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Last active April 4, 2023 08:27
How to Test Agame DBus Service Memory Consumption

How to Test Agame DBus Service Memory Consumption


Get running Live image of Agama. If some additional software is needed to install like valgrind, TW repo needs to be added by zypper. Also it is good to stop agama before doing adjustments.


To get pmap of backend service search for service pid e.g. using ps aux | grep agama and then pass pid to pmap call. It is good to measure overall memory consumption of given component or doing serie of it to see how it differs in time.

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require "yast"
require "benchmark"
# if container
Yast::WFM.SCRSetDefault(Yast::WFM.SCROpen("chroot=/mnt:scr", false))
# endif
puts Benchmark.realtime { 1000.times { Yast::SCR.Execute(".target.bash_output"), "systemctl is-enabled systemd-hostnamed.service") }}
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Images with progress of installation. Both ncurses and qt and both original bottom approach and vertically centered one.
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Note: it is not final, just what I found so far
- better works when maxing out window
- mouse super works like a charm
- options to move,resize,close window is really nice
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Testing Label, Mount Points and Mount By
- After fix in my git branch label is now kept if using Start with Existing partitioning
- mount by and mount path is not used with simple Start with Existing partitioning ( and default is proposed )
- When import mount points is used then it set properly mount path, but mount by is still default one ( uuid )
- when using import mount points and format system volumes, then it reset label on that system volumes ( but keep on rest ). Mount by is still lost.
How it works in old partitioner:
jreidinger / disk-devicegraph.xml
Last active May 29, 2017 14:42
Demonstration of hard to debug caching problem when device is from no longer valid device graph
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<?xml version="1.0"?>
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## Configuration file for software management
## /etc/zypp/zypp.conf
## Boolean values are 0 1 yes no on off true false
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(* Hana global.inif module for Augeas
Author: Josef Reidinger <>
hana global.ini is a standard INI File, just keys can be single char or number
module Hana =
autoload xfm
jreidinger / print_deps.rb
Last active September 19, 2016 13:46
build service dependency chain
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require "yaml"
require "cheetah"
require "pp"
require "rexml/document"
class Package
attr_accessor :layer, :name, :depends, :time, :total_time
def initialize(name, depends)
@name = name
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disks = a_devicegraph.disks # A disks object, Array on steroids
disks = disks.with(name: ["/dev/sda", "/dev/sdb"]) # another disks object
primary_parts = disks.partitions.with(type: :primary) # A Partitions object, another Array on steroids
parts = disks.partitions.with(name: ["/dev/sda2", "/dev/sdc3"])
# equivalent line
# parts = a_devicegraph.disks.partitions.with(name: ["/dev/sda2", "/dev/sdc3"])
# Calls to whatever.filesystems returns a Filesystems object which is another Array on steroids
# So the equivalent to previous example ( would be
a_device_graph.filesystems.to_a # all file systems in the devicegraph