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IRC logs for #awholenewworld
--- Log opened Mon Oct 03 17:24:00 2011
17:24 AlanBell: I was thinking there might be a nick in here with a URL as realname or something
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17:25 AlanBell: "One may pass the class, yet not see what is in plain sight ahead."
17:25 AlanBell: "Remember, friends are key to open source."
17:25 @jrgifford: friends=people?
17:25 AlanBell: "Remember, four corners make a square, but many friends makes a circle."
17:30 stefano-palazzo: AlanBell, where are you getting these?
17:30 AlanBell: some off the twitter account thisisthe
17:30 AlanBell: and one off pinwake just now
17:31 stefano-palazzo: did you check the qr code on the flyer?
17:31 @jrgifford: stefano-palazzo: that QR code just takes you to the site
17:31 @jrgifford: first thing i checked.
17:31 stefano-palazzo: right
17:40 stefano-palazzo: aha
17:41 stefano-palazzo: sorry if I'm late on this, but the under-contruction page seems right. there's cloudflare stuff in the source of the countdown as well
17:41 AlanBell: yeah, it is right, google analytics is very similar, and the background graphic was broken yesterday and is now fixed
17:42 AlanBell: and ping them
17:42 warp10: AlanBell: excited? :)
17:43 AlanBell: :)
17:43 AlanBell: there is a spacey theme to the puzzle
17:45 jbicha: AlanBell: maybe the guy that started it is in US, Central Time Zone
17:45 AlanBell: ohio
17:45 jbicha: oh you know who it is?
17:46 AlanBell: pinwake
17:47 jbicha: pinwake: why midnight ohio time then?
17:47 AlanBell: midnight on the 11th isn't it
17:47 jbicha: if you're going to start a new world with a new computer, you might as well do it when this world is awake! ;)
18:00 @jrgifford: jbicha: the timezone is UTC.
18:00 AlanBell: -5
18:04 @jrgifford: ... thats new, wasn't there the first time i looked over the codebase...
18:05 AlanBell: it was
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19:35 ryoohki: speard the word about what?!
19:35 ryoohki: hello!!!!!!
19:35 ryoohki: if you want people to spread the word, you should probably tin
19:35 ryoohki: if you want people to spread the word, you should probably them in
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19:46 Spaceghostc2c: What?
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22:45 ryoohki: /topic => "Also spread the word and..." Spread the word about what? How are people going to spread the word with out knowing anything?
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22:51 LinuxRants: So is there a reason the count is wrong, or is that just a soft-launch glitch?
22:54 LinuxRants: Is there actually anybody really here, or are there just a lot of names in different channels?
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23:24 * PsyberCelt greets the room
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23:35 mbiggs: sawp
23:35 mbiggs: LinuxRants: it's some sort of alternate-reality game they're running to build hype or smthg idk
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23:50 Hendrik1: hey folks is the countdown I#m getting correct? 8 Days 1 Hour?
23:50 norunomu: Mine's the same
23:51 Hendrik1: thought it should be the 13th
23:51 norunomu: It should be...
23:51 mhall119: Hendrik1: the countdown doesn't seem to be for the release
23:51 norunomu: Ocelot's releasing then
23:51 Hendrik1: maybe a hardware release that would be something wouldn#t it
23:52 norunomu: I really doubt it
23:52 mhall119: dunno, it's a game, there's a code in the HTML <body> tag
23:52 Hendrik1: yeah me too
23:52 norunomu: This isn't a Canonical project
23:52 norunomu: We would have heard about it by now
23:53 mhall119: ubuntu-advertising does have some canonical members, but seems to be mostly a community team
23:53 Hendrik1: hmm
23:54 mhall119: there are vague references to a "game" in their mailing list and wiki
23:55 mhall119: I'm guessing it's some kind of treasure hunt or something
--- Day changed Tue Oct 04 2011
00:03 Hendrik1: argh if i add the 1 hour and 8 days it actually addsup to the 13th ...
00:03 Hendrik1: no wait
00:03 Hendrik1: argh im getting tired
00:04 Hendrik1: i should just stop thinkingand continue to watch warehouse
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01:02 Starminn: So I've decided to share this on Facebook, however I just realized something: It needs like a, "What's this?" or something because non-Ubuntu users won't know what it's about.
01:02 Starminn: Sure they could search, "Google" but most probably won't. Just my two cents.
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02:58 [deXter]: That's the whole point of it..
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03:34 aerofly5: is this a countdown to Ubuntu 11.10?
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04:05 [deXter]: Why do people ask a question and then quit in like 30 seconds?
04:05 [deXter]: Why waste time asking a question in the first place
04:06 [deXter]: It's so annoying.. you're about type out a long answer, only to realise that the person has long since quit... I've seen people having entire conversations with ghosts :/
04:06 [deXter]: Like, me for instance.. look at me, talking to myself
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04:53 AlanBell: not to mention the pain in the diods down my left side...
04:53 AlanBell: diodes
06:09 mquin: :)
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08:30 PsyberCelt: How goes the release project?
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10:18 PsyberCelt: Hello all
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10:22 AlanBell: hello PsyberCelt
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11:28 martyn: 77 6f 72 6c 64 20 73 70 61 63 65 20 61 67 65 6e 63 79 20 6f 72 67?
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11:34 AlanBell: martyn: yes, we know that bit
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11:34 Biff_: Not long now eh chaps?
11:40 martyn: With apologies to Jim Henson -- "Ubuntu ... iiiiin... spaaaa-a-a-aa-a-a-a-a-a-ace...."
11:41 martyn: It's all a bit silly, and quite fun :)
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11:45 PsyberCelt: I'm liking the campaign. How's the project going?
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12:08 ztarlight: that's going on?
12:08 AlanBell: evening all
12:08 ztarlight: what's the countdown for?
12:09 ztarlight: new ubuntu dist?
12:09 AlanBell: not quite
12:09 AlanBell: the release of 11.10 will be the day after the countdown ends
12:09 AlanBell: the countdown is counting down to something else
12:10 ztarlight: hmm.. I guess you're not gonna tell me to what ;)
12:10 AlanBell: I would if I knew :)
12:10 ztarlight: ah… ha ha
12:10 ztarlight: think it would be more interesting if they threw us some bones ;)
12:10 AlanBell:!/thisisthe
12:11 AlanBell: ^^ bones
12:11 ztarlight: like apple does through media and leaks..
12:11 AlanBell: leaks of what?
12:13 ztarlight: how the iPhone 5 will look like..
12:13 ztarlight: etc.
12:13 ztarlight: upcoming changes etc..
12:13 AlanBell:
12:13 AlanBell: not a secret for Ubuntu really
12:14 AlanBell: leaks like a sieve
12:14 AlanBell: daily builds, alpha releases, beta releases, about to do release candidates
12:17 cielak: personally
12:17 cielak: i guess this may be releated to the advertising campaign
12:18 cielak: maybe a company like system76 is going to release an ultimately cool laptop for ubuntu 11.10
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12:18 AlanBell: no, it is from the ubuntu adverts team
12:18 cielak: or maybe canonical is going to anonuce partnership with another great company
12:18 AlanBell: no, it isn't a canonical thing as such
12:19 cielak: so a random person set up this page?
12:21 AlanBell: no, it is from the ubuntu adverts team
12:23 cielak: have looked at the 'bones'
12:24 cielak: analysing the code now
12:24 cielak: some cryptic hashes there...
12:24 cielak: it is said the friends may lead me through the code
12:24 cielak: and friends are said to be the users on this irc channel
12:25 cielak: anyone willing to point the horse the way to the water?
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12:30 nhaines: cielak: no one here's quite sure yet.
12:31 cielak: hepled me to read the contdown java script
12:31 ali1234: system76 already sells ubuntu laptops :)
12:32 cielak: yes it does, but maybe there's going to be something great great comming, like very powerful and cheap, dunno, just guessing
12:33 ali1234: i want an ubuntu tablet, with unity fixed for touchscreens
12:33 ali1234: it's not gonna happen thugh
12:33 cielak: this javascript code seems to be the most elegant and perfectional countdown I have ever seen
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12:35 cielak: and the most cryptic too... single-letter variables, etc
12:35 cielak: nothing suspiciuous there, though
12:37 cielak: now, the body class in the HTML seems to be THE message
12:37 cielak: it's not used in the CSS, so it's not needed at all, and looks very interestingly
12:37 cielak: NzcgNmYgNzIgNmMgNjQgMjAgNzMgNzAgNjEgNjMgNjUgMjAgNjEgNjcgNjUgNmUgNjMgNzkgMjAgNmYgNzIgNjc
12:38 cielak: no idea on how to decrypt that
12:38 |PuLi|:
12:38 |PuLi|: base 64 > HEX > text
12:40 cielak: that doesn't look base64-ish
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12:40 ali1234: it isn't
12:41 cielak: and decrypting it from base64 gives nothing
12:41 ali1234: it's a custom cipher
12:42 cielak: i'd expect that, but if it's custom enough, it may be impossible to break without some pro tools or cryptology classes
12:42 |PuLi|: first decode that base64, copy text, put and HEX decode
12:42 ali1234: well we already broke it so...
12:42 AlanBell: ali1234: actually there is a base64 way to decode it
12:43 cielak: ha! now that's not very custom, just a mixture
12:44 AlanBell: we broke it with cryptanalysis
12:45 cielak: okay, so i'm in the next level!
12:53 cielak: never have I been fluent in javascript
12:53 cielak: this time it looks crucial
12:54 @jrgifford: the code
12:54 @jrgifford: 12:24 cielak: and friends are said to be the users on this irc channel
12:55 cielak: yep
12:55 cielak: so right now I'm reading the source
12:55 AlanBell: I did a /whois of everyone and didn't notice any clue or secrets
12:55 * jrgifford kicks his synaptic trackpad paste bug
12:56 @jrgifford: Ignore me, I'm just having X text selection issues. :P
12:57 cielak: this game reminds me of notpron
12:57 cielak: similar code-reading, decrypting and hint-following
12:59 cielak: from what I understand in the, the page somehow captures the keys I type
12:59 cielak: i mean - it uses onkeydown function
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13:01 cielak_: I have no idea how does it interpret these keys, though
13:02 cielak_: now the space-agency thing reminds me of mark shuttleworth and his space trip
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13:03 cielak_: and that he stepped off some time ago
13:03 cielak_: maybe that's going to be an ubuntu related SPACE surprise?
13:03 cielak_: nah, too cool to happen )
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13:03 |PuLi|: cloud?
13:04 cielak_: that sounds more likely
13:05 cielak_: especially considering the fact that canonical has been recently doing some extra work to make the cloud computing thing superior
13:06 cielak_: that would explain the 'a whole new world/computer' thing
13:06 cielak_: now that convinced me!
13:06 cielak_: thanks for these tips ^^
13:06 AlanBell: it is related to the Oneiric release
13:06 AlanBell: the shuttleworth/space angle is interesting
13:07 |PuLi|:
13:07 |PuLi|: Africa?
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13:08 cielak_: it's the cloud computing thing
13:10 cielak_: though the africa is interesting indeed
13:11 cielak_: but it may be the earth in general
13:12 cielak_: but the africa links to the shuttleworth/space thing
13:12 cielak_: as afair he was the first man from africa to travel to space
13:13 cielak_: also, consider the background at the countdown page
13:15 |PuLi|: Shuttleworth founded Canonical Ltd. and as of 2010, provides leadership for the Ubuntu operating system
13:15 cielak_: agreed
13:15 cielak_: also note that in the oneiric developement cycle wasn't much (or even anything?) said about the cloud computing
13:16 cielak_: so maybe they are going to annonuce something great
13:16 |PuLi|: ubuntu one is now for windows and capacity is 5GB
13:17 |PuLi|: something new?
13:17 cielak_: ubuntu one is not the only cloud computing thing
13:18 AlanBell: |PuLi|: I was wondering if there was any significance to Afric on that globe too
13:18 cielak_: it's also about sharing the computer resources between many machines
13:19 cielak_: and there are many tools that allow to perform comtuting on many computers at once
13:19 cielak_: that may be why the motto is 'a whole new world/computer'
13:19 cielak_: like: a global computer
13:19 cielak_: still guessing, though
13:20 AlanBell: this is some hype specifically about the Oneiric desktop release I think
13:21 cielak_: google, amazon and microsof already provide a huge /public/ computing cloud
13:21 cielak_: is canonical going to create a new similar services? now that would defnitelly enchance ubuntu one
13:21 cielak_: whatever this may mean
13:24 ali1234: that robots.txt is new
13:24 ali1234: wasn't up a few days ago
13:24 pinwake: If the world could sing, then man can tell his deepest secret.
13:24 AlanBell: went up when they fixed the background
13:25 cielak_: pinwake's giving tips?
13:26 cielak_: the style seems to be similar to these from the twitter account
13:26 ali1234: the globe is kind of misshapen
13:27 cielak_: should I analyse this line deeply, or was it just a random though?
13:27 AlanBell: deeply
13:28 AlanBell: there are some letters and numbers in the world in the robots.txt
13:29 ali1234: lots of "", try syntax highlighting?
13:29 cielak_: they mean nothing
13:29 cielak_: it's just part of ASCII art
13:29 AlanBell: 737dismPbiYdbPVC7B77
13:29 cielak_: to make the globe look more detailed
13:29 cielak_: what's this?
13:29 ali1234: the letters and numbers
13:30 AlanBell: that is the letters and numbers in the globe
13:30 cielak_: I bet they mean nothing! that's just how the ASCII art works
13:30 ali1234: well we have nothing else to go on
13:30 cielak_: and the singing word tip leads me only to poetry
13:31 AlanBell: that was tweeted too
13:31 cielak_: ah! seems i have missed it
13:31 ali1234: AlanBell: where is the four corners tip from?
13:32 AlanBell: popey saw it somewhere I think
13:32 cielak_: wayback machines tell me had not existed before
13:32 popey: pm from pinwake
13:32 cielak_: i think I missed the 4 corners tip too
13:32 popey: cielak_: i discovered wordspaceagency quite early on because it's on the same ip as thisisthecountdown
13:32 popey: dns digging ftw
13:33 ali1234: not now it isn't
13:33 popey: much easier than decoding messages ;)
13:33 popey: ahh
13:33 popey: :D
13:33 popey: they learned
13:33 cielak_: hey! dns digging ftw indeed!
13:44 cielak_: I must be blind, right before the moment i noticed the note on the thisisthecountdown that it was created by ubuntu-adverts team...
13:50 AlanBell:
13:50 ali1234: copypasta?
13:50 AlanBell: no significance to the world art, identical to others on the net apart from a missing space on the first row
13:50 ali1234: tat explains why it looks wonky
13:51 AlanBell: yeah, no room to hide a message in it though
13:52 cielak_: right I was, then
13:52 cielak_: also, unlikely this has some Africa-related meaning
13:53 AlanBell: true
13:53 cielak_: it looks for me the robots.txt is a dead end
13:57 ali1234: both the pages have the facebook api stuff
13:58 cielak_: agreed
13:58 ali1234: but what does it actually do?
13:59 ali1234: match(/[^?=&]+=([^&]*)?/g);
13:59 ali1234: what does that actually match?
13:59 Aseq: get arguments
14:00 Aseq: in link like something?foo=bar
14:00 AlanBell: steghide extract -sf bg.jpg doesn't tell me anything with any passphrases I can guess like "friends"
14:00 ali1234: bg is now a jpg?
14:01 ali1234: counter.js is still broken
14:02 AlanBell:
14:02 ali1234: also why a cheesy webcounter when you have full google analytics?
14:02 ali1234: oh that bg
14:02 ali1234: try the bg.gif from the other site?
14:02 ali1234: gif = none lossy
14:03 cielak_: the counter.js may be something different
14:03 ali1234: yeah but its 404
14:04 AlanBell: steghide: the file format of the file "bg.gif" is not supported.
14:07 ! |PuLi| [] has quit [Quit: Lähdössä]
14:07 ali1234: no hits on tineye for bg.gif
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14:30 ! |PuLi| [] has joined #awholenewworld
14:31 cielak_: requested ideas at:
14:44 ! fossfreedom [] has joined #awholenewworld
14:45 cielak_: hello fossfreedom!
14:46 fossfreedom: .... current countdown is 07 days 10 hours... are we releasing Ubuntu on the 11th/12th? i.e. early :)
14:46 cielak_: some guys here did a lot of research on the page
14:46 fossfreedom: ... somebody needs a math lesson or two...
14:47 cielak_: to sum up, most are sure (can't remind the proof) the date is correct, I mean: it is meant to point to that date/time
14:48 cielak_: cryptoanalisis of some hashes in HTML source and DNS digging lead to
14:48 fossfreedom: ... :) ... this was just asked on askubuntu...
14:48 cielak_: page has same ip and it's adress is hidden/chipered in the source
14:48 cielak_: yep, I asked it, hoping someone knows more :)
14:49 fossfreedom: ... hiya ... disguised by two names eh?
14:50 cielak_: ah! forgot I use different between askubuntu/irc, sorry about that
14:50 fossfreedom: ... going to try and find their mailing list... see-ya.
14:50 cielak_: AlanBell: +1 for answer that sums up what we got here
14:50 cielak_: good luck!
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15:34 mhall119: has anyone emailed the address in ?
15:36 AlanBell: that didn't exist the other day!
15:37 ali1234: yes it did
15:37 ali1234: look at url
15:37 AlanBell: oh, yes it did1
15:37 ali1234: and that site isn't part of the game
15:37 AlanBell: that doesn't exist
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15:54 mhall119: then I suppose the 404 at is amusing but irrelevant
15:57 mhall119: ali1234: what makes you say that site isn't part of the game?
15:57 ali1234: because it says "not made by the ubuntu-adverts team"
15:58 |PuLi|:
15:58 |PuLi|: this works
15:59 mhall119: |PuLi|: not for me, it downloaded the php rather than executing it
15:59 mhall119: ali1234: have you seen the flyer from ?
15:59 ! Aseq [~Aseq@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:59 ali1234: yes
16:00 mhall119: it has the image from
16:01 ali1234: why does servertime.php return the source code instead of running?
16:01 AlanBell: lack of mod-php5 or something
16:02 cielak_: hey, I think I missed domething
16:03 cielak_: what is the counting down to?
16:03 cielak_: 60 days?
16:04 mhall119: cielak_: a random datetime, refresh and it changes
16:04 mhall119: I think ali1234 may be right, that site doesn't use the same hosting as the other two
16:07 @jrgifford: is not part of the game (as far as I have been able to determine at least)
16:09 ! cielak [53131d72@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #awholenewworld
16:10 ali1234: AlanBell: how does the site work then?
16:12 ! cielak_ [53131d72@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
16:12 AlanBell: guess it is all static
16:13 ali1234: no
16:13 ali1234: well, perhaps
16:15 ali1234: yeah... i broke it
16:15 ali1234: set clock forwards
16:15 ali1234: it just reads 0
16:18 cielak: and nothing happens?
16:18 ali1234: right
16:18 cielak: maybe that's a remporary script
16:18 cielak: done this way so that you wouldn't break it
16:18 ali1234: well yeah
16:19 cielak: and 5 minutes before time 0 they will upload the proper version
16:19 |PuLi|: Seems like you've disabled Javascript - turn it back on to see the countdown :D
16:34 ! cielak [53131d72@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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20:09 nlsthzn: so I heard a rumour of a whole new world...
20:10 nlsthzn: Sounds a bit like a song from Aladin if you ask me...
20:17 nlsthzn: Well... this has been a pleasent experience...
20:17 ! nlsthzn [~neil@unaffiliated/nlsthzn] has left #awholenewworld ["Leaving"]
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--- Day changed Wed Oct 05 2011
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02:55 [deXter]: That's exactly what I was thinking..
02:55 [deXter]: Aladdin :D
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03:52 rcsheets: what happens in 19 days 21 hours?
03:53 |PuLi|: rcsheets: what site you have open?
03:53 rcsheets:
03:53 |PuLi|: it's not part of the game
03:54 rcsheets: oh?
03:54 |PuLi|: refresh site again an you get new countdown
03:54 rcsheets: hahaha
03:54 rcsheets: i see :)
03:54 rcsheets: thanks
03:59 ! sabdfl_ [] has joined #awholenewworld
03:59 sabdfl_: nice site!
03:59 ! sabdfl_ is now known as sabdfl
04:04 AlanBell: hi sabdfl :)
04:58 ! PsyberCelt [] has joined #awholenewworld
05:09 warp10: hi sabdfl! Any ETA for ubuntu+1 announce? We are all wondering what PP will stand for this time :)
05:13 [deXter]: PP?
05:13 warp10: [deXter]: Natty Narwhal --> Oneiric Ocelot --> Psomething Psomething_else
05:14 AlanBell: warp10: I doubt you will get an answer to that!
05:14 [deXter]: warp10: poignant polecat
05:15 [deXter]: There you go, an answer. :)
05:15 AlanBell: personally I am guessing it will be announced at the release of Oneiric, or if not then, in the UDS keynote
05:15 [deXter]: But, shhh.. you didn't hear it from me. ;)
05:15 [deXter]: actually, forget I said anything at all. I was just making that up. :P
05:17 warp10: AlanBell: well, we need a label to point our packages to in debian/changelogs files, so we definitely need a distroseries name before the p-series cycle is open and we start uploading packages
05:18 * warp10 (err... debian/changelog, of course)
05:18 AlanBell: true, so on the release day seems likely then
05:19 AlanBell: or maybe when the countdown gets to zero!
05:19 warp10: AlanBell: that would be the latest day possible, altough sabdfl used to announce the name a couple months before cycle starts
05:19 AlanBell: yeah, september 24th or something last year I think
05:20 warp10: unless there is a major change in ubuntu release development/cycle planned, of course...
05:20 AlanBell: UDS is fixed
05:20 * warp10 nods
05:21 AlanBell: and the string "uds-p" is fixed
05:22 AlanBell: tshirt printing and other branding for UDS must be underway
05:23 warp10: BTW "Pink Panther" might be a great name if we plan to change the theme to a more girlish palette and to focus on high-performance
05:25 sabdfl: P is for...
05:25 sabdfl: tell you later ;-)
05:26 warp10: sabdfl: you cruel! :)
05:26 sabdfl: rarely!
05:27 * warp10 chuckles
05:28 ! sabdfl [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
05:30 [deXter]: I would bet $10 on Poignant Polecat :)
05:31 * warp10 needs help by an en-it dictionary to translate both words
05:31 warp10: Ok, got it. [deXter]: heh, nice one :)
05:33 [deXter]: :)
05:34 AlanBell: needs to be something LTSish
05:34 AlanBell: like Hardy was
05:36 [deXter]: Persistent Polecat? :P
05:37 warp10: LOL
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12:16 ! cielak [53131d72@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #awholenewworld
12:16 cielak: hi guys!
12:16 cielak: any news today?
12:22 AlanBell: sabdfl popped in to tease us
12:25 cielak: did he say anything we don't know yet?
12:44 @jrgifford: Not that I saw.
12:44 @jrgifford: (didn't say anything we don't know already)
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15:22 pinwake: A world by any other name will still play.
15:55 ! |PuLi| [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
16:05 @jrgifford: Interesting pinwake.
16:10 ali1234: lol nice
16:15 ali1234: so i was right, there is something hidden in the bg.gif
16:15 ali1234: but you don't need advanced steganography software to find it
16:15 ali1234: just rename it to .wav and play it
16:15 ali1234: the question is, what does it mean?
16:16 ali1234: also, that should be the new ubuntu startup sound
16:18 ! cielak [53131d72@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #awholenewworld
16:18 cielak: hello again
16:18 cielak: any ideas on the recent tweet?
16:18 ali1234: yeah
16:18 ali1234: rename bg.gif bg.wav and play it
16:21 cielak: i'm not sure I get iut
16:21 cielak: *it
16:24 cielak: downloaded, renamed, it does not play anything
16:24 ali1234: try mplayer
16:25 cielak: yep, that's what I just did, thanks
16:25 ali1234: tried to play it in banshee, it crashed lol
16:25 cielak: totem says it's empty
16:25 @jrgifford: Tried in chrome, refused to do anything.
16:25 cielak: hmm, is the recording reversed?
16:25 ali1234: don't think so
16:27 ! Couch_Potato [] has joined #awholenewworld
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16:28 ali1234: installing audacity
16:28 ali1234: then i'll see
16:29 ali1234: there's those weird buzzing sounds in the signal, sounds like modulated data
16:29 cielak: just checked
16:29 cielak: not reversed
16:29 ali1234: that could be an artifact of the image data though
16:29 cielak: will try some filtering and spectral analysis now
16:29 ali1234: but i don't think it would show up at the end of the file if it was
16:31 cielak: anyone knows a good hex edit tool? need to install one
16:31 ali1234: hexdump -C or hexedit
16:32 cielak: hey, it seems that's not a valid wav file
16:32 ali1234: well yeah :)
16:32 ali1234: i don't think wav files are supposed to contain gif data
16:32 cielak: it is a gif, but the wave header is broken, so it's no way a double-format file
16:33 ali1234: yes but the audio data is clearly not accidental
16:34 cielak: that's sure
16:34 cielak: I'm looking at the spectrogram
16:34 cielak: never before have I seen anything like this
16:38 ali1234: that buzzing sound sounds a bit like when images are encoded in audio data
16:38 ali1234: is the image data and the wave data the same data?
16:38 ali1234: or are there two data blocks inside the file?
16:38 ali1234: i don't know enough about gif format to tell
16:40 Centigonal: hey there
16:40 Centigonal: what are you guys looking at?
16:41 cielak: there seems to be a lot of XML data in this file too!
16:41 ali1234: yeah
16:41 cielak: and I'm sure neither GIF nor wave uses that
16:41 ali1234: levels operation on the gif data does not reveal anything hidden in the grey background
16:41 Centigonal: What are you guys looking at?
16:41 ali1234: so it must be in a seperate block
16:41 ali1234: Centigonal: the background image on
16:42 cielak: this XML data seems to store the fact that the picture was created using Adobe Photoshop
16:43 ali1234: yes, well, it probably was
16:44 Centigonal: b-but photoshop doesn't run under linux!
16:44 ali1234: the big reveal "we're switching to windows 8"
16:45 Centigonal: :O
16:46 cielak: who cares where it runs as long as it works well?
16:47 ali1234: CS5 does NOT run well under wine
16:48 @jrgifford: Is the quality of bg.wav a reference to shuttleworths space flight?
16:48 @jrgifford: (radios etc)
16:48 Centigonal: odd
16:49 ! Flohmyi_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:49 Centigonal: bg.gif has 42 colors in its pallet
16:51 cielak: that's not the only thing that's related to space
16:51 Centigonal: :o
16:51 Centigonal: also, how do you know worldspaceagency is related?
16:52 @jrgifford: Centigonal: details on what we've got so far are here:
16:53 cielak: looking at the spectrogram of the first few seconds shows a bunch of sines mixed together, each changing constantly it's frequency in a linear manner - that's how people very oftrm imagine "alien music"
16:53 ali1234: lol
16:53 ali1234: who imagines alien music?
16:53 ali1234: and why would it sound different to human music?
16:53 Centigonal: :O
16:53 Centigonal: :I
16:53 Centigonal: At the end of maintainence.gif
16:53 Centigonal: START: CynOnoceiomemdRhlnnpctiDisssunr1tooaLdoatsRgurrdsedeemaiiifiseornp&Ournlo:cotsOta:tetentr:amengYncuvZ
16:53 ali1234: also "a bunch of sines mixed together" = any sound, see fourier
16:53 cielak: I've met many references in sciencie fiction books & movies
16:54 cielak: always a set of smooth sines
16:54 ali1234: damn, have they uploaded a new maintenance.gif?!?
16:54 @jrgifford: ali1234: Keep in mind that pinwake is watching this channel.
16:54 ali1234: i check it the other day, confirmed it to be exactly identical to other copies of the same image on the web
16:55 ali1234: well yeah, moving the goalposts is annoying though
16:56 @jrgifford: makes it more challenging. :D
16:56 ! warp11 [~andrea@] has joined #awholenewworld
16:56 ali1234: nope, it just means i have to keep doing the same things each day
16:57 ! warp10 [~andrea@ubuntu/member/warp10] has quit [Ping timeout: 248 seconds]
16:57 ! bparfp [] has joined #awholenewworld
16:58 ali1234: yup, the gif has changed
16:58 Centigonal: weird
16:58 Centigonal: so
16:58 Centigonal: can you a diff or sth?
16:58 ali1234: yeah, i have a nice hexdiff tool i wrote :)
16:58 Centigonal: the only thing I spotted was the text at the end
16:58 Centigonal: ooh, shiny
16:58 cielak: I do understand fourier, but it concerns constant-frequency sines
16:59 cielak: AlanBell: could you please make your answer a community wiki, so that we could add our findings there?
16:59 @jrgifford: cielak: I'll do that in a moment.
16:59 ali1234: difference appears to only be in appended data
17:00 ali1234: 0x1c8e0 is where the appended data starts
17:00 @jrgifford: Actually, scratch that. just submit the edit and I'll approve them. (gets your +2 reputation as well!)
17:01 ali1234: 0x1c8e2 sorry
17:02 ! warp11 is now known as warp10
17:02 ! warp10 [~andrea@] has quit [Changing host]
17:02 ! warp10 [~andrea@ubuntu/member/warp10] has joined #awholenewworld
17:02 ! Claudinux [~claudio@ubuntu/member/claudinux] has joined #awholenewworld
17:02 Centigonal: I added an edit, jrg
17:02 @jrgifford: Approved.
17:03 Centigonal: :D
17:03 ali1234: is the appended data
17:05 @jrgifford: Watch out, in 3 edits it's going to be community wiki regardless of what happens.
17:07 cielak: pure HEX data, for easier cryptoanalisis
17:09 Centigonal: Here are a few of my uesses:
17:09 Centigonal: hey cielak, there's a pattern in your data!
17:10 cielak: noticed that, but no idea on what's next
17:15 Centigonal: ...what can we do with hex data?
17:16 cielak: cryptoanalyse
17:16 ali1234: the pattern
17:17 ali1234: is more obvious in my paste
17:17 cielak: the fact that it misses some letters makes me think that maybe most of there letters are not needed at all
17:17 ali1234:
17:18 ali1234: i think it's not a cipher but a jumbled string, and that is somehow how you decode it
17:18 cielak: tried somehow applying this pattern to the text, no luck
17:18 ali1234: ie move 4, take a letter, move 8, take a letter etc
17:18 Centigonal: that was my conclusion as well
17:19 ali1234: then rearrange into abcdef order
17:19 ali1234: repeat until you understand it
17:19 cielak: but no doubt these first bytes are the key to the message
17:19 Centigonal: lessee
17:19 cielak: not only they are unique
17:20 ali1234: also 2n for 1-6
17:20 cielak: you've couted the dots
17:20 cielak: count the "c3 bc"
17:20 Centigonal: 2 skip one 4 skip one 1 skip one 5 skip one 6 skip one 3 bo more
17:20 cielak: that's why you got 2n
17:20 ali1234: yes
17:20 cielak: should be: 2 4 1 5 6 3
17:20 * Centigonal points to above
17:21 cielak: and below: b d a e f c
17:21 cielak: hey! that's the same
17:21 ali1234: derp
17:21 ali1234: but what does it mean?
17:22 Centigonal: what about the ones we're skipping?
17:22 cielak: it's a permutation, I guess
17:22 ali1234: dunno
17:23 Centigonal: cabfed?
17:23 cielak: why cabfed?
17:23 Centigonal: dunno
17:23 Centigonal: Woah, hey look!
17:23 cielak: 2 4 1 5 6 3, that's the permutation, which is same as b d a e f c
17:24 Centigonal: yeah, I was about to say that :p
17:24 * cielak points to above too
17:24 cielak: already noticed it ;)
17:24 Centigonal: XD
17:25 Centigonal: ehh
17:25 Centigonal: I googled bdaefc, got a color
17:27 cielak: and that's not the famous ubuntu orange :)
17:27 Centigonal: yup
17:27 Centigonal: oh hey look
17:28 Centigonal: the pattern-y hex wasn't the part of the message thatlooked like ajumbled string
17:28 ! bparfp [] has left #awholenewworld ["Textual IRC Client:"]
17:28 cielak: ?
17:29 Centigonal: The section appended to the gif had two parts
17:29 Centigonal: the first came out to a pattern in hex
17:29 Centigonal: the rest is the "START: CynOnoceiomemdRhlnnpctiDisssunr1tooaLdoatsRgurrdsedeemaiiifiseornp&Ournlo:cotsOta:tetentr:amengYncuvZ"
17:30 cielak: you
17:30 cielak: *yup
17:30 Centigonal: the part withthe BDAEFC wasn't part of the human-readable section of the message!
17:30 Centigonal: :O
17:30 cielak: and it seems the first part is the key to the rest
17:30 cielak: we have the key, we have the chiphered message
17:30 cielak: now the task is to find how to apply it
17:31 ali1234: 66&6:7:7:11
17:31 Centigonal: hug?
17:32 Centigonal: huh*
17:32 cielak: ali1234: what's that?
17:33 ali1234: length of substrings in encoded mesage
17:34 ali1234: n: 10, e: 9 o: 8 t: 8, i: 7, s: 7, r: 6, a: 5, c: 4, d: 4, m: 4, u: 4, ':': 3, O: 3, R: 2, g: 2, l: 2, p: 2, &: 1, 1: 1, C: 1, D: 1, L: 1, Y: 1, Z: 1, f: 1, h: 1, v: 1, y: 1})
17:34 ali1234: letter frequencies
17:34 cielak: 241563 doesn't make any sense however I try to apply that
17:34 cielak: oh! cool
17:34 ali1234: e, t, and s are right up there
17:34 Centigonal: neat
17:34 ali1234: which means it's not ciphered, probably
17:34 Centigonal: just scrambled
17:34 cielak: just shufled
17:34 cielak: yep
17:35 cielak: i'm trying to find any way to permute it using 241563 as a clue
17:35 Centigonal: Some other interesting facts: It uses one number (a 1)
17:35 Centigonal: It has 3 capital Os
17:35 Centigonal: the capital letters are CORDLROOYZ
17:36 cielak: 101 chars
17:36 Centigonal: not counting START:
17:37 cielak: and 101 is a prime number!
17:37 Centigonal: :O
17:37 Centigonal: Next we'll be learning Eka -_-
17:37 cielak: that means it can't be a lame brute force shuffling algorithm
17:38 Centigonal: ...may be the punctuation is important?
17:38 Centigonal: 66, 6, 7, 7, 11
17:38 Centigonal: oh hey, that's what ali1234 meant
17:39 Centigonal: tere are lots of letters that repeat
17:39 cielak: huh, you are reinventing things!
17:39 Centigonal: I tend to do that. ;_;
17:39 cielak: now note that
17:40 cielak: if we cross out the "&"s ":"s etc, there are 96 characters left
17:40 cielak: which is much more likely to be scrambled, as it's 4x4x3x3
17:41 cielak: *wrong
17:41 cielak: its 4x4x6
17:42 Centigonal: yup
17:42 Centigonal: hmm
17:42 ali1234: primality would make a modulo descrambler work better
17:42 ali1234: or simpler
17:43 ali1234: eg "take every 3rd char"
17:43 Centigonal: yeh
17:43 ali1234: if the string length divisible by 3, you'll only ever visit 1/3 of characters
17:43 cielak: right, in this approach - yes
17:44 ali1234: given the high number of o, n, e, t, im betting oneiric ocelot is in there somewhere
17:44 ali1234: (and i)
17:45 ali1234: there's two capital Os too
17:45 ali1234: three, actually
17:46 Centigonal: hehehe, now you're the one reinventing ;P
17:47 cielak: if there is indeed a Oneiric Ocelot, then it's likely that all letters will be used
17:47 Centigonal: 1
17:47 Centigonal: 4
17:47 Centigonal: 15
17:47 Centigonal: 24
17:47 Centigonal: 32*
17:47 Centigonal: 37
17:47 Centigonal: 43
17:48 Centigonal: sorry for the multi-lines
17:48 Centigonal: those are the locations of PoIs in the first section
17:48 Centigonal: (capital letters, the 32* is the number 1)
17:49 ali1234: hmm something about those numbers.. can't put my finger on it
17:49 ali1234: f(n) = f(n-1)*f(n-2)
17:49 ali1234: ?
17:50 ali1234: no
17:50 ali1234: 1 = 1*1, 4 = 2*2, 15 = 3*5, 24 = 4*6, 32 = 4*8, 37 = prime
17:51 Centigonal: same with 43
17:51 ali1234: meaning they show up on the second or third loop?
17:51 Centigonal: kinda reminds me of fionacci
17:52 Centigonal: second or third loop?
17:52 ali1234: 138 = 2 * 3 * 23
17:52 Centigonal: ooh
17:52 ali1234: and 144 = 12*12
17:52 ali1234: 239 is prime again
17:54 ali1234: maybe this maintenance gif thing is a red herring
17:54 ali1234: i mean the clue said to look at the wav file
17:54 ali1234: this could be a message to the person who set up the spoof site
17:54 @jrgifford: I think we've got two or three puzzles, and we're trying to solve them with the wrong clues.
17:55 Centigonal: ooh, that may be the case
17:55 Centigonal: let's update the answers page with what we've found out
17:55 Centigonal: the hex pattern, BDAEFC or w/e
17:55 @jrgifford: Ok, I already added the hex pattern.
17:56 @jrgifford: add whatever else isn't there.
17:56 ali1234: three puzzles?
17:56 @jrgifford: at least two, none of this is making sense.
17:56 ali1234: what is the third?
17:56 Centigonal: we just have some unfounded analysis for now
17:56 Centigonal: well, here's something
17:57 Centigonal: that bg.gif?
17:57 ali1234: yeah?
17:57 @jrgifford: Yes?
17:57 Centigonal: it's about 2x the size of the maintenence.gif
17:57 ali1234: yeah cos of the wave audio in it
17:57 Centigonal: all that data has to be doing something
17:57 Centigonal: ooh
17:57 Centigonal: how do you get the wav audio out?
17:57 ali1234: rename it, play it in mplayer
17:59 Centigonal: any way to play it in, say, adacity?
17:59 Centigonal: audacity*
17:59 cielak: autacity works okay
17:59 @jrgifford: Haven't had any luck getting it into audacity.
18:00 cielak: for me it worked immidiatelly
18:00 ali1234: yeah worked for me
18:00 ali1234: on oneiric
18:00 * Centigonal is on windows :<
18:01 ali1234: windows is not exactly conducive to this kind of work
18:01 Centigonal: (all the apps I use regularly are windows only ;_;)
18:01 ali1234: i'm not coming up with all this analysis by hand you know :)
18:01 Centigonal: (Photoshop, Unity, MS Office)
18:01 Centigonal: I have IDLE. That helps!
18:01 ali1234: unity on windows wat?
18:01 Centigonal: and sublime text, because Sublime text is awesome
18:02 Centigonal: they ported it over last year, IIRC
18:06 cielak: If the world could sing, then man can tell his deepest secret.
18:06 cielak: we've got the singing world
18:06 ali1234: bg.gif is a stylized globe
18:07 cielak: did they tell us their deepest secret in the maintenance.gif?
18:07 cielak: or is it in the sound?
18:07 Centigonal: sound
18:07 ali1234: i think it's actually mp3 not wav
18:07 Centigonal: "sing"
18:07 Centigonal: music
18:07 Centigonal: :OOOOOOO
18:08 cielak: sure it is!
18:08 ali1234: w/e :)
18:08 ali1234: "by any other name"
18:08 cielak: it's mp3, mplayer says so
18:08 cielak: 22kHz only, though
18:08 ali1234: mplayer tends to say everything is mp3 :)
18:08 Centigonal: it is mp3
18:09 Centigonal: it opened properly in audacity with mp3
18:09 ali1234: the wav is *VERY* STEREO
18:09 ali1234: split the channels
18:10 cielak: yep, it is
18:10 ali1234: either channel independent sounds totally different
18:10 cielak: noticed that before, but didn't think that's important
18:10 ali1234: i dont understand how that is possible
18:10 ali1234: lol
18:11 ali1234: maybe my sound card is messed up
18:12 ali1234: yes it is. stupid pulse audio
18:13 cielak: guys
18:13 cielak: whatever this sound means
18:13 cielak: I want it as the new login sound!
18:13 ali1234: i already said that lol
18:14 ali1234: also i wouldn't be surprised if it was made out of the new login sound
18:16 cielak: all these noise in the sound is 100% mono
18:16 ali1234: take difference
18:16 ali1234: can't figure out how in audacity :(
18:16 ali1234:
18:16 cielak: subtract one channel from the other, there is no noise then
18:16 ali1234: but i found that ^
18:17 cielak: simple: split channels
18:17 ali1234: well we want just the noice ofc :)
18:17 cielak: inverse one
18:17 cielak: select all and mix together
18:17 cielak: you want a spectroram? click a track's header (it's on left, shoud be: "Mixer \/")
18:19 cielak: and choose Spectum
18:23 ali1234: inverting one of the tracks removes the noise completely
18:29 cielak: okay, guys, gotta go
18:29 cielak: great talking with you!
18:30 ! cielak [53131d72@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
18:49 ! boyfromthebog [] has joined #awholenewworld
18:51 ! boyfromthebog [] has left #awholenewworld []
19:12 AlanBell: interesting developments!
19:28 ali1234: i think i just crashed someone's anagram server by feeding it 101 characters
19:31 ! Takyoji [~caleb@2602:100:4473:603f:21f:c6ff:fe3b:d0db] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
19:31 ! Takyoji [~caleb@2602:100:4473:603f:21f:c6ff:fe3b:d0db] has joined #awholenewworld
19:35 ! aj00200 [aj00200@bbot/developer/aj00200] has joined #awholenewworld
19:41 ali1234: ah
19:42 Centigonal: ahahaha ali1234
19:43 ali1234: that beeping sound
19:43 ali1234: is mono
19:43 ! AlanBell [~alan@ubuntu/member/alanbell] has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
19:45 ali1234: gah if you minimize audacity unity won't let you switch back to it
19:47 ali1234: anyway :
19:50 ! AlanBell [~alan@ubuntu/member/alanbell] has joined #awholenewworld
19:52 ali1234: there's three places in the wav file with the data noise
19:52 ali1234: and the beeping sound
19:53 ali1234: all of those are mono
19:53 ali1234: i think everything else is in stereo
19:55 ! Takyoji [~caleb@2602:100:4473:603f:21f:c6ff:fe3b:d0db] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
19:55 ! Takyoji [~caleb@2602:100:4473:603f:21f:c6ff:fe3b:d0db] has joined #awholenewworld
19:55 ali1234: citation needed
19:55 ! Takyoji [~caleb@2602:100:4473:603f:21f:c6ff:fe3b:d0db] has quit [Client Quit]
19:55 ! Takyoji [~caleb@2602:100:4473:603f:21f:c6ff:fe3b:d0db] has joined #awholenewworld
19:56 ! Dylan16807 [] has joined #awholenewworld
19:56 Centigonal: Hi there, dylan!
19:57 Centigonal: ali:
19:57 Dylan16807: you didn't say hi last time ;-;
19:57 Centigonal: You were already there last time!
20:03 Centigonal: Dylan16807: the story so far is at
20:04 ali1234: hmm i wish audacity didn't suck so much :(
20:04 ali1234: i need adjustment layers
20:17 ali1234: hmm
20:17 ali1234: am i going to have to account for every byte in this file?
20:17 ! Takyoji [~caleb@2602:100:4473:603f:21f:c6ff:fe3b:d0db] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
20:17 ! Takyoji [] has joined #awholenewworld
20:20 ! norunomu [] has joined #awholenewworld
20:58 ali1234: hmmmm
20:59 ali1234: if that's how they did it, it's just appended
21:07 ! aj00200 [aj00200@bbot/developer/aj00200] has quit [Excess Flood]
21:07 ! aj00200 [aj00200@bbot/developer/aj00200] has joined #awholenewworld
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21:08 ! simen4000 [] has joined #awholenewworld
21:09 ! aj00200 [aj00200@gateway/shell/] has joined #awholenewworld
21:14 ali1234: ok, for sure it is just appended
21:14 ali1234: i succesfully split the gif into a working gif and a working audio file
21:15 ali1234: the ealiest split point that gives a valid gif is 17343 bytes
21:15 ali1234: the rest is audio data
21:16 ali1234: that leaves 205412 byte, which is divisible by 4
21:19 ali1234: ah here we go, file starts with "Xing" "LAME3.98"
21:19 ali1234: got the split point off by one too
21:20 ali1234: bg-00017344.mp3: MPEG ADTS, layer III, v2, 64 kbps, 22.05 kHz, JntStereo
21:20 ali1234: \o/
21:25 Centigonal: "D
21:25 Centigonal: :D*
21:25 Centigonal: I was doing the same thing, actually, but my text editor died
21:25 ali1234:
21:26 Centigonal: Smart!
21:28 Centigonal: ...but it didn't work
21:28 ali1234: the mp3 file was encoded with lame, so they didn't use mp3stego
21:28 ali1234: steghide doesn't support mp3
21:33 Centigonal: the splitter script failed to split bg.gif properly ;_;
21:33 ali1234: why
21:33 Centigonal: no idea, it didn't give a stacktrace
21:34 ali1234: well whats the problem
21:34 Centigonal: the gif part was 1kb big; it stopped on the first line
21:34 Centigonal: the mp3 part was just 32 bytes
21:34 ali1234: oh, some exception
21:35 ali1234:
21:35 ali1234: try that instead
21:35 ali1234: don't need to catch the exception anyway
21:35 aj00200: nice website, I'm glad to see that it is working again :)
21:36 Centigonal: n = 1+f.index('\x3b', n)
21:36 Centigonal: ValueError: substring not found
21:36 ali1234: lol. no
21:36 ali1234: that means it finished
21:37 Centigonal: But it split it at 00001195
21:37 Centigonal: ...maybe it's a version change?
21:38 * Centigonal is using py 2.6
21:38 ali1234: it produces a pair of files split on ever instance of the gif file terminator
21:40 Centigonal: eh, just tell me what the first few characters in the mp3 are and I'll split it manually :P
21:40 Centigonal: I bet it's a python version thing or an OS thing
21:40 ali1234: the offset you need is 17344 dec
21:52 pinwake: The siren song is strong, but perhaps just a name is key to unlock the secrets of man.
21:53 Centigonal: :O
21:53 ali1234: lol
21:54 pinwake: Ja, es ist.
22:26 ali1234:
22:26 ali1234: the first 10 seconds of that video made me LOL
22:27 ali1234: you can almost hear the guy talking trying not to crack up
22:58 ! jbicha [~jeremy@ubuntu/member/jbicha] has joined #awholenewworld
22:58 ! jbicha [~jeremy@ubuntu/member/jbicha] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
23:02 ! jbicha [~jeremy@ubuntu/member/jbicha] has joined #awholenewworld
23:04 ! Dezzles [cb2b9184@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #awholenewworld
23:07 ali1234: heinz?
23:10 Dezzles: beans?
23:10 ali1234: i think i'm hearing things
23:13 ali1234: E nought?
23:13 ali1234:
23:24 ! simen4000 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:25 ! Dezzles [cb2b9184@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
23:33 ! Takyoji [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
23:34 ! Takyoji [] has joined #awholenewworld
23:57 ali1234: um ok, i am confused
--- Day changed Thu Oct 06 2011
00:03 Centigonal: Join the club :P
00:03 Centigonal: pinwake gave us some clues, I think
00:03 Centigonal: ...maybe the song in the mp3 is from someplace?
00:03 ali1234: has updated
00:06 ali1234: those gifs have some mad dithering
00:07 Centigonal: :O
00:10 ali1234: none of them show up on tineye
00:11 ali1234: countdown page has changed too
00:11 ali1234: am i going to have to get out my webpage difference spider code?
00:12 ali1234:
00:16 jbicha: ooh awesome
00:18 ! flore2003 [] has joined #awholenewworld
00:26 flore2003: Hey guys
00:26 ali1234: hi
00:28 flore2003: Yeah, just saw that as well
00:29 ali1234: significance of 0x575341?
00:31 flore2003: It translate to 5722945 in decimal, but that's not recognisable either
00:31 ali1234: WSA
00:31 ali1234: in ascii
00:32 flore2003:
00:32 ali1234: yeah
00:37 flore2003: People, I just found something really interesting
00:37 flore2003:
00:38 ali1234: nice
00:38 ali1234: and how did you find this?
00:39 flore2003: On the about page of WSA on the bottom is a link
00:40 jbicha: cryptogram fun
00:40 flore2003: It leads some gimmicky page, but in the same folder there was this text file
00:40 ali1234: ah you know what hackertyper is right?
00:40 ali1234: you mash the keyboard and it looks like you're typing some code or something
00:40 ali1234: joke page yeah
00:41 flore2003: Yeah
00:41 ali1234: there's a load more stuff in the sub folder
00:41 flore2003: But only stuff for displaying the text
00:42 ali1234: no, other stuff
00:42 ali1234: you don't need a morse code encoder to write a txt file to the screen on key presses
00:42 flore2003: Yeah, yor're right
00:42 ali1234: some other thing with another base64 string it in
00:42 ali1234: 20|24|25|90|9|2|23|68|12|16|25|86|17|87|64|94
00:45 flore2003: Yeah, just found that
00:45 ali1234: <- this is going to make a beepy wave file of morse code
00:45 flore2003: Trying to encode
00:45 flore2003: decode
00:49 flore2003: Ok, theres commented code in the script.js that's using the morse stuff
00:49 ali1234: Pine Lake seems to have received some more transmissions of some sort.
00:50 flore2003: Pine Lake?
00:50 jbicha: the bottom part of tips is just rot13 except for pinwhale's one line
00:50 ali1234: yes. apparently
00:50 ali1234: jbicha: the one line says that ^ it is rot25
00:51 jbicha:
00:51 ali1234: why caps?
00:52 ali1234: Like Page?
00:52 ali1234: is that a subliminal message?
00:52 jbicha: I just stuffed it into an online tool and that came out, it might be off by a few characters
00:53 ali1234: Like Page is ironic, since that seems to be the goal of this entire mission, to get facebook likes :)
00:55 flore2003: Does contact/ibm/a22p ring a bell?
00:56 ali1234:
00:57 flore2003: Ok, this is confusing
00:57 jbicha: yeah, it's Pine Lake, ROT-12
01:02 ali1234: ok the hackertyper page is supposed to make morse code noises, check the source of it
01:02 ali1234: it just doesn't work for some reason
01:03 ali1234: or just because i had sound muted
01:08 flore2003: Yeah, the sound works
01:10 flore2003: What it does is put out contact/ibm/a22p in morse code
01:10 ali1234: no
01:10 ali1234: not quite
01:11 flore2003: That's what it uses for input anyway
01:16 ali1234: that section is commented
01:17 ali1234: so that is what it morse codes
01:18 ali1234: it takes the base64 encoded data, and the url "" and XORS them, which generates that "contact/ibm/a22p"
01:18 ali1234: the commented code does the reverse, generating the base64 string
01:19 ali1234: kind of a giveaway, did you mean to delete that part after you got the appropriate XOR string?
01:20 ali1234: hmm red herring?
01:20 ali1234:
01:22 flore2003: Haha.. It's saying nice try
01:23 flore2003: I tried it as well on the main domain, but no luck
01:25 flore2003: This is really messing with me
01:25 flore2003: I want to know the answer =)
01:26 ali1234: that link no longer links to
01:26 ali1234: now it links here:
01:27 flore2003: So there actually working on it right now
01:27 ali1234: yes
01:27 ali1234: but it's always been like that
01:27 ali1234: that's the only change btw
01:28 flore2003: I just found out about the game like 20 minutes ago, so Idk ;)
01:29 jbicha: the faketerminal really displays badly here
01:29 jbicha: looks to me like it wants a 5-digit key
01:29 ali1234: faketerminal?
01:30 jbicha: what you just linked to
01:30 ali1234: it doesn't work at all for me
01:30 ali1234: oh, now it does
01:31 jbicha: oh, I guess I just have to mash my keys
01:31 ali1234: yes
01:32 ali1234: it's the same thing, except it's not formatted properly now
01:35 flore2003: Ok, I'm clueless
01:39 flore2003: Btw, what is that?
01:39 flore2003: HCPPC IA6PK IJ5KR NPTKX JNKHJ
01:39 flore2003: A6BJN PX5NK HPN6I OHCPP JNUJO
01:39 flore2003: CAI6P JUQBC O6ACP P6NCC OP6IU
01:39 ali1234: encrypted message
01:39 flore2003: EWJ6N PBQCP CXJIO 5KNCI QKHCI
01:39 flore2003: AU6P6 PN6IO HCOOC KIFJJ LNJQJ
01:39 flore2003: CSCIA 5KNGK IAJNP B6IJ6 NPBOJ
01:39 flore2003: QKIUO LGJ6O JU6P6 PN6IO HCOOC
01:39 flore2003: KITCG GEJJJ
01:40 flore2003: Yeah, but how is it encrypted?
01:44 ali1234: this should make it harder? nice try!
01:46 flore2003: What do you mean?
01:46 ali1234: don't worry about it :)
01:48 jbicha: that's the next important clue, the gibberish at the bottom didn't seem very useful
01:51 ali1234: all change
01:53 ali1234: the answer 404s lol
01:57 flore2003: Im going to bed now.. Happy hacking ;)
02:02 jbicha: ali1234: you figured out the encrypted text then?
02:02 ali1234: no, the morse again
02:02 ali1234: but there's something fishy going on :)
02:02 ali1234: i wonder what 404-9 means
02:02 jbicha: the morse is a URL too?
02:02 ali1234: um. yeah
02:25 ! jbicha [~jeremy@ubuntu/member/jbicha] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
02:28 ali1234: so
02:28 ali1234: regarding the 5 character thing
02:29 ali1234: the number 6 appears, but no other numbers
02:29 ali1234: and some of the groups appear more than once
02:30 ! jbicha [~jeremy@ubuntu/member/jbicha] has joined #awholenewworld
02:32 ali1234: oh, 5 appears once
02:34 ali1234: "PN6IO HCOOC" appears twice
02:34 ali1234: and there's a "PN6IO HCPPC"
02:34 ali1234: nothing else repeats
02:34 jbicha: yes, there's a few letters that are used a lot
02:38 ! Gwaihir [] has joined #awholenewworld
02:38 ! Gwaihir [] has quit [Changing host]
02:38 ! Gwaihir [~mcasagr@ubuntu/member/gwaihir] has joined #awholenewworld
03:15 ali1234: countdown site has been updated to use server time rather than the local browser time
03:16 ali1234: oh, no it hasn't
03:18 ali1234: just some copyright notice added
03:55 ! jbicha [~jeremy@ubuntu/member/jbicha] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
04:38 ! warp10 [~andrea@ubuntu/member/warp10] has quit [Quit: Beam me up, Scotty!]
04:43 ! YannDinendal [~yanndinen@2001:4b98:beef:a:224:8cff:feb7:afb8] has joined #awholenewworld
04:53 ! warp10 [~andrea@ubuntu/member/warp10] has joined #awholenewworld
04:55 ! ali1234 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
05:06 ! norunomu [] has quit [Quit: norunomu]
05:10 [deXter]: So, PP has been anounced!
05:10 [deXter]: Precise Pangolin
05:19 popey: 06:39:25 < flore2003> BJGGK ANJJP CIAOP BCOCO PN6IO
05:19 popey: that looks like a windows license key :D
05:24 ! ali1234 [] has joined #awholenewworld
05:33 ! burg [~burg@unaffiliated/burg] has joined #awholenewworld
05:34 burg: still no gnome2 in ubuntu 11.10 ?
05:42 AlanBell: burg: you can install it if you want
05:47 ! burg [~burg@unaffiliated/burg] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
06:02 ! burg [~burg@] has joined #awholenewworld
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06:59 ! simen4000 [] has joined #awholenewworld
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07:59 ! burg [~burg@] has joined #awholenewworld
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08:38 ! cielak [53131d72@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #awholenewworld
08:38 cielak: hello!
08:38 cielak: what's going on?
08:41 cielak: woot
08:41 cielak: brand new
08:41 cielak: checking out
08:55 cielak: it seems the visitors counter is suspicious
08:55 cielak: it's invalid
08:55 cielak: just pretends to display a number that increments each time you reload the page
08:56 cielak: last value and last visit time are stored in a cookie
08:59 cielak: although it seems to be prepared for manual updates, they can 'reset' your cookie to any number they want
09:00 cielak: also, it pretends they have already done it many many times
09:04 ! norunomu [] has joined #awholenewworld
09:10 ! simen4000 [~simen4000@] has joined #awholenewworld
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09:29 ! norunomu [] has joined #awholenewworld
09:29 ! Flohmyi [] has joined #awholenewworld
09:30 norunomu: Is the wsa console working for anyone else?
09:34 norunomu: Nvm working now
09:35 norunomu: Damn cache
09:39 ! norunomu [] has quit [Quit: norunomu]
09:50 cielak: got something!!
09:50 cielak: dunno if you have already found out
09:51 cielak: but there is an almost-unused variable in console's source code
09:51 cielak: MjJ8NXwzMHw5M3wyN3w3OHwxMHw5fDh8OTN8MjF8NzV8NjZ8MjEg
09:51 cielak: that's base 64: 22|5|30|93|27|78|10|9|8|93|21|75|66|21
09:51 cielak: any ideas on what in can mean?
09:52 cielak: aaah!
09:53 cielak: it's the key to the chiphering function!
09:54 flore2003: Yeah, we had that already
09:54 cielak: cool!
09:54 flore2003: That's used for the morse code on the console
09:55 ! diplo [~diplo@] has joined #awholenewworld
09:55 cielak: how?
09:58 cielak: i doubt if I get it
09:59 flore2003: It takes the url, does some js magic and puts out contact/ibm/a22p/
09:59 flore2003: But that's no help
09:59 cielak: it's just meant to play random morse code? chiphered results in a scrambled message
10:00 cielak: and hackertype is not any clue, have known it before
10:04 cielak: is a paste of the console output available somewhere?
10:09 flore2003:
10:09 flore2003: And that's the deciphered message at the bottom
10:09 flore2003:
10:09 cielak: thanks. Caesar chicper, couldn't be easier!
10:21 cielak: by the way, anyone got already through the message in new maintenance.gif?
10:23 flore2003: There's a message?
10:24 cielak: seems so
10:25 cielak: yesterday they changed it a bit, looks the same but has some additional data at the end
10:25 cielak: that's it:
10:25 cielak: the first part is definitelly a pattern: 241563, a permutation
10:27 flore2003: Mh
10:28 flore2003: What's about the background image on the main domain?
10:28 cielak: hey, you're using wrong encryption
10:29 cielak: it's not Pine Lake
10:29 cielak: I guess that's just a graphicl effect of interrupted transmission ;)
10:31 h00k: weird banding today
10:32 flore2003: If it's not Pine Lake what is it else?
10:33 ! creadordigital [~INSTITUTO@] has joined #awholenewworld
10:33 cielak: it's : *ine *a*e
10:33 cielak: may stand for many things
10:34 cielak: especcialy if that's a name
10:34 flore2003: Where do get the * from?
10:35 ! creadordigital [~INSTITUTO@] has left #awholenewworld []
10:35 cielak: Mine Line Wine Dine Sine Pine Fine, Date Page Cage Make Take will pass
10:35 cielak: nowwhere, there is no other hints
10:36 cielak: cryptoanalising text you ofter need to guess things and find which makes more sense
10:36 cielak: oh! and I think I guessed
10:36 cielak: It should be: SINE WAVE !!!
10:36 flore2003: Why?
10:37 cielak: for that's a common colocation
10:37 flore2003: When I decipher it with offset 13 it becomes Pine Lake
10:37 flore2003: Why should it be Sine Wave?
10:38 cielak: and makes more sense then a Pine Lake, esspecially considering the recording
10:38 cielak: how?
10:38 ! Seeker` [~cjo20@gateway/shell/ubottu/x-iitmsodpwenfsuci] has joined #awholenewworld
10:38 cielak: it becomes QJOF MBL
10:39 cielak: so I assume this particular line is not a simple chicper, but another trick
10:40 cielak: and having guessed the other letters may lead to many guesses about *ine *a*e
10:41 flore2003: No, the whole line is ciphered with a different offset
10:41 * h00k F5's thisisthecountdown hoping the banding goes away on its own
10:41 flore2003: 13 instead of 12
10:42 cielak: ah! now that's convincing
10:46 flore2003: What is contact/ibm/a22p supposed to mean?
10:46 ! Martyn [] has joined #awholenewworld
10:48 cielak: a Nice Try.
10:49 Seeker`: so whats happening here?
10:50 cielak: there is a quick summary:
10:52 ! zooko [] has joined #awholenewworld
10:54 Seeker`: cielak: made any sense of the START: string?
10:54 cielak: not, but of the bytes before it: yes
10:55 Seeker`: cielak: what do you get from those?
10:55 cielak: they definitelly represent a permutation: 241563
10:56 cielak: no idea on how to apply it, though
10:56 Seeker`: "definitely"?
10:56 cielak: but I'm working on it, quite intensivelly, will report the results
10:57 cielak: yes, because this permutation can be found there in many ways
10:58 cielak: either by analysing HEX pattern, by couting space between the only 6 ASCII letters there, or by interpreting letters abcdef as numbers
10:58 cielak: each gives the same result
11:02 ! Flohmyi_ [] has joined #awholenewworld
11:03 h00k: except the logo and pages are banded and look oogly :(
11:03 ! Flohmyi [] has quit [Ping timeout: 256 seconds]
11:04 cielak: i guess they are expected too look this way
11:04 ! Martyn [] has quit [Quit: ZZZzzzZZzzzz....]
11:05 h00k: cielak: no, it hadn't previously
11:05 cielak: I'm sure this is intentional
11:06 h00k: The mismatched graphics?
11:06 cielak: yep
11:06 cielak: same bacground is now on the twitter account
11:07 flore2003: What's about the mp3 that's embedded in one of the background images at wsa ?
11:07 AlanBell: does anything interesting happen if you subtract the image without the noise
11:07 AlanBell: I have a copy of the before image
11:08 flore2003: Do it =)
11:12 cielak: I think the GIF part is separated from mp3 part
11:12 cielak: and it's separate data, separate bytes
11:12 flore2003: Yeah, but did you listen to it?
11:12 cielak: i did
11:12 flore2003: It's rather strange
11:12 flore2003: Don't know what to make of it
11:13 cielak: that's normal when one takes the difference of a stereo sound
11:13 cielak: try it on any track you want
11:14 Seeker`: does the background file thats actually a .mp3 actually play anything useful?
11:14 Seeker`: is it just noise?
11:14 cielak: no! its a melody
11:15 Seeker`: simple notes?
11:15 cielak: 23 seconds of complex sound
11:15 Seeker`: (at work atm)
11:15 cielak: and irrecognisable human speech
11:15 cielak: there is even piano in the background
11:16 Seeker`: hmm, don't suppose the spectral analysis (in audacity etc.) has anything useful in it?
11:16 AlanBell:
11:17 AlanBell:
11:17 h00k: there we go: ^
11:18 h00k: you really think...
11:18 Seeker`: ...?
11:18 h00k: you're really doing puzzles with this stuff/
11:18 h00k: you don't think it's just a corrupted image?
11:18 AlanBell: h00k: no, certainly not
11:19 * h00k coughs
11:19 h00k: carry on
11:19 cielak: Seeker`: I did a quite advanced spectral analysys and no interesting results
11:20 Seeker`: (seen a game before that had text written in the spectral analysis)
11:20 AlanBell:
11:20 cielak: ha! cool idea! but nothing's there
11:21 Seeker`: other alternative is any DMTF tones
11:22 h00k: What makes you think there are special messages and puzzles with this image?
11:22 h00k: just out of curiosity
11:23 AlanBell: h00k: did you see the first puzzle in the class of the body tag?
11:23 h00k: AlanBell: negative, when I checked it (after it came out) there weren't any
11:23 AlanBell: <body class="d29ybGRzcGFjZWFnZW5jeQ"> <- that has changed
11:24 AlanBell:
11:24 AlanBell: it was NzcgNmYgNzIgNmMgNjQgMjAgNzMgNzAgNjEgNjMgNjUgMjAgNjEgNjcgNjUgNmUgNjMgNzkgMjAgNmYgNzIgNjc
11:24 cielak: true!
11:25 AlanBell: which if you base64 decode and then convert to ascii reads "world space agency org"
11:25 h00k: Okay, I see that.
11:25 h00k: I also found @thisisthe right away on twitter
11:26 Seeker`: what does d29ybGRzcGFjZWFnZW5jeQ mean?
11:27 AlanBell: dunno, not sure we have cracked that one yet
11:27 cielak: did
11:27 cielak: that's almost the same
11:27 cielak: just easier to decode
11:27 Seeker`: "almost"?
11:27 cielak: the first one was base64 -> hex -> text
11:27 cielak: this one is base64->text
11:27 cielak: so muuuch easier to decode
11:28 cielak: the text is:
11:28 cielak: worldspaceagency
11:28 h00k: okay, okay
11:28 * h00k takes tinfoil hat off
11:28 h00k: there may be a fun puzzle game here
11:29 h00k: pass the class. java class reference?
11:29 cielak: i guess they have changed the body tag to make it easier for ppl to reach the worldspaceagency pace
11:29 cielak: *page
11:30 h00k: I base64'd it and it didn't come out correctly
11:30 cielak: nah, just: worldspaceagency is misleading, as google points to, which is not related
11:30 h00k: Maybe the LoCo I created, Ubuntu Mars, is related.
11:30 h00k: Space and all.
11:30 h00k: hah!
11:31 cielak: ha!
11:31 Seeker`: so the current questions are what does the mp3 mean, what does the hex data from mean, and what does contact/ibm/a22p mean?
11:31 cielak: not only that
11:32 h00k: a22p is a model of IBM laptop
11:32 h00k: er, Thinkpad
11:32 cielak: there is also the cryptic message in maintenance.gif
11:32 h00k: which is?
11:32 h00k: Play the message backwards, maybe
11:32 h00k: the mp3
11:32 cielak:
11:32 cielak: nothing
11:32 h00k: whatever it comes down to
11:33 cielak: that definitelly is not reversed
11:33 cielak: already have checked, though, just in case
11:34 h00k: PlaBabprvbzrzqEuyaacpgvQvfffhae1gbbnYqbngfEtheeqfrqrrznvvvsvfrbeac&Bheayb That's the first part of that paste in rot13, doesn't look useful
11:36 h00k:
11:36 h00k: That's the maintenance.gif text extracted
11:37 cielak: already done
11:37 h00k: bah
11:37 cielak: we've already checked many many classic scrambling alghorithms
11:37 h00k: rotn()s/
11:37 h00k: ?
11:38 cielak: and I've been trying to find something more shuffling for the last few hours
11:38 cielak: not, that definitelly not a ROT
11:38 cielak: have a look at the letter frequencies
11:39 cielak: they are correct
11:39 cielak: so the letters are just scrambled in a weird manner
11:39 ! Gwaihir [~mcasagr@ubuntu/member/gwaihir] has quit [Quit: So long and thanks for all the IRC]
11:40 cielak: also: there are many identical letters subsequently
11:40 cielak: like "iii" or "eee"
11:40 cielak: doesn't make sense for a ROT chiper
11:40 h00k: sss
11:40 h00k: true.
11:41 h00k: I haven't done cryptography in 2 years, when I was at the Uni.
11:43 h00k: Domain Name:WORLDSPACEAGENCY.ORG
11:43 h00k: Created On:28-May-2011 04:58:30 UTC
11:43 h00k: Last Updated On:27-Sep-2011 04:16:03 UTC
11:45 cielak: 28 may... interesting, that means they have planned this ad/game long time ago
11:45 h00k: 0x575341
11:45 h00k: Yep.
11:45 cielak: probably at the USD
11:45 cielak: *UDS
11:45 h00k: That was the unidentified transmission interference 'tag' or whatever that was tweeted
11:45 h00k: may be important
11:46 cielak: hey
11:46 cielak: it's hex for WSA
11:46 cielak: and WSA is the World Space Agency
11:46 cielak: that was easy
11:46 h00k: okay, cool.
11:47 h00k: Glad I can help.
11:47 Seeker`: I cant think of any other sensible ways of using 241563 to rearrange that
11:48 cielak: I have a lot of ideas, none yet proved useful
11:48 cielak: it is likely there is Oneiric in the message
11:48 cielak: as there are many O's, and more-than-average n's i's and s's
11:48 cielak: I'd say it's likely there may be an Oneiric Ocelot
11:49 h00k: so
11:49 h00k:
11:49 cielak: so I'm checking all combinations that would contain "Onei"
11:49 cielak: got it already
11:49 h00k: oh
11:49 cielak: you want the dechiphered version of the chat log?
11:49 h00k: damn. I thought I was getting somewhere
11:50 h00k: this is what I get for jumping in late
11:50 h00k: and yes
11:50 cielak:
11:50 cielak: the transmission wasn't yet cracked, as far as I know
11:50 cielak: and there is copiable output:
11:51 h00k: Hence the Pine Lake references. Okay
11:51 h00k: Brammo is an electric motorcycle
11:52 cielak: oh, good to know, I was wondering
11:52 h00k: ARISS is Amateur Radio on the International Space Station
11:53 h00k: And you were doing character analysis on the transmission
11:53 h00k: is it a block cypher?
11:53 cielak: no idea
11:54 cielak: also note pinwalePHD used diffrent encryption, as line 3 of the chat log was chiphered using slightly other algorithm
11:54 h00k: What algorithms were used there?
11:54 cielak: rot13 and rot12 :) easiest possible
11:55 h00k: so far, we have hex, base64, rot13, rot12
11:55 cielak: also note the message times
11:55 cielak: some were sent after long time
11:57 h00k:,mission,roll,frame%20ASC&showpdatecb=on&showgeoncb=on&showfeatcb=on&showlatcb=on&showloncb=on&collection=
11:57 h00k: related?
11:57 h00k: ...yes
11:57 h00k: look at the dates
11:58 h00k: October 5, 2011: Added images for 1296 photos: ISS029-E-13311 through ISS029-E-13343 total 33, ISS029-E-13345 through ISS029-E-14456 total 1112, ISS029-E-14459 through ISS029-E-14609 total 151.
11:59 h00k: well, those are recent database changes
11:59 cielak: how can be that related?!
11:59 h00k: may or may not be related
11:59 h00k: anyway, a search for Big Pine Lake
11:59 h00k: Mission ISS017
11:59 h00k:
11:59 cielak: not related at all
12:00 h00k: specifically
12:00 h00k: anyway, I'm chasing straws.
12:00 cielak: these are just photos from space
12:00 h00k: specifically, Pine Lake
12:00 cielak: about each 3 days they contain a better or worser quality of this city
12:01 cielak: so whichever town one would choose this nasa site would make it look like related
12:01 cielak: also: i doubt if ubuntu adverts team has access to
12:01 ! diplo [~diplo@] has quit [Ping timeout: 258 seconds]
12:01 h00k: anyway, yeah, I should have read this whole post. I'm rediscovering it nonsensically.
12:02 * h00k steps back to get coffee
12:04 h00k: coffee refilled.
12:04 h00k: now I'll attempt to be useful.
12:14 ! maroach [] has quit [Ping timeout: 276 seconds]
12:15 ! maroach [] has joined #awholenewworld
12:28 ! zooko [] has quit [Quit: bbiab]
12:34 cielak: how it's going, h00k?
12:35 h00k: cielak: I took a break for a few, doing some actual work ;)
12:35 cielak: :-)
13:14 @jrgifford: Ok, anyone got a status update on this?
13:25 Seeker`: there are lots of sequences of letters we don't understand, the background image has been "corrupted" but don't know what it means
13:29 cielak: also, updated, with a console at /console
13:39 ali1234: morning
13:39 ali1234: did you guys solve the morse puzzle yet?
13:54 ! cielak [53131d72@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
14:01 h00k: jrgifford: You probably know the sekrit, 'eh?
14:02 h00k: that's probably why you have the hat.
14:03 ali1234: maybe
14:03 ali1234: pinwake is the one dropping cryptic clues
14:19 ! Flohmyi_ [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
14:21 ! Flohmyi [] has joined #awholenewworld
14:42 @jrgifford: h00k: I don't know the secret - as I've said before, the reason i have the hat is because I was here in the channel first.
14:46 ! TheLastProject [] has joined #awholenewworld
14:59 ! www2 [] has joined #awholenewworld
15:00 ! |PuLi| [] has joined #awholenewworld
15:19 ! alexluckett [4e97650f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #awholenewworld
15:19 alexluckett: Are you guys aware that the background has messed up on the thisisthecountdown website?
15:19 alexluckett: been like it for 2 days :)
15:23 AlanBell: alexluckett: yeah, it is a signal from outer space
15:23 alexluckett: oh, so it's intentional? it was different before, so i thought it was a bug - sorry :)
15:24 AlanBell: all part of the game and puzzle
15:24 alexluckett: ah, i see ;)! haha
15:25 h00k: jrgifford: sure, sure...
15:25 |PuLi|: how far guys are in the game?
15:26 h00k: I don't know if anyone solved the transmission in the console yet
15:26 h00k: well, from what I see, nobody has shared it
15:26 |PuLi|: i'm just solving ARISS callsignals
15:26 h00k: |PuLi|: which are those?
15:27 |PuLi|: <----begin tranmission------>
15:27 alexluckett: I'm confused about this puzzle!
15:28 |PuLi|: and encrypted chat was easy
15:29 h00k: Yeah, those
15:29 h00k: The chat was rot13 and rot12, apparently
15:29 h00k: the last I saw was people in here trying to solve the callsignals
15:29 AlanBell: alexluckett: the first clue revealed
15:30 AlanBell: and there are more codes and clues there
15:30 h00k: |PuLi|: what are you using to solve them?
15:30 |PuLi|: morse code was ARISS IBM/A22P
15:30 |PuLi|:
15:30 h00k: Some of the other ones have been hex, base64, rot12, rot13,
15:30 |PuLi|: rot-12
15:31 alexluckett: AlanBell: ah I see, thank you ;)!
15:31 h00k: I thought it was contact/ibm/a2pp
15:31 ! alexluckett [4e97650f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
15:31 ali1234: h00k: no it was changed
15:31 h00k: and then
15:31 ali1234: h00k: it is now ariss/ibm/a22p
15:31 h00k: returns nice try
15:31 h00k: o.o
15:32 ali1234: it returns a fake 404 page (actualy code 200 OK) and with that 404-9 bit added in
15:32 ali1234: 404-9 = 395
15:33 h00k: I was just doing that in my head
15:33 ! cielak [53131d72@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #awholenewworld
15:34 cielak: hi guys, I'm back
15:35 cielak: great thanks to whoever uploads the IRC logs
15:35 @jrgifford: cielak: No problem
15:35 cielak: now i'm sure I didn't miss anything!
15:35 h00k: which...395 is for what. Hm.
15:36 @jrgifford: the IRC fobes on askubuntu asked, so I went ahead and did it.
15:36 h00k: d'aw. They should IRC for this sake
15:36 h00k: realtime is win.
15:36 ! TheLastProject [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:37 |PuLi|: ok, nowwhole ARISS callsign list done :D
15:37 ali1234: did you get those dcxx codes?
15:37 h00k: |PuLi|: was it all rot12?
15:37 ali1234: dxcc
15:37 |PuLi|: no
15:37 |PuLi|: all rot13
15:38 h00k: er, 13
15:38 |PuLi|: and Dwbs Zoys gssag hc vojs fsqswjsr gcas acfs hfobgawggwcbg ct gcas gcfh. in rot-12
15:38 ! radec [] has joined #awholenewworld
15:39 cielak: and that's why the reply to this was "damnit, you are using wrong encryption", for it was 12 and not 13 as the other user in that chat expected
15:39 h00k: Has anyone gotten the gif: CynOnoceiomemdRhlnnpctiDisssunr1tooaLdoatsRgurrdsedeemaiiifiseornp&Ournlo:cotsOta:tetentr:amengYncuv ?
15:39 AlanBell:
15:40 AlanBell: The computer that was being used for the packet system was an IBM Thinkpad A22P that Mark Shuttleworth left on-board the ISS after his flight. The power supply for this unit has failed and we are making preparations to have the computer replaced
15:40 cielak: good job finding that!
15:41 h00k: I found that a22p was a Thinkpad, yeah. Interesting,.
15:42 |PuLi|: h00k: what gif youre talking about??
15:45 ! htorque [] has joined #awholenewworld
15:45 h00k: |PuLi|: the askubuntu referrs to it as: "As of 10/5, the GIF at has changed. There is now text near the bottom that says
15:46 h00k: CynOnoceiomemdRhlnnpctiDisssunr1tooaLdoatsRgurrdsedeemaiiifiseornp&Ournlo:cotsOta:tetentr:amengYncuv"
15:46 ali1234: heh
15:46 cielak: does anyone know what is the computer that will repleace the broken a22p?
15:46 cielak: this might be a clue
15:49 h00k: and the 404-9
15:50 h00k: |PuLi|: care to share your decryption of the ARISS transmission?
15:50 |PuLi|: yes
15:52 |PuLi|:
15:54 ! Dududududud [] has joined #awholenewworld
15:55 h00k: Yeah, I didn't hear the morse over here
15:55 h00k: but I had my speakers down
15:55 h00k: I'm trying to help sift through this while I'm at work
15:55 ! Dududududud [] has quit [Client Quit]
15:56 cielak: |PuLi|: how did you decrypt that?
15:56 |PuLi|: what part :D
15:56 * jrgifford adds that decrytion to the askubuntu question
15:56 cielak: the transmission
15:56 ! TangleCrow [] has joined #awholenewworld
15:56 h00k: More, but I don't know if it's relevant:
15:56 cielak: the chat log is easy
15:56 |PuLi|: using this
15:58 cielak: ah! so that's the point! thanks!
15:58 |PuLi|: i dont know what to do next, maybe take first letters of each country?
15:59 TangleCrow: Hi guys. I just dropped by to see if you have reached a consensus about what the countdown is all about... A new Pad?
15:59 ali1234:
15:59 cielak: we're far from the consensus
15:59 TangleCrow: Any ideas then?
15:59 cielak: TangleCrow: look at |PuLi|:
15:59 cielak: *sry
15:59 cielak: wrong copy
16:00 cielak:
16:00 cielak: that I meant
16:00 cielak: there is everything summed up
16:00 cielak: all that we've got so far
16:00 @jrgifford: The guys in the askubuntu chatroom thing that thing at the bottom of the gif are anagrams.
16:01 ali1234: me too
16:01 @jrgifford: but of what? they don't turn up anything (that I can see)
16:01 ali1234: if you look at letter frequency i would guess "oneiric ocelot" is part of it somehow
16:01 ali1234: letter frequency is in line with english text
16:01 @jrgifford: true...
16:01 cielak: agreed
16:02 ali1234: so do we have ham radio software in ubuntu that can do what that windows software does ^
16:02 ali1234: feed the mp3 into it
16:02 ali1234: see what comes out
16:02 ali1234: name = callsign?
16:02 cielak: I was trying all reasonable shuffles that would result in string containing "Onei"
16:02 cielak: this didn't give much
16:03 cielak: although I have manually checked 200+ combinations
16:03 cielak: will think more
16:04 ali1234: fun fact: all that weird buzzing noise in the MP3 is mostly between 1khz and 3khz
16:05 ali1234: !info acfax
16:05 ali1234: or not
16:06 ali1234: look up that package ^
16:06 ali1234: "e nought" is a protocol used for sending fax over IP
16:06 cielak: hmm, disagreed
16:06 ali1234: and i swear i hear a guy saying that in the mp3
16:07 cielak: my spectral analysis tools claim that these noises are almost equally spreaded, close to white noise
16:07 ali1234: no, it's nothing like white noise
16:07 ali1234: look near the end
16:08 cielak: close in hearing - exact form varies in time
16:08 Seeker`: is there a link ot the mp3?
16:08 ali1234:
16:09 cielak: no african countries in these countries in transmission
16:09 @jrgifford: Seeker`: rename the linked .gif to .mp3
16:09 Seeker`: ?
16:10 |PuLi|: you have this
16:10 |PuLi|: do i have save that in what file?
16:13 TangleCrow: Did you guys see this:
16:13 TangleCrow:
16:13 TangleCrow: ?
16:14 ! george_e [IceChat9@] has joined #awholenewworld
16:15 Seeker`: that mp3 file is giving me 404
16:15 |PuLi|: download gif first
16:15 george_e: I'm going to take a look at the RIFF header in the GIF/WAV file...
16:15 george_e: ...or do we know if it's a WAV file?
16:16 george_e: Also, what is the URL of the GIF file?
16:16 @jrgifford: it's actually an MP3 george. (you didn't get to that part of the logs most likely)
16:17 * h00k isntalls audacity
16:17 h00k: installs, rather.
16:17 george_e: jrgifford: Okay... what is the URL of the MP3 then?
16:17 george_e: I kind of got lost in the logs...
16:17 h00k: are you saying download the gif, rename to mp3, play?
16:17 @jrgifford: h00k: yes
16:17 h00k: ok.
16:18 h00k: hah, this is awesome, actually.
16:18 @jrgifford: george_e:
16:18 ! tj_ [~tj@] has joined #awholenewworld
16:19 h00k: bg.mp3 sounds awesome
16:19 @jrgifford: wait, no. wrong one george_e .
16:20 h00k: $ wget -o bg.mp3
16:20 h00k: ^ this
16:20 h00k: I don't know what it means, other than scrambled stuffs
16:20 cielak: wget -o bg.mp3 && sudo apt-get install mplayer && mplayer bg.mp3
16:20 george_e: WMP12 won't play the MP3 file as is... do I need to split it?
16:20 cielak: totem & banshee crashes when trying to play this
16:20 h00k: I opened it in Audacity
16:21 cielak: audacity works
16:21 h00k: does...I'm sure people have tried playing the background image in thisisthecountdown?
16:22 @jrgifford: yeah, someone tried playing it.
16:22 @jrgifford: doesn't work
16:22 cielak: i also tried stars.gif
16:22 cielak: none plays
16:22 cielak: and the WSA logo
16:24 h00k: yeah, doesn't play.
16:24 george_e: So where does the MP3 audio begin in bg.gif?
16:24 george_e: I've got it open in a hex editor.
16:24 h00k: does maintenance.gif play/
16:24 h00k: No, that has data appended to it.
16:25 flore2003: I'm back =D
16:25 flore2003: Just read the whole damn chatlog and nothing new? Come on guys ;)
16:25 h00k: flore2003: NO U
16:25 h00k: ;)
16:25 h00k: I'm trying my best to be useful
16:25 Seeker`: so what is left to solve?
16:26 h00k: what does it all mean?
16:26 h00k: hah
16:27 Seeker`: I mean as a helpful answer
16:27 h00k: so,
16:27 george_e: I'm confused... someone said in the chat log to chop at offset 17344 dec.
16:27 george_e: That's the end of the file.
16:27 h00k: can we grab that interference from that mp3?
16:27 cielak: 0x575341 = (hex) WPA
16:27 h00k: Right ^
16:27 cielak: that's not the transmission
16:27 h00k: does the transmission interference...okay, that referrs to the encrypted transmission that was decoded to countrys
16:27 cielak: transmission is the file in console
16:28 h00k: after that, the chat log, which we got
16:28 TangleCrow: Hmmm.... All this hype for 11.10?
16:28 cielak: yeeeees!
16:28 h00k: basically, yeah.
16:28 TangleCrow: I rather think it is something completely new, such as for instance a pad
16:28 cielak: isn't it a wonderful FUN?
16:28 @jrgifford: wait, what's up with this clue? - 21:52 pinwake: The siren song is strong, but perhaps just a name is key to unlock the secrets of man.
16:28 @jrgifford: did anyone look into that?
16:28 cielak: O.o
16:28 flore2003: Where does that come from?
16:28 cielak: not seen that
16:28 h00k: jrgifford: where do you see this?
16:29 @jrgifford: h00k: it's in the logs from last night
16:29 george_e: "Isle of Man?"
16:29 cielak: name? I think we already got it!
16:29 h00k: PF, missed it.
16:29 h00k: again, I fail at being useful
16:29 george_e: cielak: What is the name?
16:29 cielak: this clue means: change the file name to receive it's secret.
16:29 h00k: Sure, I'm going to assume that's the .gif -> mp3
16:29 h00k: which reveals audio
16:30 cielak: so it's same as: If the world could sing, then man can tell his deepest secret.
16:30 george_e: Still not getting the audio...
16:30 cielak: world is the globe on gif
16:30 ali1234: but we already had done that when that clue was posted
16:30 cielak: and same as: A world by any other name will still play.
16:30 h00k: If the world could sing, then man can tell his deepest secret.
16:30 cielak: sooooo maybe there is even other file format in that!
16:30 cielak: but well. it all is about songs and singing
16:30 |PuLi|: look bg.gif
16:30 cielak: mp3 is indeed singing
16:30 |PuLi|: that is the world
16:30 cielak: sure
16:31 h00k: Okay. Idea. Set up a google doc to set up clues and what we discover with them
16:31 h00k: to track...progress.
16:31 h00k: yes?
16:31 george_e: Time to crack open the Gimp.
16:31 cielak: it's already on the askubuntu
16:31 h00k: Sure, but that doesn't get updated in realtime
16:31 @jrgifford: h00k: Or, just submit to the askubuntu thread - i'll accept any and all edits.
16:31 cielak: what I think is interesting, it the importance of that recording
16:31 h00k: yeah...okay...
16:32 cielak: ntoe that there at least 3 official clues about changing the name to get audio
16:32 h00k: I'm going to check:
16:32 cielak: won't play
16:32 cielak: checked
16:32 cielak: what I mean is that this recording musi be significant
16:32 h00k: notta as mp3.
16:32 cielak: as mp3
16:32 h00k: The recording, bg.gif -> mp3 that plays...spacey audio
16:33 cielak: because they are all the time pointing us to this audio
16:33 george_e: Okay... resaving in the Gimp took off 1045 bytes.
16:33 cielak: even when we already got that recording
16:33 cielak: the tips still lead to it
16:33 h00k: also...404-9
16:33 flore2003: where does the 404-9 come from?
16:33 cielak: I think that's the key part of the puzzle ATM
16:34 h00k: in the 404 page:
16:34 h00k: "404"
16:34 h00k: it's not really a 404
16:34 george_e: I'm beginning to think that the GIF is not an MP3 file.
16:35 h00k: It's different that other 404s
16:35 cielak: it's neither mp3 nor gif
16:35 cielak: it both at once, so it's like heavily haxored
16:35 * h00k installs ghex
16:35 ali1234: it is just two files joined together with cat
16:36 ali1234: cat foo.mpg >> bg.gif
16:36 cielak: really? will that work?
16:36 * h00k throws a second filename in there
16:36 @jrgifford: after reading the logs (again), i'm pretty sure we've got the audio figured out. this siren song hint is for something else.
16:36 ali1234: it will work as well as it works here
16:38 h00k: there *must* be a significance in the bg.gif on the thisisthecountdown, or did I miss someone explaining it?
16:38 ali1234: no, nobody explained it
16:39 cielak: i think it's just graphical effect of the "interrupted transmission" in the plot
16:39 h00k: okay.
16:39 ali1234: there are three sections with a weird buzzing sound that sounds like modulated data
16:39 h00k: that's an interesting explination, the 'interrupted transmission'
16:39 @jrgifford: thisisthecountdown isn't a gif, it's a jpg.
16:39 TangleCrow: what does that dude say in the .mp3
16:39 ali1234: oh, you mean the broken jpg
16:39 tj_: isnt the siren in mythology supposed to be a distraction from the goal
16:39 h00k: oh. is it? Yeah, jpg.
16:39 ali1234: TangleCrow: there are several boice samples
16:39 |PuLi|: i go sleep now (GMT+2 so 11pm) good luck with the game
16:39 @jrgifford: tj_: Yeah, that's right.
16:39 h00k: sorry
16:39 cielak: tj_: +1 !!!!
16:40 TangleCrow: So what does he say then?
16:40 cielak: gnight |PuLi|!
16:40 h00k: Peace, |PuLi|
16:40 ! |PuLi| [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
16:40 @jrgifford: night |PuLi|!
16:40 ali1234: the first one says "E nought E nought Enough"
16:40 TangleCrow: Hmmm...
16:40 ali1234: the second one is too short to be saying anything
16:40 TangleCrow: Okay...
16:40 ali1234: the third one sounds like "30 seconds" or "32nd"
16:40 ! Flohmyi [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:41 h00k: I wish I could crank it, but I'm at work
16:41 h00k: brb headphones
16:41 ali1234: all of them are so indistinct as they could be saying just about anything that sounds even vaguely similar
16:41 TangleCrow: Have you tried to google what he said?
16:41 ali1234: yes, E0 gives several leads
16:41 TangleCrow: Like?
16:41 ali1234: it is an encryption cipher, also a method for sending packet data over audio carrier
16:42 TangleCrow: I see! Cool!
16:42 ! george_e [IceChat9@] has quit [Quit: IceChat - Keeping PC's cool since 2000]
16:43 TangleCrow:
16:43 TangleCrow: Bluetooth?
16:43 TangleCrow: Huh!
16:43 ali1234: yeah i doubt that is it
16:43 ali1234: also i don't even know if that is what it says
16:44 ali1234: it could be saying just baout anything
16:44 ali1234: once you think you know what it says you can't hear anythign else
16:44 TangleCrow: If it is a new pad, then it makes sense
16:44 ali1234: it might not even be speech
16:44 ali1234: might just be a weird noise
16:44 ali1234: yeah, but it is unlikely that they are releasing a tablet
16:44 ali1234: if they are they've done a DAMN fine job of keeping it a secret
16:45 ali1234: ditto for any other hardware release
16:45 TangleCrow: What else... All this buzz for...
16:45 TangleCrow: 11.10
16:45 TangleCrow: ?
16:45 @jrgifford: ali1234: no tablet, there is no way they could keep something that big under wraps. besides, this is a community project, not a canonical project.
16:45 @jrgifford: TangleCrow: no, the countdown ends too soon for that.
16:46 ali1234: they could keep it secret fromt he community... but they couldn't keep it secret from me :)
16:46 TangleCrow: Did you see the link I provided earlier?
16:46 ! cielak_ [53131d72@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #awholenewworld
16:46 cielak_: TangleCrow: no
16:46 cielak_: there won't be a pad
16:46 TangleCrow:
16:46 @jrgifford: yeah, i saw that.
16:46 cielak_: Unity is not yet ready for touch screens
16:46 ! cielak [53131d72@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
16:46 ali1234: that's the biggest reason
16:47 ali1234: maybe they will release a none touch tablet like that new kindle
16:47 TangleCrow: I thought it was strange that the OP just had 1 post!
16:47 cielak_: Canonical still says it's not the time for touchpads
16:47 ali1234: where you navigate everything with arrow keys, including the on screen keyboard
16:47 @jrgifford: just because some photoshop whiz kid made a fancy mockup doesn't mean it's real.
16:47 TangleCrow: Unity suddenly makes sense if it is a pad
16:47 cielak_: if it was real, everybody would have already known about it.
16:47 @jrgifford: (sorry, gimp whiz kid)
16:47 cielak_: nope, not yet
16:48 @jrgifford: yeah, it's not a tablet. it's not hardware.
16:48 cielak_: there is still a lot to be done on the touch interface
16:48 TangleCrow: better suggestions?
16:48 cielak_: i think nothink will happen
16:48 ali1234: me too
16:48 cielak_: it's just a matter of engaging us in this fun game
16:48 cielak_: great promo / ad for geeks like us
16:49 ali1234: countdown is countdown to release of whatever is the answer to this puzzle
16:49 @jrgifford: lets figure out how bg.gif fits in with the puzzle. i'm beginning to wonder if anything *in* it is worth looking at....
16:49 h00k: I'm trying all kinds of things with the audio, noise removal and some pitch shifts, but I don't know that there's really anything there
16:49 ali1234: which is most likely some website saying how great ubuntu is
16:49 @jrgifford: wonder if bg.gif unlocks that code block we had...
16:50 h00k: this one: CynOnoceiomemdRhlnnpctiDisssunr1tooaLdoatsRgurrdsedeemaiiifiseornp&Ournlo:cotsOta:tetentr:amengYncuv
16:50 h00k: ?
16:50 ali1234: jrgifford: split audio channels to mono, invert one, mix together
16:50 ali1234: jrgifford: sounds different yeah?
16:50 ali1234: the buzzing and beeping is mono and this op removes it
16:50 cielak_: yep, but that just because you remove the sounds that is mono
16:50 cielak_: yeah, as you said
16:50 @jrgifford: h00k: yeah, that one.
16:51 @jrgifford: ali1234: i'll try that.
16:51 ali1234: so if the buzzing was just random interference, why would it be mono?
16:51 cielak_: that means only that there is no echo/reverb effect on the buzzing
16:51 ali1234: it removes some of the spaceman voices too, so i guess those are also mono
16:51 h00k: I did noise removal, and didn't get anything fun
16:51 cielak_: I's say more
16:52 ali1234: hook: apply EQ and filter everything except 800Hz to 5000Hz
16:52 cielak_: if this buzzing was some hidden data in the bg.* file, then why would be exacly the same in both channels?
16:52 cielak_: that means it's not
16:54 h00k: ali1234: so, drop everything but between 800Hz and 5KHz?
16:54 * jrgifford is now super confused
16:54 ali1234: yes
16:54 ali1234: anyway, if it is hidden data, it's a much harder problem than anything seen so far
16:54 ali1234: so either it's something to use later or it it's nothing
16:55 cielak_: true, mixed with other data it would be unextractable
16:55 h00k: ali1234: that's kinda basically what the noise reducer does, yes
16:55 ali1234: not really
16:55 cielak_: but... maybe these beeps are something in morse code?
16:55 cielak_: or that kind of 'hidden message'
16:55 ali1234: could only be one letter
16:56 cielak_: analysing the audible information in the recording, not the byte-by-byte or Hz-by-Hz data
16:56 h00k: it sounded like a ..-
16:56 cielak_: maybe writing down the notes in MIDI pitch numbers?
16:56 h00k: which is a v
16:56 ali1234: it's a constant note
16:56 ali1234: and it is ...-
16:56 cielak_: no
16:56 cielak_: not the piano sound
16:56 h00k: oh, yeah, there's three. ...-
16:56 ali1234: that's no piano
16:56 h00k: which is 'v'
16:56 cielak_: the morse code was just an example
16:57 ali1234: it's way too clean
16:57 cielak_: i'm talking now about general perception of that track
16:57 cielak_: not about these beeps
16:57 cielak_: i mean we maybe need to change out approach
16:57 h00k: or is that truely a siren song
16:57 cielak_: and analyse the audible data
16:59 h00k: I think the data: CynOnoceiomemdRhlnnpctiDisssunr1tooaLdoatsRgurrdsedeemaiiifiseornp&Ournlo:cotsOta:tetentr:amengYncuv
16:59 h00k: is still important, somewhere
16:59 ali1234: i noticed something about that
16:59 ali1234: the first part
16:59 ali1234: is ' START: '
16:59 h00k: yes
16:59 ali1234: not 'START: ' or 'START:'
17:00 ali1234: i think those extra spaces mean something
17:00 ali1234: it makes the prepended pattern a multiple of 8 bytes
17:00 cielak_: probably
17:00 ali1234: and ' START: ' is also 8 bytes
17:00 ali1234: why alignment?
17:00 cielak_: that would explain why is the start actually marked: because the message starts with ' '
17:01 ali1234: or that could be part of the message
17:01 cielak_: true
17:02 ali1234: if it is an anagram
17:02 ali1234: why does it contain 3 : 1 & and 1 1
17:02 cielak_: ha! Roland Taylor is into the game
17:02 cielak_: he must be one of these guys making fun of us right now!
17:04 flore2003: Hahaha, I bet they're all making fun of us, because the answer is right in front of us
17:04 cielak_: you got it?
17:04 flore2003: Me? no
17:04 flore2003: I wish I had
17:05 flore2003: I should be working right now, but that stupid game won't leave me alone ;)
17:05 cielak_: then how do you know it's in front of us! it may be an incorrect assumption
17:07 flore2003: yeah, there's probably no answer anyway and the whole thing is just supposed to keep us entertained till realeas xD
17:08 h00k: Probably
17:08 ! terrenceobrien [] has joined #awholenewworld
17:08 h00k: maybe /security URL will be available tomorrow or something
17:08 cielak_: that's for sure
17:08 cielak_: even if we were super-lucky and got all puzzles immidiatelly
17:09 cielak_: we won't get further then they want us to go
17:10 h00k: Right.
17:12 ! aj00200 [aj00200@gateway/shell/] has quit [Changing host]
17:12 ! aj00200 [aj00200@bbot/developer/aj00200] has joined #awholenewworld
17:25 ! cielak_ [53131d72@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
17:25 flore2003: Nothin happening anymore?
17:26 * h00k is doing real-work stuffs :(
17:26 TangleCrow: did anyone decode the morse @
17:26 TangleCrow: ??
17:27 TangleCrow: I'm referring to the audio beeps in the background
17:27 ali1234: yes
17:27 ali1234: it says ariss/ibm/a22p
17:27 Seeker`: what is the password for the terminal?
17:27 ali1234: unless they changed it again
17:27 TangleCrow: part of an url?
17:28 @jrgifford: Seeker`: just type randomly
17:29 TangleCrow: ariss =
17:30 TangleCrow: ?
17:30 flore2003: Yeah
17:30 flore2003: The a22p is a IBM ThinkPad
17:30 TangleCrow: mkay...
17:30 TangleCrow: !
17:31 TangleCrow: Thinkpad in space!
17:31 flore2003: It's refering to that:
17:31 flore2003: What does ARISS use for Packet Hardware control?
17:31 flore2003: The computer that was being used for the packet system was an IBM Thinkpad A22P that Mark Shuttleworth left on-board the ISS after his flight. The power supply for this unit has failed and we are making preparations to have the computer replaced
17:31 TangleCrow: :D
17:32 * jrgifford prepares another IRC log dump
17:32 ! terrenceobrien [] has quit [Ping timeout: 248 seconds]
17:32 ali1234: here's a theory for you
17:32 ali1234: the START: message
17:32 ali1234: has a bunch of capital letters and :
17:32 ali1234: and a &
17:33 ali1234: i'm thinking jumbled http headers
17:33 ali1234: Content-Length: 1 Request: foo&bar etc
17:33 flore2003: I thought of that as well but the : upset me
17:33 ! terrenceobrien [~terranceo@] has joined #awholenewworld
17:33 flore2003: Ah ok
17:33 flore2003: Well
17:34 ali1234: we have COOORDLRYZ
17:34 * jrgifford dump complete -
17:34 ali1234: which is enough for Content-Length: Referrer: Request: and some others
17:34 ali1234: dunno about Y and Z though
17:36 ali1234: if you arrange the whole thing in 8 columns you get "emai" and "tent" in the last 4 columns
17:36 flore2003: Do have the paste url for me?
17:36 flore2003: *do you
17:37 Seeker`:
17:37 flore2003: I think there are way to less numbers in there to be HTTP headers
17:37 ali1234: probably
17:38 ali1234: there's a lot of word fragments in it
17:38 flore2003: Also the : only occur after the &
17:38 flore2003: Pattern?
17:38 ali1234: maybe
17:38 ali1234: what has a pattern like that?
17:38 flore2003: Nothing I know of
17:39 ali1234: they also are all in the second byte of the 8 byte block
17:39 flore2003: What's about the permutation thing going on before the START symbol
17:39 flore2003: Any progress on that?
17:40 Seeker`: cielak thought it was 241563
17:40 ! TheFityP [] has joined #awholenewworld
17:40 flore2003: That's of no real use, is it?
17:42 flore2003: It's about time for them to drop a nother clue on ther twitter feed, I guess
17:43 TangleCrow: have anyone looked into stars.gif
17:43 TangleCrow: ?
17:44 TangleCrow:
17:45 h00k: heh. I wonder who'se watching us in the channel.
17:45 AlanBell: h00k: pinwake is :)
17:46 flore2003: AlanBell: Oh, you're right, haven't noticed that
17:46 h00k: heh.
17:46 h00k: hello, pinwake.
17:47 flore2003: So now I know why they posted the Intrusion detected stuff
17:47 flore2003: That was because I found the plain text of the hacker typer at the old location
17:47 flore2003: And they probably read it here, when I talked about it
17:48 @jrgifford: flore2003: yup, that's what pinwake does.
17:48 ali1234: the plain text is still visible
17:48 @jrgifford: watching, always watching.
17:48 ali1234: however, the commented out debug code has been removed :)
17:48 ali1234: the bit that gave away the answer :)
17:49 flore2003: ali1234: yeah, I remember
17:49 @jrgifford: btw, pinwake you did an excellent job of making the worldspaceagency page look like it's from the 90s. :)
17:50 h00k: What was the location of the old location?
17:50 flore2003: second that.. It looks even worse than my first attempts at web design
17:50 h00k: Was that with just the text of the /console/ ?
17:51 @jrgifford: h00k: the text of /console is this - (if that's what your asking)
17:51 flore2003: The old location was at
17:52 h00k: Yeah, that
17:52 h00k: gotcha
17:53 TheFityP: so will the new ubuntu install without anything special on the new macbook pros?
17:53 h00k: what is this: MjB8MjR8MjV8OTB8OXwyfDIzfDY4fDEyfDE2fDI1fDg2fDE3fDg3fDY0fDk0
17:53 TheFityP: without *doing
17:54 flore2003: h00k: were is that from?
17:54 @jrgifford: h00k: yeah, wheres that from?
17:54 h00k:
17:54 htorque: 20|24|25|90|9|2|23|68|12|16|25|86|17|87|64|94
17:54 flore2003: Oh I see
17:54 h00k: in the 'writer function'
17:54 h00k: kk:"MjB8MjR8MjV8OTB8OXwyfDIzfDY4fDEyfDE2fDI1fDg2fDE3fDg3fDY0fDk0",
17:54 flore2003: Used to make the morse
17:54 h00k: decondes to: 20|24|25|90|9|2|23|68|12|16|25|86|17|87|64|94
17:54 flore2003: Don't worry
17:54 ali1234: it is the result of 'contact/ibm/a22p'^''
17:54 h00k: er, that's base64 to ^
17:55 ali1234: it's the encrypted version of the answer that is bleeped out in morse code
17:55 ali1234: encrypted so that it isn't completely obvious if you look at the source
17:55 h00k: oh, oh.
17:55 flore2003: (which it was anyway before they removed the commented code =P)
17:55 h00k: I thought I was getting somewhere.
17:56 ali1234: well the commented code is still there so i guess it is an intentional hint
17:56 flore2003: Yeah, keep looking, meybe we missed something
17:56 flore2003: Oh it is?
17:56 ali1234: on hackertyper
17:56 ali1234: not on the wsa
17:56 @jrgifford: who proposed the edit on the askubuntu answer?
17:57 Seeker`: link to the askubuntu thing?
17:58 @jrgifford:
17:58 TangleCrow: What do you make of the list line in the decrypted console text?
17:58 TangleCrow: CynOnoceiomemdRhlnnpctiDisssunr1tooaLdoatsRgurrdsedeemaiiifiseornp&Ournlo:cotsOta:tetentr:amengYncuv"
17:58 AlanBell: so we have a story about sabdfl's old laptop
17:58 TangleCrow:
17:58 @jrgifford: TangleCrow: we're not sure.
17:59 ali1234: someone copy pasted that string wron
17:59 AlanBell: is that unmatched end double quote right?
17:59 h00k: I think we have to figure out that line ^
17:59 ali1234: no
17:59 ali1234: last character should be a Z
17:59 ali1234: maybe other errors
17:59 ali1234: they missed the beginning part too
17:59 ali1234: i think the whole thing is important
18:00 TangleCrow: Obviously
18:00 ali1234: i also want to know the significance of c3 bc
18:00 ali1234: if you XOR you get 0x7f
18:00 ali1234: if you look at the bits you get "2 4 3 1" which should look familiar
18:01 ali1234: 2 4 3 1 4 2 in fact
18:01 h00k: okay. heading home.
18:01 h00k: Peace.
18:01 flore2003: What is 2 4 3 1 4 2 supposed to be?
18:01 ali1234: dont know
18:02 ali1234: but the answer is probably simple
18:02 ! cielak [53131d72@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #awholenewworld
18:02 flore2003: Not simple enough
18:02 cielak: the IRC log ends when interesting things had begun!
18:03 @jrgifford: okokokok cielak, i'll update the logs again. ;D
18:03 cielak: did you figure anything out?
18:03 @jrgifford: (ugh, i seriously need to have a cronjob do this for me. :P)
18:03 cielak: can't the server upload them somewhere?
18:04 ! TheFityP [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
18:05 @jrgifford: i have no idea.
18:05 cielak: great thanks for the log
18:05 @jrgifford: no problem.
18:06 @jrgifford: should probably edit the topic to notify people that it's logged...
18:06 ! jrgifford_ [6365188e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #awholenewworld
18:07 @jrgifford: alright, irssi is being stupid so i'm going to quickly have my other IRC nick do it.
18:07 ! mode/#awholenewworld [+o jrgifford_] by jrgifford
18:08 ! jrgifford_ changed the topic of #awholenewworld to: Ubuntu - | Pardon the dust, we're soft-launching right now :) | Also spread the word and print out the flyer! This channel is logged, you can view the logs here:
18:08 @jrgifford_: ok, there we go.
18:08 ! jrgifford_ [6365188e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #awholenewworld []
18:08 Seeker`: maybe some other useful links in the topic
18:08 @jrgifford: Seeker`: yeah, been debating that.
18:08 Seeker`: no debate, do it :P
18:09 @jrgifford: mainly, the logs, the askubuntu link, anything people can think of?
18:10 Seeker`: hackertyper
18:10 @jrgifford: that's in the askubuntu link.
18:10 cielak: hackertyper not needed
18:10 radec: maybe what this is all about. but i'm sort of gathering the we're supposed to guess that...
18:10 radec: *that
18:10 cielak: by the way
18:10 @jrgifford: yes cielak?
18:11 cielak: listened to the bg.mp3 in slow motion
18:11 @jrgifford: ooohhhh.... what'd you come up with?
18:11 cielak: that makes it much easier to understand the speech
18:11 cielak: I am not a native english speaker and I am not sure, and I'd rather not mistake you
18:11 Seeker`: can't see links to hackertyper from askubuntu - its useufl to know where info comes from too
18:12 cielak: also, seems there are also some words in the last two seconds
18:12 ! jrgifford_ [6365188e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #awholenewworld
18:12 @jrgifford: Seeker`: pretty sure it's there, i'll add them if they aren't.
18:13 ! mode/#awholenewworld [+o jrgifford_] by jrgifford
18:15 ! jrgifford_ changed the topic of #awholenewworld to: Ubuntu - | Pardon the dust, we're soft-launching right now :) | Also spread the word and print out the flyer! This channel is logged, you can view the logs here: - there is a askubuntu question that gets filled with info as well -
18:16 @jrgifford_: Ok, that should do it.
18:16 ! jrgifford_ [6365188e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
18:16 cielak: yay, my question, my reputation <evil smile> ;)
18:16 cielak: one more note about the recording
18:16 @jrgifford: hehe ;D
18:16 htorque: the gif actually ends earlier than the c3 bc. the last byte of the gif is a ";", so it's ....b........d..a..........e............f......c
18:17 ali1234: htorque: yes we know
18:17 htorque: boo
18:17 cielak: the voice says "unit", but it's not inrerrupted, but rather cut
18:17 htorque: and you still haven't solved it? :P
18:17 ali1234: htorque: now count the bytes between the letters
18:17 ali1234: and divide by 2
18:17 cielak: "unity" then?
18:17 ali1234: which voice?
18:18 cielak: about 8.5 sec
18:18 TangleCrow: what about the bleeps in the mp3?
18:18 TangleCrow: morse?
18:18 cielak: nope
18:18 cielak: already tried that
18:18 TangleCrow: hmm...
18:18 cielak: it would be just v
18:19 ali1234: doesn't sound like "unit" to me
18:19 Seeker`: hmm, voice at 8.5 isn't saying "unit"
18:19 cielak: htorque: and note the repetitions of c3 bc give: 241563, which is same order as bdaefc
18:20 AlanBell: ali1234: look at the number of dots before each letter
18:20 ali1234: didn't i just say thqt?
18:20 TangleCrow: 8.5= "it is"?
18:20 ali1234: sounds like "and just" to me
18:21 Seeker`: more "it is" than "and just"
18:21 AlanBell: 2 before a, 4 before b, 6 before c, 8 before e, 10 before f
18:21 cielak: not 2, 4,6 etc
18:22 cielak: you're counting dots
18:22 cielak: count repetions of pattern "c3 bc" instead
18:22 cielak: that makes more sense
18:22 cielak: then just bytes
18:24 cielak: imho, at least
18:26 ali1234: it does when you consider that A=1 B=2 etc
18:27 ali1234: hmm
18:27 ali1234: this give me an idea
18:27 ali1234: it's really silly though
18:28 Seeker`: hmm, 15.5 seconds in the sound file he says "thirty seconds" or "32nd"
18:28 ali1234: what if this is some kind of RLE?
18:28 cielak: and right after there is something like "board" maybe
18:28 Seeker`: or, rather, "thirty sec"mumble
18:29 cielak: how it can be RLE?
18:31 cielak: I don't get it
18:32 Centigonal: hi there, i
18:32 Centigonal: 'm back
18:32 Centigonal: anything new?
18:32 cielak: lots od new thing
18:32 Centigonal: :o
18:32 ali1234: nah not really
18:32 cielak: have a look at the askubuntu page
18:32 cielak: okay, I'm going to sleep
18:32 ali1234: nothing new since console/ went up
18:33 ali1234: that was yesterday
18:33 ali1234: changes seem to happen in US timezone
18:33 cielak: 12:30AM at my location, and a hard day tommorow
18:33 cielak: so good luck, and have a nice day, guys!
18:34 ! cielak [53131d72@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
18:40 TangleCrow: I don't think he says thirty seconds...
18:40 flore2003: What is RLE?
18:40 TangleCrow: rather thirty seka***oses
18:40 TangleCrow: or something
18:40 TangleCrow: ...
18:41 Seeker`: that middle syllable begins with an "m" I think
18:43 TangleCrow: sekamos
18:43 TangleCrow: = in south africa
18:44 ali1234: can someone find a recording of this radio call shuttleworth did from space?
18:44 ali1234: i think it might have some answers
18:44 TangleCrow:
18:44 ali1234: i googled, did not find it
18:45 TangleCrow: Sekamos: Latitude decimal degrees): -32
18:46 ali1234: all the bits of audio that make up the mp3 must have come from somewhere
18:47 flore2003: Folks
18:47 flore2003: Does this sound like the gif mp3??
18:47 flore2003:
18:47 flore2003: The beginning I mean
18:47 flore2003: Quite similar isn't it?
18:47 ali1234: ... no
18:48 ali1234: however, maybe interesting
18:49 radec: whats ? seems like they just added it to the front page
18:49 nhaines: What's the URL to the mp3?
18:51 TangleCrow:
18:51 TangleCrow: rename .gif > .mp3
18:51 nhaines: Thanks!
18:52 TangleCrow: Use audacity or Vlc... Rythmbox or banshee won't work
18:52 nhaines: I always use VLC. :) Well, sometimes audacity...
18:53 TangleCrow: If you change speed and pitch in audacity it is easier to hear what he says...
19:02 radec: hey I haven't been paying attention much, but i saw you all talking about africa and noticed earlier that the ascii globe on the robots.txt file is centered on africa...( )
19:05 flore2003: Enything we can get from this?
19:05 flore2003: radec: nice find
19:07 TangleCrow: there are many letters and numbers in that robots.txt
19:10 radec: yeah i haven't found any meaning in them yet
19:11 TangleCrow: 737smdPbiYdbPVC7B77
19:13 flore2003: What is that?
19:14 TangleCrow: the numbers and letters in robots.txt
19:14 radec: 737dismdPbiYdbPVCyB77
19:15 radec: ^ erm thats wront n/m
19:15 radec: *wrong
19:15 TangleCrow: see what I found!
19:15 TangleCrow:
19:16 ! terrenceobrien [~terranceo@] has quit [Quit: terrenceobrien]
19:16 TangleCrow: Shuttleworth reporting from space!
19:16 radec: nice
19:19 TangleCrow: Good night guys!
19:20 ! TangleCrow [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:36 ! norunomu [] has joined #awholenewworld
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19:58 aj00200: can someone tell me what version of snort is in 11.10?
20:12 ! www2 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 248 seconds]
20:20 @jrgifford: aj00200: -
20:40 aj00200: hmm, I don't think that was updated then. Thanks for the info jrgifford
20:43 @jrgifford: no problem aj00200
20:54 ! ali1234 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
20:55 ! ali1234 [] has joined #awholenewworld
21:05 ! PsyberCelt [] has joined #awholenewworld
21:27 Centigonal: Hey, did you guys translate the rot13 on the console page?
21:27 Centigonal: ooh, just saw it
21:33 Centigonal:
21:33 Centigonal: maybe we can find something here?
21:45 ! vorgod [] has joined #awholenewworld
21:49 ! vorgod [] has left #awholenewworld []
22:36 ! ewproctor [] has joined #awholenewworld
22:39 ! terrence [] has joined #awholenewworld
22:43 ! Martyn [] has joined #awholenewworld
22:45 ewproctor: Hey all.
22:46 norunomu: Hey
22:49 ! ewproctor [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
22:50 ! norunomu [] has quit [Quit: norunomu]
22:53 Centigonal: Gys
22:53 Centigonal:
22:53 Centigonal: BG image changed
22:55 Centigonal: Also if you click the twitter link it auto-tweets 0x575341 UNIDENTIFIED TRANSMISSION INTERFERENCE
22:55 ! norunomu [] has joined #awholenewworld
22:55 * Centigonal pokes ali1234 , Dylan16807 , jrgifford
22:57 Centigonal: also the bar abouve the countdown is scrolling. Didi it used to to that?
23:01 norunomu: Hmm
23:01 Centigonal: added an edit to the ask page
23:01 norunomu: I don't remember it moving before
23:02 norunomu: But I might not've notice it
23:02 Centigonal: same here
23:09 radec: lol
23:09 Centigonal: ahaha
23:10 radec: did you see
23:10 radec: its odd as well
23:10 Centigonal: indeed
23:10 Centigonal: no idea what data we can learn from it, though
23:11 * radec shrugs
23:22 radec:
23:35 ! Martyn [] has quit [Quit: ZZZzzzZZzzzz....]
23:36 Centigonal: D:
23:36 Centigonal: I want to make a post on the ask page with a lot of links, but I lack reputation
23:36 Centigonal: ...I wonder if I could get more rep by answering questions on the other stackexchange sites
23:37 * Centigonal can't answer Ubuntu questions because, despite being a big Ubuntu fan, he has to use wondows as his primary OS because of Win/OSX only software. :<
23:59 Centigonal: ahahah radec
--- Day changed Fri Oct 07 2011
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00:37 norunomu:
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02:32 ! norunomu_ is now known as norunomu
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05:28 ! ewproctor [] has joined #awholenewworld
05:37 ! maroach [] has left #awholenewworld []
05:41 ewproctor: I'm just reading through the irc logs.
05:42 ! jderose [~jderose@ubuntu/member/jderose] has joined #awholenewworld
05:52 ewproctor: Maybe the Thinkpad A22P is being replaced by an ubuntu machine? :)
06:21 ewproctor: I am looking at the Transmission...the countries are repeated throughout it, but there are some ???? in there, what countries should those be in a pattern?
06:23 ! SetiAmon [] has joined #awholenewworld
06:23 SetiAmon: interesting
06:23 SetiAmon: it says 4 more days left
06:23 SetiAmon: isn't it coming out on the 13th
06:24 ! |PuLi| [] has joined #awholenewworld
06:24 ewproctor: Indeed.
06:25 |PuLi|: nothing new?
06:25 ewproctor: I am looking at the Transmission...the countries are repeated throughout it, but there are some ???? in there, what countries should those be in a pattern?
06:25 ewproctor: If there is a pattern.
06:26 SetiAmon: so this new ubuntu will use the latest linux kernel
06:26 SetiAmon: what will that mean really to the lay-user?
06:27 |PuLi|: ewproctor: i cheked those codes
06:27 |PuLi|:
06:27 |PuLi|: 3 country missing
06:28 ewproctor: How did you check them?
06:28 ! SetiAmon [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:31 ! norunomu_ [] has joined #awholenewworld
06:33 ewproctor: And there are 24 countries listed.
06:34 ewproctor: I'm starting to think we may be as far as we can go.
06:34 |PuLi|: me too
06:34 |PuLi|: but what was those HEX codes
06:34 |PuLi|:
06:35 |PuLi|:
06:38 ewproctor: If you decode it, I see this within the output: START: CynOnoceiomemdRhlnnpctiDisssunr1tooaLdoatsRgurrdsedeemaiiifiseornp&Ournlo:cotsOta:tetentr:amengYncuvZ
06:38 ewproctor: This looks familiar
06:39 ewproctor: I think that was the morse code.
06:39 ewproctor: ?
06:40 |PuLi|: morse was ariss/ibm/a22p
06:41 |PuLi|:
06:42 ! PsyberCelt [] has quit [Ping timeout: 256 seconds]
06:46 ewproctor: Right.
06:46 ewproctor: But I thought that was the code the generated it.
06:48 ewproctor: If you go to the link noted, ARISS is the amateur radio link to the ISS, it was running on an IBM A22P thinkpad left behind by Mark Shuttleworth in the ISS (yes, really) there is some kind of problem with it's power supply unit.
06:48 ! norunomu_ [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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07:02 ! TheLastProject [] has joined #awholenewworld
07:04 ! Viandante [] has joined #awholenewworld
07:05 ! htorque [] has joined #awholenewworld
07:05 Viandante: hi
07:06 ! ewproctor [] has joined #awholenewworld
07:06 Viandante: does ti change much if I install the 11.10 beta and then upgrade
07:06 Viandante: or if I install the 11.10 on release?
07:08 |PuLi|:
07:12 ! |PuLi| [] has quit [Quit: Lähdössä]
07:14 ! Viandante [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 7.0.1/20110928134238]]
07:40 * jrgifford prepares log dump
07:42 * jrgifford log dump complete
07:53 ! cielak [53131d72@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #awholenewworld
07:53 cielak: hi guys!
07:53 cielak: got through recent irc log
07:53 @jrgifford: cielak: yeah, I *just* dumped.
07:54 @jrgifford: Any ideas?
07:54 cielak: danm, that's so iritating that everyone who comes here has all the ideas that were already discussed
07:54 cielak: like extracting the letters from robots.txt
07:55 cielak: and we need to repetedly explain everything to these newbies
07:55 @jrgifford: I know, we've got all the smae ideas.
07:55 @jrgifford: *same ideas
07:55 cielak: but about the ideas, I don't have many, but I did some investigation
07:55 cielak: on the message in maintenance.gif
07:56 cielak: finished checking all simple shuffle alghorithms
07:56 @jrgifford: nothing?
07:56 cielak: I mean: all possible reasonable combinations of conbining modulo scrambing and/or the 241563 permutation
07:56 cielak: nothing
08:00 @jrgifford: :(
08:01 norunomu: What about /ariss/ibm/a22p?
08:01 norunomu: That's gotta be important
08:01 @jrgifford: yeah, it is(n't), we looked into that.
08:01 @jrgifford: right now it's a fake 404 page
08:01 @jrgifford: (i might be confusing it with something else though)
08:03 norunomu: Fake?
08:03 norunomu: Ah, /ariss/ibm/a22p has extra word
08:03 norunomu: "404-9"
08:04 @jrgifford: Didn't notice that....
08:04 norunomu: I have a feeling that's important
08:05 norunomu: Yeah if you open the normal 404 and that page and switch between the tabs you can see the difference pretty clearly
08:05 @jrgifford: Tried ariss/ibm/a395 (since 404-9 = 395)... no luck
08:06 norunomu: Hm smart
08:06 norunomu: It doesn't seem like an encrypted code or message
08:06 norunomu: Too short
08:07 cielak: by the way: all possible modulo counter permutations of message from maintenance.gif are very easy to generate:
08:08 @jrgifford: It's a medical diagnosis -
08:08 norunomu: Hmmm
08:08 norunomu: You could be on to something
08:08 @jrgifford: Or.... this probably isn't it, but I should point it out anyway - :P
08:08 norunomu: Though I don't see how it relates to the whole "space" theme they've got going on
08:08 @jrgifford: It's part of the wisconsin budget.
08:09 * jrgifford snorts
08:09 norunomu: Lol
08:09 norunomu: That seems pretty out there
08:09 @jrgifford: It's mentioned in a brute forcing wiki (at least according to google) -
08:10 @jrgifford: And I'm only on page 4 of the google results! What other treasures can be hiding out there?
08:10 norunomu: It's not 404-9 though
08:10 norunomu: More like 404 9
08:11 @jrgifford: Ok, that's not what we're looking for.
08:14 cielak: we are stuck at this level for a pretty long time already
08:14 @jrgifford: Although, pinwake's had us going in circles with stuff since the beginning, it's possible that this is just a way to get us barking up the wrong tree....
08:16 cielak: yep, but there was always some progress
08:16 norunomu: If they went to the trouble of encoding it in morse then it seems pretty significant...
08:16 cielak: we at lest knew what to dechicper next
08:16 norunomu: Especially seeing how they encrypted the URL
08:18 norunomu: It seems like it would be too much trouble to do all that just to distract us
08:21 ! terrenceobrien [] has joined #awholenewworld
08:21 ! terrenceobrien [] has quit [Client Quit]
08:21 @jrgifford: you kidding me? pinwake does all sorts of crazy stuff like that. :P
08:21 norunomu: Whatever you say :P
08:21 norunomu: But seriously, I think that page is significant
08:22 * jrgifford agrees to a certain extent
08:24 norunomu: BRB watching Doctor Who
08:24 ! norunomu [] has quit [Quit: norunomu]
08:27 AlanBell: I think at some point we will be decrypting a phone number
08:27 cielak: why?
08:27 cielak: a phone number?
08:28 ewproctor: Why do you suspect a phone number?
08:28 AlanBell: because I have been going through the minutes of the advert team meetings :)
08:29 ewproctor: haha
08:31 cielak: is there everything spoiled?
08:32 @jrgifford: Not everything, but I've been able to find *some* stuff....
08:32 @jrgifford: (nothing we didn't already know)
08:33 @jrgifford: somehow I missed the phone number.
08:40 ewproctor: I think we're waiting on a clue now.
08:42 cielak: yep, I'm out of ideas too
09:07 ! simen4000 [] has joined #awholenewworld
09:13 h00k: so, what have I missed with this schenanegins
09:14 ! simen4000 [] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
09:14 ! simen4000 [] has joined #awholenewworld
09:19 ! norunomu [] has joined #awholenewworld
09:27 ewproctor: I'm thinking not a whole lot.
09:28 norunomu: ?
09:28 ewproctor: As to what has been missed, depending on when you last checked in.
09:28 norunomu: Ah okay
09:29 cielak: ask jrg if you want to have the IRC logs updated
09:29 ewproctor: They have been updated pretty recently.
09:29 norunomu: Yeah, I was on 45 minutes ago
09:30 norunomu: No worries though, I'll just check em next time they're updated
09:31 cielak: nothing siginificant was said
09:31 ewproctor: I'm pretty sure there's been nothing new since you went to watch Doctor Who, except that we found AlanBell has been reading the minutes of the advert team meetings looking for hints.
09:31 norunomu: Lol, thanks
09:32 norunomu: That's pretty smart
09:32 ewproctor: and he expects we'll be looking for a phone number, but there was apparently nothing but vague references in the minutes.
09:32 norunomu: Hmmm
09:32 norunomu: Interesting
09:32 norunomu: I found their mailing list while searching "thisisthecountdown"
09:33 norunomu: Wasn't much there
09:33 ewproctor: Hm.. So "A Whole New World, A Whole New Computer"
09:33 ewproctor: Views from space.
09:33 norunomu: I assume they did almost all of the planning in more private sections of the internet :P
09:34 norunomu: The site is based in the US, right?
09:34 ewproctor: The morse code reference to the IBM Thinkpad A22P used on the ARISS program that has a failing power supply and needs to be replaced.
09:34 ewproctor: That could tie into the whole new computer.
09:34 ewproctor: Running ubuntu!
09:34 ewproctor: :)
09:35 cielak: that was already suggested
09:35 ewproctor: I'm just trying to take a step back and look at it from a distance.
09:35 cielak: a cool idea, though
09:35 norunomu: Can't miss that marketing opportunity
09:35 cielak: in 2002 Mark left there that thinkpad
09:36 h00k: I've been here the whole time, I'll just scroll up.
09:36 cielak: if he was to left any other machine there in these times, that machine would be running Ubuntu, that's sure
09:37 cielak: he's not going to the space anymore, as far as I know
09:37 cielak: but that may be a new idea
09:37 ! Martyn [~martinb@] has joined #awholenewworld
09:38 cielak: that on the time zero, Mark will anonuce he will visit ISS again, to repleace the broken computer ;)
09:38 cielak: very unlikely, but would be sweet
09:38 norunomu: Lol, that'd be a good plot twist
09:40 Seeker`: been looking through the meeting logs myself
09:40 Seeker`: they were definitely cryptic :P
09:40 cielak: did we notice the similarity of nicks: 'pinwake' and 'pinwalePHD'?
09:41 ewproctor: Who is DrMurk
09:43 cielak: 'Murk' may be pronounced similarly to 'Mark'
09:43 cielak: but that's no good idea
09:43 ewproctor: So we have DrMurk and PinwalePHD, so they're both doctors...
09:44 ewproctor: That's a useless little observation.
09:44 ewproctor: :)
09:44 ! norunomu [] has quit [Quit: norunomu]
09:44 cielak: as we've run out of seriuous ideas, these useless ones are at least fun :)
09:46 ewproctor: What other blanket observations can we make. What I know from the minutes, is that there is a story, so let's try to connect some of the dots.
09:47 cielak: I'd rather they unevil next clue this day
09:47 ewproctor: Me too.
09:47 cielak: for tommorrow I'm off, and I hope I won't loose too much fun ;D
09:49 cielak: I am not sure whether I should still waste my time trying to solve that mess, or whether the patience is the key
09:50 ewproctor: Yeah, I have other work I can be doing. haha
09:53 ! Martyn [~martinb@] has quit [Quit: ZZZzzzZZzzzz....]
10:01 h00k: I still think we need to figure out: CynOnoceiomemdRhlnnpctiDisssunr1tooaLdoatsRgurrdsedeemaiiifiseornp&Ournlo:cotsOta:tetentr:amengYncuv
10:01 h00k: That
10:02 h00k: er, including ' Start: '
10:17 ewproctor: Where was this again?
10:25 cielak: you mean where one can find the CynOnoceiomemdRhlnnpctiDisssunr1tooaLdoatsRgurrdsedeemaiiifiseornp&Ournlo:cotsOta:tetentr:amengYncuv ?
10:30 ! Seeker` [~cjo20@gateway/shell/ubottu/x-iitmsodpwenfsuci] has quit [Ping timeout: 255 seconds]
10:34 ! Flohmyi [] has joined #awholenewworld
10:46 ! cielak [53131d72@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
10:47 ! aj00200 [aj00200@bbot/developer/aj00200] has quit [Quit: i quit, IRC is too hard]
10:47 ! aj00200 [aj00200@gateway/shell/] has joined #awholenewworld
10:51 ewproctor: Yeah, I just wanted to see it in context.
10:53 ! Flohmyi [] has quit [Ping timeout: 256 seconds]
10:58 ! Seeker` [~cjo20@gateway/shell/ubottu/x-ngaruhwwgdjmhxau] has joined #awholenewworld
10:59 ! Seeker`_ [~cjo20@gateway/shell/ubottu/x-pgfvowzavlngbkav] has joined #awholenewworld
11:00 ! Seeker`_ [~cjo20@gateway/shell/ubottu/x-pgfvowzavlngbkav] has quit [Client Quit]
11:21 ! flore2003 [] has joined #awholenewworld
11:21 flore2003: What's up guys
11:21 flore2003: Any news?
11:23 ewproctor: Not that I'm aware of.
11:44 ! Gwaihir [~mcasagr@ubuntu/member/gwaihir] has quit [Quit: So long and thanks for all the IRC]
11:57 ! diplo [~diplo@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
12:53 ! simen400_ [] has joined #awholenewworld
12:53 ! Flohmyi [] has joined #awholenewworld
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13:06 pinwake: Meine freunde, sometimes one has all the pieces but doesn't know it.
13:06 Seeker`: connecting them may be hard
13:07 Seeker`: I guess it just requires some insight, but none of us has stumbled across any just yet :P
13:09 pinwake: Sometimes you have to do things twice.
13:18 Seeker`: belrgh, at least oen of the twitter clues points to the background image being a .mp3 (A world by any other name will still play - > the background image is a world)
13:18 Seeker`: And I guess that "If the world could sing" might be a reference to the same thing
13:19 Seeker`: "then man can tell his deepest secret" stumps me a little
13:19 Seeker`: as does the "one may pass the class, yet not see what is in plain sight ahead"
13:20 Seeker`: ali1234: AlanBell: ewproctor: flore2003: jrgifford ^
13:23 Seeker`: Has "Class" on the homepage changed again? 77 6f 72 6c 64 73 70 61 63 65 61 67 65 6e 63 79 2e 6f 72 67
13:24 Seeker`: ah, thats just worldspaceagency?
13:24 AlanBell: yup
13:25 AlanBell: and we now have new stuff, mentioning friends again
13:26 Seeker`: pinwake's two comments are now on the twitter feed too
13:29 Seeker`: so what have we done already that needs to be (or could be) repeated
13:29 Seeker`: we've renamed images, but there aren't obviously any more images that could be renamed to get sound out
13:33 Seeker`: wait, what is the link to the background iamge thats a sound file?
13:36 ! TheLastProject [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:43 ! simen4000 [] has joined #awholenewworld
13:45 ! simen400_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 248 seconds]
13:48 Seeker`: we haven't had anything useful from ariss/ibm/a22p, have we
13:55 ali1234: more german
13:55 ali1234: why?
13:56 Seeker`: Germany isn't on the list of countries from the transmission
13:58 Seeker`: hmm, more use of "one" too
13:58 Seeker`: "one may pass the class"
13:58 Seeker`: "one has all the pieces"
13:59 Seeker`: but "you have to do things twice"
13:59 Seeker`: not "one has to do things twice"
13:59 AlanBell: more "friends"
14:00 ali1234: the other day i was complaining about how i had to keep downloading everything again because they are changing the website
14:00 ali1234: however, i now have an automated system to do it for me
14:00 ali1234: the change to the class string is the only change since yesterday
14:01 Seeker`: so we have a story abotua laptop on a space station, a list of countries from radio callsigns, a "nice try" and 404-9 when trying to get information about ariss
14:01 ali1234: keeps changing
14:01 Seeker`: and then an unrelated string of characters
14:04 ewproctor: I missed some action.
14:04 ewproctor: haha
14:09 ! cielak [53131d72@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #awholenewworld
14:09 cielak: I'm back!
14:09 ewproctor: Welcome back.
14:10 cielak: the new clues seem to tell us that we are going the right way
14:10 cielak: did you got anything?
14:10 ewproctor: The new clues tell us to keep looking.
14:11 ewproctor: More about friends, and doing things twice.
14:11 ewproctor: Has anyone verified that the morse code hasn't changed yet again?
14:12 cielak: maybe we have to summon these friends? the tips way saying there are friends waiting for us on the irc - I know that may be lame, but maybe we are expected to call them friends, for we've not tried that
14:13 cielak: +1 for the morse code, I'll try checking that, but I didn't dechiper it before and I may be wrong
14:13 cielak: and, by the way, I got something
14:13 ewproctor: What did you find?
14:14 ! rverrips [] has joined #awholenewworld
14:14 cielak: I was eating my dinner right before the moment
14:14 cielak: and drinking coke from glass I noticed there are some numbers on it's bottom
14:14 cielak: these are: 241563
14:15 cielak: and same for all glasses I own
14:15 cielak: there is always this famous permutation on bottom!
14:15 ewproctor: Ok.
14:15 cielak: I doubt if the game is getting out of vitrual world and affecting our lives, but noticing that I just though: WTF
14:16 ewproctor: haha. It's like those numbers on LOST.
14:16 ewproctor: haha
14:17 cielak: exactly!
14:17 cielak: but at least now I'm 100% sure these are right numbers
14:17 cielak: rechecking the morse code is crucial, it has already changed once
14:18 ewproctor: I'm at work without headphones, or I would do it.
14:18 ewproctor: I'm rechecking the message.
14:23 ewproctor: That is no different, but not sure on the morse code
14:24 AlanBell: "Sometimes you have to do things twice." - double rot13 perhaps :)
14:24 ewproctor: Or double something.
14:25 cielak: double rot13?
14:25 cielak: eeem
14:25 cielak: text -> rot13 -> rot13 = same text
14:26 ewproctor: Yeah.
14:26 ewproctor: Not rot 13 two times
14:27 cielak: does anyone has the page that was used to decrypt the transmission in console?
14:27 Seeker`:
14:27 cielak: thx
14:31 ! rverrips [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:31 ewproctor: What clue leads us to believe that this is the way we decrypt the transmission?
14:33 cielak: good question
14:33 cielak: I didn't investigate that, just came here and somebody told me that's already decrypted
14:33 ewproctor: Because when I enter it, it says no match, but it looks like it may be...
14:34 cielak: some of these calls are invalid
14:34 cielak: that convinces me we might have encoded this incorrectly
14:35 cielak: ARISS signal is not encrypted in any way??
14:35 ewproctor: Me too.
14:36 cielak: each block has 5 characters
14:37 ewproctor: Which is very common for a cypher
14:37 cielak: alligned in 5 blocks / line
14:37 cielak: are there 42 blocks, or can't I count?
14:38 ewproctor: You can count apparently. :)
14:38 cielak: the answer to the life&universe, then?
14:38 ewproctor: Ubuntu 11.10!
14:38 ewproctor: :)
14:38 cielak: I meant - 42
14:39 ewproctor: YEah, I know.
14:39 cielak: it was already used in marketing campaign
14:39 cielak: for the 10.10.10
14:39 cielak: back on the topic: number 6 apears in these block very often
14:39 cielak: and I can't see any other number
14:40 ewproctor: A couple 5's in there
14:40 cielak: right! I should change font
14:46 ! simen4000 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 255 seconds]
14:47 h00k: that block was decrypted already
14:47 h00k: the incomplete transmission block
14:48 ewproctor: But is it right?
14:48 ewproctor: I'm not sold.
14:48 cielak: we believe the decryption is incorrect
14:48 ewproctor: How was it decrypted?
14:48 h00k:
14:48 h00k: rot13, I think.
14:48 cielak: point is that not only it makes no sense, but some call are invalid
14:48 h00k: said someone.
14:48 cielak: nope
14:49 cielak: not rot13
14:49 h00k:'s not rot13
14:49 cielak: rot13 is for the chat
14:49 h00k: and 12
14:49 cielak: to decrypt that was used
14:49 cielak: but for some calls it says the call is invalid
14:49 ewproctor: I know it's decrypted, but I'm doubting the validity of the decryption
14:49 h00k: gotcha.
14:49 ewproctor: Actually, for the very first one it says not found, but it "looks like"
14:50 ewproctor: So unless I was doing it wrong, I don't think it's the right translation.
14:53 htorque: has the CynOnoceiomemd... stuff been solved yet?
14:53 cielak: nope
14:53 ewproctor: I don't believe so.
14:53 cielak: i worked very hard on that
14:54 htorque: what about the things in front of "START: "? the a → 2, b → 4, etc.
14:54 htorque: also, it's six segments starting with an upper case letter in front of the "&" and six letters - maybe a way to reorder those segments? yet, doesn't make a lot of sense :)
14:54 cielak: I believe I have checked every possible combination of encoding that with modulo counter and/or applied (in many ways) the permutation 241563 (suggested before START)
14:55 cielak: and checked every reasonable shuffle that would result in something that would include "Oneir"
14:55 htorque: any news on the background of the main site? could be a red herring?
14:56 htorque: i wonder if that's a coincidence:
14:56 ewproctor: Hmm.
14:56 cielak: also, I'm convinced that it's ONLY a scrambling algotithm for the CynOnoceiomemd...., because letter frequencies are almost exactly as in english
14:56 cielak: have you seen last two clues?
14:57 htorque: not yet :-)
14:57 cielak: they basically say that we have got everything that's needed
14:58 cielak: and we have to redo some things
14:58 cielak:
14:58 htorque: i think a lot of people will be disappointed not to see oneiric released when the countdown is at zero:!/search/thisisthecountdown
14:58 htorque: or it WILL be released when the countdown is at zero. iso testing started today.
14:58 cielak: true!
14:59 cielak: but I doubt they would change the release plans and keep it as secret... no point
14:59 htorque: hard to keep it a secret i'd say :)
15:00 h00k: Meine freunde, sometimes one has all the pieces but doesn't know it.
15:00 ewproctor: Anyone else take notice that 241563 contains 123456, so maybe it's something to do with ordering?
15:00 h00k: That first part is german
15:00 cielak: I do all the time!!!
15:00 cielak: that's why I call it a permutation!
15:00 Seeker`: I think cielak has said that every 5 mins for the last 24-48 hours
15:00 ! somedude9 [4c79a57f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #awholenewworld
15:00 h00k: the German part?
15:00 cielak: agreed!
15:00 htorque: i'm wondering if that whole campaign is actually attracting new guys or just ubuntu nuts with too much spare time. ;-)
15:01 h00k: also, "Sometimes you have to do things twice.
15:01 h00k: "
15:01 cielak: htorque: anyhow, that's a great fun for geeks!
15:01 h00k: I wonder if something has changed - the mp3 in the gif or something?
15:02 cielak: it can be that something's different
15:02 h00k: Right..
15:02 h00k: That's what I mean
15:03 cielak: is it jsut me, or anyone else can't connect to
15:03 h00k: .org
15:03 cielak: *.org, right
15:03 h00k: I can get there
15:03 cielak: firefox gets stuck and says: connecting to
15:03 htorque: by the way, what's about the deny stuff in the main site's robot.txt? "/1/"
15:03 cielak: ah, ok
15:04 htorque: "Disallow: /1/"
15:04 cielak: I wonder if we should seek for new things in new places
15:04 h00k: htorque: you're talking worldspaceagency, or thisisthecountdown
15:05 cielak: they said we have everything, so I'd rather be interpreting the information we already have
15:05 htorque:
15:05 htorque: is 404
15:05 somedude9: Woah there's a dalek
15:05 Seeker`: htorque: proper or fake?
15:05 htorque: haven't checked
15:06 cielak: diff it with any other 404
15:06 h00k: it says FrontPage/
15:06 h00k: so do other 404s
15:07 Seeker`: look at the text in the bottom
15:07 cielak: ah, I can't connect neither to thisisthecountdown nor wpa
15:07 cielak: *wsa
15:07 Seeker`: does it have "404-9"
15:07 h00k: Seeker`: I did see that before
15:07 h00k: which, in doing the math, is 395
15:07 h00k: if that is how we have to go about it?
15:08 Seeker`: please pay attention to whole conversations h00k :/
15:08 h00k: Seeker`: I'm trying :( I'm also at work.
15:08 Seeker`: I asked htorque if the 404 for /1/ is real or fake
15:09 ewproctor: I believe that's correct.
15:09 cielak: real
15:09 h00k: It appears real
15:09 cielak: exacly same as others
15:09 cielak: now what I have noticed
15:10 ewproctor: me too h00k
15:10 cielak: the 404's form and the coutdown are different
15:10 cielak: at least one difference:
15:10 cielak: (Ubuntu) FrontPage/
15:11 htorque: oh it must be fun for the creators to watch us run in circles :D
15:11 ewproctor: I bet it is.
15:11 cielak: oh! and more difference
15:12 cielak: some key hashes differ
15:12 h00k: ^ regarding FrontPage, yes, but that could just be because they're on different servers, it may not mean anything.
15:12 cielak: but I think these are just different keys for different domains for the facebook API etc
15:13 cielak: different servers, but at least the IP is same
15:13 cielak: let's traceroute both sites
15:14 h00k: different ends.
15:15 h00k: for worldspaceagency
15:15 h00k: for thisisthecountdown
15:16 cielak: haa!
15:16 cielak: seen that: ?
15:16 cielak: wasn't there a globe?
15:16 h00k: globe is on
15:16 cielak: nope
15:16 cielak:
15:16 cielak: no globe
15:17 h00k: org, cielak
15:17 cielak: ah! lame me
15:17 h00k: ;)
15:17 cielak: damn firefox remembers sites I visited just once
15:17 h00k: see, Seeker`, I can be helpful!
15:17 htorque: CynOnoceiomemdRhlnnpctiDisssunr→1←tooaLdoatsRgurrdsedeemaiiifiseornp - i so don't like that 1. though i used it for a revers burrows-wheeler-transformation, just w/o luck.
15:18 cielak: htorque: try also including the START: in the string
15:18 h00k: someone said to consider the ' Start: ' as well with that string
15:18 h00k: including the space
15:18 h00k: s
15:19 cielak: should try out all combinations
15:19 htorque: tried that too, also with the characters before the "START: "
15:20 htorque: nn, sss, oo, rr, ee, iii - that looked like runs were built for better compression, but there are tons of algorithms for that.
15:20 htorque: it gotta be a bit simpler IMO.
15:24 ewproctor: I agree.
15:26 htorque: wait, the twitter message says "meine freunde"? enigma ftw! :D
15:26 cielak: goddamn! is it really that?
15:27 ! madnick [] has joined #awholenewworld
15:28 ! madnick [] has left #awholenewworld []
15:28 cielak: no, I doubt
15:28 cielak: note that the letter frequencies are okay
15:28 ! anon85314 [6c2a10e9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #awholenewworld
15:28 ewproctor: Wait, what cyphers have we gried that require a key?
15:30 ewproctor: 'friends' are key
15:30 ewproctor: Maybe/
15:30 ewproctor: ?
15:30 h00k: circle of friends
15:30 h00k: maybe?
15:31 cielak: and 'open source' is a key too
15:36 ewproctor: I tried a transposition cypher using friends on both, nothing.
15:38 ewproctor: I wonder if a double transposition?
15:38 anon85314: how do i download the 11.10 rc?
15:38 cielak: double transposition = another single transposition
15:39 cielak: also, do not transpose the CynOnoceiomemdRhlnnpctiDisssunr....
15:39 cielak: the letter frequencies are okay, so the text is just shuffled
15:40 anon85314: anyone?
15:41 ! anon85314 [6c2a10e9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
15:41 somedude9:
15:41 somedude9: wow he left
15:41 cielak: too bad ;(
15:41 somedude9: ah well
15:41 cielak: by the way... the RC didn't come
15:41 cielak: should be released yesterday
15:41 somedude9: oh yeah..
15:41 somedude9: weird
15:41 cielak: maybe the countdown is counting to the RC then?
15:42 cielak: weird indeed
15:43 ewproctor: A transposition cypher wouldn't change the frequency, just the order.
15:44 Takyoji: any reason for a corrupted-like appearance to the background image now? :P
15:44 somedude9: looks like they changed the release schedule so there isn't one?
15:45 somedude9: oh wait never mind..
15:46 cielak: "do things twice..."
15:46 ewproctor: working on it.
15:46 ewproctor: haha
15:48 cielak: there are two different bg.gif's
15:49 cielak: on is 220 kb in size and contains music:
15:49 cielak: the other is just 17 kb:
15:49 cielak: look the same
15:54 cielak: yep, hex data is same, except for the appended mp3 part
15:55 cielak: what else can we redo?
15:57 cielak: hey!
15:57 cielak: the body class tag in thisisthecountdown has changed ONCE AGAIN
15:58 somedude9: you could redo the morse code?
15:58 cielak: but it still says
15:58 cielak: though this time it's EVEN simpler to decrypt
15:58 htorque: did that this morning. still said connect/ibm/a22p
15:58 htorque: unless the morse.js is mixing things up later in the code
15:59 htorque: don't exactly feel like i want to go through it:
16:00 ewproctor: It doesn't say connect.
16:00 ewproctor: it says ariss/ibm/a22p
16:00 ewproctor: I think it may have oringally said that.
16:00 htorque: not when i tried it
16:00 ! cielak_ [53131d72@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #awholenewworld
16:00 ewproctor: *originally
16:00 cielak_: the morse.js does on tricks
16:00 cielak_: *no tricks
16:01 cielak_: as far as i can see
16:02 htorque: sweet, now it sys ariss. it definitely said connect like 20 hours ago.
16:02 ! somedude9 [4c79a57f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
16:02 ! cielak [53131d72@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
16:03 cielak_: where does this message orginate from in the source?
16:03 htorque: what message?
16:04 cielak_: the one played in morse code
16:04 cielak_:
16:04 cielak_: there are both
16:04 cielak_: oh, not both
16:04 cielak_: it's contact/ibm/a22p
16:05 cielak_: nooo
16:05 cielak_: it's commented out
16:05 cielak_: what does the js operator ^ do?
16:07 ewproctor: No, it's ariss/ibm/a22p right?
16:07 htorque: cielak_: in java it's bitwise xor, so probably that
16:07 cielak_: hey, I bet has changed
16:08 cielak_: gotto analyse that
16:13 cielak_: hey
16:14 cielak_: and worldspaceagency/console/script.js differ a bit
16:16 cielak_: the keys are different...
16:19 cielak_: the one from is (after decoding: 22|5|30|93|27|78|10|9|8|93|21|75|66|21)
16:19 cielak_: the one from hackertyper is 20|24|25|90|9|2|23|68|12|16|25|86|17|87|64|94
16:19 cielak_: what were they used to?
16:20 htorque: yeah, crap. i guess i listened to the wrong page this morning.
16:21 htorque: the one in says connect/... the one on worldspaceagency says ariss
16:21 cielak_: also
16:21 htorque: cielak_: they are used to make the morse text out of the url ""
16:22 cielak_: I uncommented the commened code
16:22 cielak_: and now the page displays the key in an alertbox: 20 24 25 90 9 2 23 68 12 16 25 86 17 87 64 94
16:23 htorque: connect → contact, sry
16:24 htorque: so, that hasn't changed, but we still don't know what to do with ariss/ibm/a22p. we still don't know what to do with the coded transmission, the stuff at the end of the maintenance.gif, the mp3, the weird bg.gif on the main site. damn! :D
16:24 cielak_: so just depending on which key is used that decodes to different messages?
16:25 cielak_: with same ending?
16:25 cielak_: and there is the transmission, and the pine lake
16:27 ewproctor: Keep it up, I'm out, but I'm just heading home, I'll be back on.
16:28 cielak_: oh, sry, I was wrong
16:28 cielak_: the alert does not display the key
16:28 htorque: → that has a nice "CFY5" code there. too bad the transmission segments have five characters. :D
16:28 htorque: ewproctor: cya!
16:28 cielak_: it calculates & displayes the key that would dechipher the hashes to contact/ibm/a22p
16:29 cielak_: CFY5 is another laptop
16:29 cielak_:
16:31 cielak_: nah, substituting ibm/a22p with that gives 404's
16:32 cielak_: though that would be a nice trick
16:36 AlanBell: this is a specific laptop though, shuttleworth's old one
16:39 h00k: That he left up there.
16:39 htorque: 48210126 - what to do with that? :-(
16:39 AlanBell: whilst on-orbit they were designated TP1 and TP2
16:40 AlanBell:
16:47 ! Flohmyi [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:48 ! Flohmyi [] has joined #awholenewworld
17:00 ! Flohmyi [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:03 cielak_: htorque: what's 48210126 ?
17:03 ! Claudinux [~claudio@ubuntu/member/claudinux] has joined #awholenewworld
17:03 ! Flohmyi [] has joined #awholenewworld
17:03 * jrgifford prepares dump
17:03 htorque: the point counts in front of the b d c stuff before the START: thing17:04 htorque: i'm trying to figure out if that's maybe the key to decipher the transmission (which is probably some substitution cipher)
17:05 cielak_: haven't you heard of my theory on these points?
17:05 * jrgifford dump complete
17:05 cielak_: and that thats definitely NOT any substitution
17:06 cielak_: so let me repeat that once again
17:06 cielak_: first take a look at the letter frequencies
17:06 cielak_: the page calculates it pretty well
17:07 cielak_: and allows to compare to english language average
17:07 cielak_: it turns out it fits perfectly
17:07 cielak_: which means the letters are not substituted
17:07 @jrgifford: ewproctor: You mentioned this morning that you weren't sure what was going on - here's the whole thing -
17:07 cielak_: but scrambles/shuffled
17:07 cielak_: got it?
17:08 htorque: cielak_: i'm more thinking about the "OnoceiomemdDisss..." being the key to decipher the transmission "BJGGK ANJJP CIAO..."
17:09 cielak_: right! but let me share my thoughs on the 'point' before START:
17:09 htorque: though that got a lot of repeats, maybe it's the other way round - who knows. :D
17:09 cielak_: it's only the HEX dupm that represents that as points
17:10 htorque: sure, but were expected to look at it in a hex dump, no? :)
17:10 htorque: +we
17:10 cielak_: in fact that are other chars: in HEX it's C3 and BC
17:11 cielak_: so instead of counting the FAKE points, lets count the C3BC repetitions, as that patterns is repated many times
17:11 cielak_: so we get 241563
17:12 cielak_: also, when we assume a=1, b=2, c=3, the result is same: 241563
17:12 cielak_: one can notice 241563 consist of 1,2,3,4,5 and 6
17:12 cielak_: so that's a /definition of order/ of some sort (a permutation)
17:13 Centigonal: Hello
17:13 Centigonal: so tired today
17:13 cielak_: hi!
17:14 cielak_: hmmm
17:14 cielak_: for the transmission:
17:14 cielak_: some things need to be done twice
17:14 cielak_: also, we have a permutation
17:14 @jrgifford: Whoa, about that twitter stuff earler, these two tweets are interesting... -!/abdelhafidcom/status/122418810350342144 -!/Glorymunited/status/122417939075969024 (both from the tweet button, both include a hint from earlier)
17:15 Centigonal: eh?
17:15 Centigonal: the tweet button on the countdown page auto tweets that text
17:15 cielak_: yep
17:15 cielak_: sooo may people have twitted that
17:15 Centigonal: what is that hex code?
17:16 cielak_: WSA
17:16 @jrgifford: Centigonal: but why... they changed it, it wasn't that way earlier. It was the "A whole new world" or something.
17:16 cielak_: which stands for World Space Agency
17:16 cielak_: they have changed it early yestarday
17:16 @jrgifford: Ah, ok, guess I'm just behind the times. (not surprising)
17:17 Centigonal: see the answers page, jrgifford
17:17 Centigonal: I added some info! :D
17:17 @jrgifford: So they changed it about the same time that the image got corrupted?
17:17 Centigonal: yeah
17:17 cielak_: right
17:17 Centigonal: do you know where we can get the bg image?
17:17 Centigonal: (I wanna analyse it!)
17:17 Centigonal: also, maybe the exact update time is important
17:18 cielak_:
17:18 Centigonal: thanks, cielak_ !
17:18 cielak_: i still think we need to analyse what we already have found
17:18 cielak_: and not look for any new tracks
17:18 cielak_: they said we have everything needed, but are not aware of that
17:18 cielak_: and that we need to redo some things
17:19 Centigonal: ooh
17:19 cielak_: or do twice
17:19 * jrgifford reads the askubuntu answer
17:19 Centigonal: we still haven't decoded the thing in the maintenece.gif
17:19 htorque: cielak_: maybe do the 241563 twice → 48210126 ;D
17:20 cielak_: or apply the order twice: 452631
17:20 cielak_: I've been working on the maintenance.gif message whole day
17:20 cielak_: even sacrifised some lessons at school :)
17:21 @jrgifford: I think maintenece.gif is the key, not the actual m
17:21 @jrgifford: *message
17:21 cielak_: I'm pretty sure I've checked all possible combinations of modulo scrambles and/or reasonably applied permutation
17:21 cielak_: disagree
17:21 cielak_: look at the letter frequencies
17:22 cielak_: same as in english text
17:22 Centigonal: 241563 is a hex code
17:22 Centigonal: so is bdaefc
17:24 cielak_: but the link between them assuming a=1 b=2 etc can't be accidential
17:25 * jrgifford fixes Centigonal's hyperlinks.
17:25 Centigonal: Thankies! :D
17:28 cielak_: whatever happens now, even if on the time 0 they'll do something extremelly lame
17:28 @jrgifford: Is there an update on ariss/ibm/a22p?
17:28 cielak_: i won't change my mind this is a GREAT game
17:28 Centigonal: hehehe, that's true
17:29 cielak_: notpron, similar to the style, actually sucks, because web is full of spoilers and you can't use the internet for tips
17:30 cielak_: yeah, I'm sure I'll never regret that I'm participating in this game
17:30 cielak_: great job, ubuntu-adverts team, great job pinwake, great job whoever else
17:31 Centigonal: I just wish we were pro enough to unscramble this
17:31 @jrgifford: You're not giving up yet are you?
17:32 Centigonal: (and I had had enough sleep to think straight)
17:32 Centigonal: No way, jrg!
17:32 @jrgifford: Good!
17:33 cielak_: that's too much of great fun to give up ;)
17:34 Centigonal: okay, so let's work on the clues
17:34 Centigonal: One by one
17:34 Centigonal: "Friends are the key to open source"
17:35 Centigonal: ...I personally think this means that you have to work together to do this... maybe?
17:35 cielak_: = use the irc to work cooperatively, and be sure to read the source code of thisisthecountdown
17:36 @jrgifford: except that the IRC channel was something that was added last minute.
17:36 Centigonal: maybe they wanted us to do it with twitter?
17:36 @jrgifford: Let me take a look at something with that twitter account.
17:36 Centigonal: (An ARG with twitter? the thought of that gives me the shivers)
17:36 cielak_: last minute? not really
17:37 Centigonal: please do, jrg
17:37 cielak_: it's even mentioned on
17:37 @jrgifford: Trust me, the IRC channel was a last minute idea.
17:38 @jrgifford: Alright, now i'm in the dev console.
17:38 cielak_: a good one, though, otherwise noone would get far
17:38 @jrgifford: we want the creation date of @thisisthe, correct?
17:38 Centigonal: sure
17:38 Centigonal: dev console for... twitter?
17:39 cielak_: i do trust you, but that means you are the one that knows MORE
17:39 Centigonal: cielak_: huh? is jrg in the know?
17:40 cielak_: the domain was registered somethere in May
17:40 cielak_: "Trust me, the IRC channel was a last minute idea." <- looks as if you ware amongs these that planned the game ^^
17:40 Centigonal: ah
17:41 Centigonal: he's a member of Ubuntu's leadership team, bug I think that's separate from ubuntu-adverts
17:44 @jrgifford: If you look here -
17:45 @jrgifford: you'll see that the "created_at: value is "Wed May 18 04:24:31 +0000 2011"
17:45 @jrgifford: (not sure that helps us, was just something I found while looking for anything there)
17:46 Centigonal: Nice :D
17:47 cielak_: yep... they've been preparing the game for a long time
17:47 @jrgifford: So, i'm not seeing anything special via the twitter account.
17:47 Centigonal: not all that useful though
17:47 Centigonal: twitter acc has clues, though
17:48 Centigonal: PS: jrg, sorry for creeping on your account, but since cielak raised the possibility of you being in the know, I'm doing a bit of snooping
17:49 @jrgifford: Centigonal: No worries, I knew people would do that. :)
17:49 @jrgifford: wearing the hat and denying that I know anything about the game *is* very suspisious I know. :P
17:49 @jrgifford: *suspicious
17:51 Centigonal: hehe
17:51 Centigonal: Only think I've found so far is a common link to Ohio
17:51 Centigonal: Seriously, what is up with ohio?
17:51 Centigonal: all the cool stuff happens in Ohio
17:52 @jrgifford: Depends which part of Ohio - here in cleveland it's just me and a bunch of fedora users.
17:52 @jrgifford: Outside of that, I have no clue.
17:53 Centigonal: You see, of the people I talk to regularly in IRC, 60% are from Ohio
17:53 Centigonal: It's weird!
17:54 Centigonal: ...anyway, on topic: IIRC, the chatlog said thecountdown was utc-5 (east coast)
17:54 @jrgifford: Yes, that's correct.
17:54 Centigonal: and AlanBell mentioned Ohio
17:54 @jrgifford: pinwake is in youngstown-ish.
17:54 Centigonal: Are AlanBell and pinwake the same person? O_o
17:54 AlanBell: lol
17:55 @jrgifford: hehe, probably not. :P
17:55 AlanBell: 0x575341 is just WSA
17:56 Centigonal: ooh hey
17:56 Centigonal: pinwake's realname is 43tgmbe
17:56 AlanBell: oh, that has changed
17:56 Centigonal: :o
17:56 @jrgifford: Is that a hint?
17:57 ewproctor: Any new leads or thoughts?
17:57 AlanBell: oh, actually maybe it hasn't changed
17:58 AlanBell: the IRC name is "The User" as it was before
17:58 Centigonal: yup
17:59 @jrgifford: :(
18:00 Centigonal: ewproctor: we're going over the info we have already. see askbuntu
18:05 cielak_: übchi?
18:05 cielak_: the double transposition
18:06 cielak_: I've already got to that, without knowing the übchi clue
18:09 AlanBell: tried doing a dot to dot of the country names on a world map, looks a complete mess
18:09 cielak_: yay! übchi, and the transposition permutation key will be 241563
18:10 cielak_: need to figure out now how do decode that
18:10 cielak_: the coutries are wrong
18:10 cielak_: read the IRC log for my several explanations why this was incorectly dechiphered
18:13 AlanBell: how was it decrypted to countries?
18:15 cielak_:
18:15 htorque: using this, taking each segment as input:
18:15 htorque: i doubt that's it. using five letter blocks is common to represent cipher text.
18:16 AlanBell: yeah, that doesn't seem likely
18:16 AlanBell: not sure how you would intentionally set that up
18:16 htorque: so it's rather one long thing with spaces and punctuation stripped.
18:17 htorque: no d, m, v, y, and only 5 and 6
18:17 AlanBell: call signs does fit the ham radio ISS theme
18:19 AlanBell: could it be an image or sound?
18:19 ewproctor: Exactly.
18:19 ewproctor: haha
18:19 Centigonal: it's all caps, though
18:19 ewproctor: :)
18:20 Centigonal: Has anyone done analysis on stars.gif?
18:20 ewproctor: I'll focus on that string, I was pulling it apart with ruby later.
18:20 ewproctor: *earlier
18:21 Centigonal: I;m looking mainly at the websites+twitter, collecting information, and occasionally tackling the string in maintenence.gif
18:22 Centigonal: are the numbers 1991 and 11584 of any sinificance?
18:22 Centigonal: (they're on the WSA homepage)
18:24 Centigonal: wait the other number is juist a counter
18:25 ewproctor: I think the BJGG is ciphered in some way, while the other is likely jumbled.
18:25 ewproctor: I have still toyed with the thought of friend or friends as a key, from the clue.
18:25 Centigonal: there are more clues
18:26 Centigonal: actually, we should go through all of them now
18:26 ewproctor: Since today?
18:26 cielak_: i think i got it.
18:26 Centigonal: no, all of the old ones
18:26 ewproctor: Absolutely, a recap is good.
18:26 ewproctor: Since we're kind of stalled.
18:26 cielak_: just a sec, will report in a moment
18:26 Centigonal: cielak_: !!?!?
18:26 Centigonal: In the meantime
18:26 cielak_: goooooot!
18:27 Centigonal: :OOOOOO
18:27 cielak_: got it!
18:27 Centigonal: What did you do?
18:27 cielak_: the message from maintenance.gif
18:27 Centigonal: I've been banging my head against that forever! what'd you do?
18:27 cielak_: double transposition chicper with key 241563 used twice
18:27 Centigonal: that's... complicated
18:27 cielak_: took some time to rewrite it, I was dechicpering in pen
18:27 ewproctor: And?
18:28 ewproctor: I tried to do that with friends!
18:28 ewproctor: haha
18:28 ewproctor: :)
18:28 Centigonal: :O
18:28 Centigonal: that means the stuff in the other one's prolly a rail fence cipher
18:29 htorque: nice
18:29 cielak_: Line1:codenameCORDOROY:instructions:donotatempEanythinguntilseruersarecompromised&signaisourcefoundz
18:29 cielak_: that's it
18:29 cielak_: I might have mistaken some single chars thougn
18:29 cielak_: typing that in hurry ;D
18:29 cielak_: I'm soooo excited ;D
18:30 Centigonal: :D
18:30 Centigonal: ooh
18:30 Centigonal: I think we can start putting together a story!
18:30 Centigonal: a signal was heard from outer space
18:30 cielak_: will correct my typos now:
18:31 Centigonal: WSA says it's not an alien signal, but some rebel hackers get in and want to investigate
18:31 ewproctor: so do not attempt anything until servers are compromised and signal source is found
18:31 cielak_: Line1:codenameCORDOROY:instructions:donotatempEanythinguntilserversarecompromised&signalsourcefoundz
18:31 cielak_: we're these hackers?
18:32 Centigonal: I think the hackers are the dudes in
18:32 Centigonal: and the people who created that message
18:33 ewproctor: Nice work Cielak
18:33 flore2003: Hey Guys
18:33 cielak_: now it's your turn: think what's next, guys
18:33 htorque: next is bed. good night and good luck! ;-)
18:34 cielak_: haha! gnight
18:34 ! cielak_ [53131d72@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
18:34 flore2003: How did you decipher the message?
18:34 flore2003: Like, what's the procedure?
18:35 ! warp10 [~andrea@ubuntu/member/warp10] has quit [Quit: Beam me up, Scotty!]
18:37 Centigonal: Double transposition with 241563 as the key, apparently
18:37 htorque: mh, why is the transmission younger than the comments file?
18:38 Centigonal: :O
18:38 Centigonal: that's super-odd
18:39 ! warp10 [~andrea@ubuntu/member/warp10] has joined #awholenewworld
18:39 ewproctor: So that was the do it twice, now for the friends clue?
18:42 flore2003: You kinda screwed up a little
18:42 flore2003: I decoded it once more
18:42 flore2003: Line1:codenameCORDOROY:instructions:donotattemptanythinguntilserversarecompromised&signalsourcefound
18:43 ewproctor: Either way, nice find cielak
18:43 ewproctor: Doing it by hand found the result.
18:43 flore2003: Yeah, great job =)
18:43 Centigonal: celiek is a pro
18:43 Centigonal: a/ek/ak/
18:43 Centigonal: s*
18:46 Centigonal: Okay, now it's time for twitter clue recap
18:46 ewproctor: Indeed...which clue ties into the transmission
18:47 Centigonal:!/thisisthe -- from the beginning
18:47 Centigonal: "Remember, friends are key to open source."
18:48 Centigonal: We already discussed this, didn't make much headway
18:48 Centigonal: "One may pass the class, yet not see what is in plain sight ahead"
18:48 Centigonal: This was about the class tag in that lead to, probably
18:48 Centigonal: "If the world could sing, then man can tell his deepest secret."
18:49 Centigonal: The GIF image of a globe had an MP3 inside of it. We didn't figure out what the mp3 meant, though
18:49 Centigonal: "A world by any other name will still play."
18:49 Centigonal: ??? -- Maybe another reference to the globe GIF?
18:51 Centigonal: This appeared when the countdown page changed. the page changed haven't been fully investigated yet. the hex code 0x575341 hasn't been used for anything yet
18:51 Centigonal: "STATUS: Intrusion detected. Terminal rebooted."
18:51 Centigonal: No. Idea.
18:52 flore2003: The hec code is WSA in ASCII
18:52 flore2003: *hex
18:52 Centigonal: ooh
18:52 Centigonal: Thanks, I forgot about that
18:52 Centigonal: On to the next clue, then!
18:52 Centigonal: "Meine freunde, sometimes one has all the pieces but doesn't know it."
18:52 flore2003: The intrusion one is about the move from hackertyper to the /console url
18:53 Centigonal: ooh
18:53 Centigonal: I was asleep when that happened, so I didn't realize it was ever at hackertyper to begin with :P
18:53 flore2003: Does cordoroy ring a bell? Someone?
18:53 ewproctor: the friends are the key to open source, as it occurred in the very beginning, may have been about using Twitter for clues?
18:53 ewproctor: IDK.
18:54 Centigonal: I think it means "WORK TOGETHER GUYS"
18:54 Centigonal: ...but I dunno
18:54 Centigonal: anyway
18:54 ewproctor: Either way, I don't think it's imporant.
18:54 Centigonal: "Meine freunde, sometimes one has all the pieces but doesn't know it."
18:54 ewproctor: *important.
18:55 Centigonal: This one is notable, ecause it uses some German
18:55 Centigonal: piwake's come in here and used some German in the past, too
18:55 ! cielak [] has joined #awholenewworld
18:55 Centigonal: Hello, cielak!
18:56 cielak: Did i miss something?
18:56 Centigonal: Once again, nice work with the cipher
18:56 Centigonal: we were just going over the twitter clues
18:56 ewproctor: He's also tied to the writing of this, so I'm not 100% sure it's relevant, but also not 100% sure it's not.
18:57 flore2003: We have the ESOC in germany, which is the operations center for ESA (European Space Agency), but I don't thinl that's related
18:57 cielak: 2 days of trials, 5 minutes of real work when I figured out the algorithm
18:57 cielak: Im tied to what?
18:58 Centigonal: cielak:
18:58 ewproctor: pinwake, not you cielak
18:58 htorque: the german stuff could mean nothing, but then we have "friends are key to open source"
18:58 Centigonal: I actually think pinwake is an account created solely for the puzzle
18:59 htorque: just played the mp3 backwards. nothing. not even hidden satanic messages.
18:59 ewproctor: I thought pinwake was a part of the meetings in the ubuntuadvert meeting notes?
18:59 ewproctor: So maybe not.
19:01 Centigonal: htorque: ali1234 is the guy who's done the most work on the mp3
19:01 cielak: htorque: reversed, filtered, etc. that all was already tried, we need another approach
19:01 Centigonal: as far as I know, all he's discovered so far is that the two stereo tracks, when inverted and combined, get rid of the voiceover
19:02 cielak: Also, we have completed the last two hints, so we need something new
19:02 ewproctor: Maybe.
19:02 nhaines: Centigonal: that's the normal thing you do when you want to sing karaoke to a song and want to get rid of the vocals.
19:02 ewproctor: We still have the transmission...
19:02 nhaines: Centigonal: so maybe he should do the opposite and then he'll have just the voiceover. :)
19:02 cielak: Centigonal: that only means the voice is noon, usual when the quality is low
19:03 flore2003: We still got some open stuff
19:03 flore2003: We have the transmission, the Pine Lake stuff
19:03 cielak: And no, there is absolutely no way to extract the voice using same approach
19:04 Centigonal: ;_;
19:04 Centigonal: Pinwake has also said some things in IRC aout the MP3
19:04 flore2003: Whar?
19:04 Centigonal: about*
19:04 flore2003: what
19:04 Centigonal: 21:52 pinwake: The siren song is strong, but perhaps just a name is key to unlock the secrets of man.
19:04 Centigonal: search the irclog in the askbuntu for pinwake
19:04 Centigonal: ...but that's it
19:04 flore2003: Oh, I know that one
19:04 ewproctor: Maybe CORDOROY is the name?
19:04 Centigonal: oh, and
19:04 Centigonal: 21:54 pinwake: Ja, es ist.
19:05 flore2003: That's not even proper german
19:05 ! AlcariTheMad [~alcari@] has joined #awholenewworld
19:05 flore2003: I don't think the german part is irrelevant
19:05 nhaines: Well, it depends on what he was saying.
19:05 cielak: Ok guys, gotta sleep! Good might and good luck!
19:06 flore2003: It sounds like a rough translation of yes, it is
19:06 flore2003: But you wouldn't say that in german
19:06 flore2003: Good night
19:06 nhaines: Usually you'd say "das stimmt", no?
19:06 ! cielak [] has quit []
19:06 flore2003: You could even use the same words, but in a different order
19:06 flore2003: Ja, ist es
19:06 flore2003: That would be the proper translation
19:07 htorque: "ja, es ist" is google translate. ;-)
19:07 Centigonal: ahaha
19:07 flore2003: Probably
19:07 flore2003: So, why is he using german anyway
19:07 Centigonal: It's all a South African conspiracy to turn us against the Germans!
19:07 flore2003: Hidden hint?
19:07 Centigonal: No idea
19:07 flore2003: Maybe it's revenge? xD
19:08 htorque: i'm sure there's no such puzzle without red herrings
19:08 flore2003: Yeah, probably
19:08 nhaines: Wenn man das kennt, könnte man die Geheimis des Weltes
19:08 flore2003: What is that supposed to mean?
19:08 nhaines: aufdecken>
19:09 Centigonal: eh, let's leave the German until we get more clues?
19:09 * nhaines is going to kill this keyboard.
19:09 Centigonal: nhaines: what did you say?
19:09 @jrgifford: Whoa, looks like I missed a lot while I was out. :P
19:09 Centigonal: :P
19:09 flore2003: I don't think that there are many more clues coming
19:09 ! SetiAmon [] has joined #awholenewworld
19:09 flore2003: He said that it's right in front of us
19:10 nhaines: Centigonal: in response to "why German?" I said "If one groked that, he could uncover the secrets of the world."
19:10 Centigonal: :O
19:10 ! norunomu [] has joined #awholenewworld
19:10 Centigonal: :D
19:10 AlcariTheMad: Centigonal: i've already gotten bored with this
19:10 SetiAmon: so i been reading that linux kernel 3 is no better then 2.6 is this true?i am asking because i know the new feature of 11.10 is the updated kernel
19:10 nhaines: Centigonal: it sounded ominous! Probably moreseo if I hadn't hit enter instead of Shift!
19:10 Centigonal: That's cause you're lame, AlcariTheMad
19:10 nhaines: SetiAmon: new feature of 11.10 is better Unity.
19:10 Centigonal: do you want a code?
19:10 AlcariTheMad: Centigonal: no, it's because there's so little to go on
19:11 Centigonal:
19:11 flore2003: Ok, let's get focused
19:11 Centigonal: we have
19:11 AlcariTheMad: Centigonal: i already found that site myself
19:11 flore2003: I don't think the translation of the callsigns is right
19:11 AlcariTheMad: Centigonal: and got all but the ham code
19:11 Centigonal: did you see the askbuntu, AlcariTheMad?
19:11 flore2003: I've read about ariss and they don't use those call signs
19:12 SetiAmon: so 4 more days till its out
19:12 nhaines: 5 more days until Ubuntu 11.10 is out.
19:13 flore2003: Maybe we should connect the dots on a map?
19:13 SetiAmon: yeah
19:13 nhaines: October 13th. The site is counting down to something else. :)
19:13 SetiAmon: what is it counting down too?
19:13 flore2003: We don't know
19:13 flore2003: That's why we're all here ;)
19:13 Centigonal: :P
19:13 SetiAmon: is this official surprise from cronical?
19:14 SetiAmon: i hope its something good and not another social networking app
19:14 nhaines: Not sure if the Ubuntu Adverts team is Canonical or community.
19:14 SetiAmon: yeah canonics
19:15 htorque: counting down to a whole new computer. :P
19:15 SetiAmon: Hmm.
19:15 SetiAmon: I hope
19:15 AlcariTheMad: Centigonal: i'm an extremely patient person; i can wait the 4 or fewer days to find out what it is
19:15 SetiAmon: I hope it is something wicked
19:15 htorque: asus ux:
19:16 flore2003: Ok, that is interesting
19:16 ! AlcariTheMad [~alcari@] has left #awholenewworld []
19:16 SetiAmon: I gotcha,a new laptop preloaded with ubuntu
19:16 SetiAmon: woopty doo
19:17 SetiAmon: I hope its something else
19:17 SetiAmon: no
19:17 SetiAmon: it makes sense
19:17 SetiAmon: "a whole new computer"
19:17 SetiAmon: lame.
19:17 ewproctor: haha
19:17 SetiAmon: well there is still 11.10
19:17 SetiAmon: I thought this was all about 11.10
19:17 ewproctor: I'm enjoying the game for the game though, there should be more games like this.
19:19 flore2003: I don't think that is it
19:20 SetiAmon: I gotcha a new laptop with 11.10
19:21 htorque: maybe a cheap computer preloaded with ubuntu for (south) africa? or maybe not!
19:21 Centigonal: ewproctor: same here
19:21 Centigonal: I personally think it'll be a partnersip with Alienware or soething, because they keep talking about space
19:21 ! htorque_ [] has joined #awholenewworld
19:24 nhaines: Ubuntu's always had an association with space, though, because Mark Shuttleworth is an astronaut.
19:26 htorque_: space tourist, no astronaut. :P
19:26 nhaines: All you have to do is get far enough up ,and then you're an astronaut. :P
19:27 norunomu: I heavily doubt it's gonna be a computer/Alienware partnership
19:27 norunomu: We would've heard about it already if so
19:28 Centigonal: eh, maybe so
19:28 norunomu: I mean this isn't even a Canonical project...
19:28 Centigonal: hmm
19:28 Centigonal: This may be in poor taste, but...
19:29 Centigonal: maybe the adverts team ressurected Steve Jobs to direct Unity?
19:30 norunomu: It'd be a bit late now though :|
19:30 ewproctor: Definite poor taste, but I for one forgive you. :)
19:31 Centigonal: Thanks :p
19:33 SetiAmon: jobs was interesting
19:33 SetiAmon: after he was kicked out in the 80's apple became a joke,i thought by early 90's it would be gone,then he came back and resurrected it
19:34 SetiAmon: but i also heard he was a total bastic to work for
19:34 SetiAmon: and of course apple enslaves children to make its products
19:35 Centigonal: Apple gives people what they want
19:35 norunomu: Jobs was really demanding and to-the-point
19:35 norunomu: He was more intense than crazy I think
19:35 norunomu: But that's how he got the best out of his employees
19:35 Centigonal: Most people tend to be more concerned aout what their phone looks like than the conditions in which it was made
19:36 norunomu: Yeah, shame really
19:36 norunomu: The conditions at Foxconn have improved though, IIRC
19:37 Centigonal: :D
19:38 @jrgifford: SetiAmon, nhaines it's not Canonical. This is a community project.
19:38 @jrgifford: (I think canonical provided hosting, thats about it)
19:39 nhaines: jrgifford: thanks!
19:39 @jrgifford: nhaines: No problem. So, what that really means is this isn't hardware related. :)
19:40 @jrgifford: (99.99999999% sure of that)
19:40 nhaines: haha :)
19:42 @jrgifford: OK, unless someone has something important to add, I'm doing a log dump in a moment
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