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Created September 3, 2009 02:37
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-- Sets the style of the current terminal
-- via
-- v2, Updated for 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
on run {MyTTY, MySettingsName}
set TTYTab to my find_tab_for_tty(MyTTY)
if TTYTab is missing value then
return -- Bail if we got confused rather than making it worse
end if
tell application "Terminal"
-- Radar 7056159 Terminal's id-based reference for for 'setting set' seems broken
-- This was working before, but for now, use a reference form to avoid the problem.
set MySettings to a reference to settings set MySettingsName
on error
set MySettings to default settings -- use default settings if the name is bogus
end try
set current settings of TTYTab to MySettings
end tell
end run
on find_tab_for_tty(MyTTY)
-- Find the window/tab that has this tty. Could use an application->tab relationship or possibbly a 'find tab by tty' command of some sort.
tell application "Terminal"
set MyWindowCount to count of windows
repeat with MyWindowIndex from 1 to MyWindowCount
set MyWindow to window MyWindowIndex
set MyTabCount to count of tabs of MyWindow
on error
set MyTabCount to 0 -- a non-Terminal window?
end try
repeat with MyTabIndex from 1 to MyTabCount
set MyTab to tab MyTabIndex of MyWindow
if MyTTY is (tty of MyTab) then
return MyTab
end if
end repeat
end repeat
end tell
return missing value
end find_tab_for_tty
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