation. Both ncurses and qt and both original bottom approach and vertically centered one.