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How to recover a encrypted wubi home directory.

Step one: Get the file root.disk in C:\ubuntu\disks\ to a Ubuntu machine. I (now quad) dual boot Ubuntu and Windows, so I just mounted my Windows partition in Ubuntu.

install ecryptfs-utils sudo apt-get install ecryptfs-utils

sudo mkdir /vdisk

sudo mount -o loop $PATH-to-root.disk /vdisk

To make sure you're in the right spot, run ls /vdisk/home - if it says something like jrg (or whatever your username is), then you're in the right place.

Then, run sudo ecryptfs-recover-private and follow the prompts.

Your home directory will be mounted (read-only and decrypted) in /tmp/ecryptfs.somethingrandom.

Then, to view your data, you need to run gksu nautilus /tmp in a terminal, then select the ecryptfs.whatever dir - all your data will be in there.

Enjoy your recovered data!

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